Curt Schilling Posted This On Facebook Yesterday. I Am Still Laughing.

Had my first “Covid” experience tonight. Guess I’m curious about how people look at it.
Drove 3 hours to see garrison play hockey in Connecticut today. The rink is on full terror infused Covid lockdown.
So I arrive and they ask me to sign a waiver, fine. I get it, don’t agree with it but it’s a private business and they make the rules.
There are 4-5 “managing” the entry and you can see and hear the power trip. I can’t get in for a bit because his game is pushed back so I have to wait outside. Fine.
I walk to the street corner which is about 50feet from the front door.
I knew, I absolutely knew what was going to happen.
I don’t wear a mask in public, outside. I have one but I don’t wear it. Mainly because I don’t need it but also because my “radiation” mask I wore for treatments made it very difficult for me to have my mouth and nose covered and breathe.
So I am standing on the corner leaning against a lamp post when a young lady from the front door approaches me.
“Sir I’m gonna have to ask you to put a mask on”
“Excuse me?”
“I need you to put your mask on”
“Sweetheart please let me say something before this goes any farther. I totally get the rules for the building, agree with them or not once I enter the building I will follow your rules and wear my mask, but you have absolutely no authority to make me do anything standing in public on public property.”
“Yes I can, you have to wear your mask”
“Darling that’s not going to happen”
She turns away and starts talking to someone on a walkie talkie.
I knew exactly how this was going to play out.
About 5 minutes later I see a man in my peripheral slowly approaching to my right.
After a quick and very courteous hello…
“I’m going to need you to put your mask on”
“Sir, I’ve signed the waiver and once I enter the building I will put mine on and wear it. But You have no legal right or authority to order me to do anything off your property.”
“The department of health told us we had to make people within 6 feet of the building wear a mask”
“That’s actually not legal, the department of health doesn’t have that authority in any capacity nor do you”
His response?
“Ok then, I’m not letting you in the building”
“Wait what? What reason could you possibly have to deny me entry?”
“You’re not coming in”
Ok, I have two choices. I can leave , or I can choose to walk in and guarantee a confrontation.
Any, and I mean any confrontation ends with me being in the news no matter the outcome.
So I decide to put a plan in place to make sure A) I don’t get in a fight trying to get in the building and B I don’t allow “eyewitnesses” to lie about any potential confrontation.
So I call the Local police (and I apologized 55 times for the call but I had to make sure no one could make something from nothing)
Now I know the law, this guy can stop me from going in for absolutely no reason what so ever because in this capitalist nation private business owners get to make their own rules up to the point the law can stop them.
The officers arrive, and after I apologized again 12 times for wasting their time they were exactly like 99% of the officers I’ve met, cordial, kind, respectful.
I explained what was happening and they intervened.
(BTW two were Yankee fans and one was a Met fan)
I should also mention the man denying me access had no idea who I was and I sure as hell wasnt going to tell him. I preferred he did not know.
What was even better was the first officer on the scene had no idea until he came back from the original discussion he asked me my full name, does a double take
“Holy shit!” He says, laughing.
“Does he know?” He asks me
“Nope and I don’t name drop nor do I want him to know, this state is liberal as shit and full of yankee fans, people here hate me”
I ended up getting in and watching the game.
The officers were all awesome and kind.
This is our country.