Responding to Climate Hoax Advocates

Author:  R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D  

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, I had an opportunity to ask my 12 yr. old granddaughter and 10 yr. old grandson about what they are being taught in public school about the manmade climate change hoax.  As expected, they both reported being told that the earth was warming due to mankind’s burning of fossil fuels and, if not stopped, the earth will become uninhabitable.  This indoctrination was not in the context of a science class teaching students how to evaluate and determine scientific fact, but by random instruction and teacher comments in a variety of classes.    

After giving them an alternative, scientific way to evaluate these false claims, I suggested that they ask teachers a series of questions designed to expose the lack of scientific evidence that man is responsible for climate change.  Here are some of the logical questions I suggested they ask their teachers.  #1.  Has the earth’s climate ever been warmer or colder than it is today?   If so, how many times, to what degree, and how long ago?  True answer: The earth has never been at a constant (i.e. normal) temperature and is always changing.  In fact, evidence shows that the earth has experienced several ice ages/warming cycles all of which occurred before man’s actions could have possibly caused the changes. #2.  What naturally occurring events have caused the earth’s climate to change?   True answer:  Fluctuations in the intensity of the sun, changes in earth’s orbit, volcanic eruptions, alteration in ocean currents, and changing the tilting axis of the earth, are all possible natural causes of climate change, none of which could have be caused by man’s activities. #3.  What scientific proof exists that rising levels of CO2 are causing climate change?  True answer:  Blaming CO2 emissions is based on computer models not on demonstrated scientific proven facts.  Computer models can be programmed to produce whatever result the programmer wants. In fact, the climate change predictions over the past 40 years have not accurately predicted any observable climate variation. In fact, a group of over 1600 global scientists recently concluded that there is no evidence that CO2 emissions are impacting the climate as the climate alarmists would have us believe. #4.  What is the best way for mankind to protect itself from naturally occurring climate fluctuations? True answer:  Air conditioning and heat are what has allowed mankind to live in a variety of climates.  These require abundant and inexpensive energy.  This can only be accomplished by consuming abundant cheap fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, oil, and nuclear energy.  Wind and solar can never provide enough energy for all of mankind’s needs if we are to maintain  modern societies.  #5.  What then is driving this war on fossil fuels?  True answer:  People who put ideology above truth, and those (like China) who stand to benefit financially from wind, solar, and electric vehicles.  Follow the Money!!! 

Our children are being indoctrinated and frightened by the climate hoax advocates in our schools and social media.  It is up to us as responsible parents, grandparents and relatives to give our children the facts to fight back. Children should be raised to be logical seekers of truth not mindless robots.  I hope you can use this information to help your children before it is too late to save modern Western Civilization.  Stop scaring our children!  

Injustice in Our Justice System

Author:  R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D   

There is an old saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We are seeing glaring examples of this in our justice (maybe better our injustice system).    As any sensible person can see, President Trump is being singled out by the Democrat’s for persecution not prosecution. Their fear of him is palpable and they will do anything to stop him from running again. We must make sure they fail, or our constitutional republic will never recover. 

Some judges have become political pawns rather than fair arbiters of facts and truth.  The case in New York is a prime example. The judge issued a summary judgement  against President Trump before even hearing his defense. The judge is a lifelong Democrat as is the prosecutor Latisha James.  As in the other three cases against President Trump, this judge placed a “gag” order on President Trump that violates his first amendment right to free speech. The case in Atlanta about election interference also includes a gag order. There is no legal justification for preventing a defendant from commenting critically about the trial process or the motivation of the judge or prosecutor. The only legal justification for a gag order by a judge is based on 18USC1512 which is concerned with violence, threats and intimidation of witnesses. It says nothing about criticizing the judge, clerk or prosecutor. In today’s judicial system the outcome of a case often has more to do with the judge who tries the case than the facts presented. This is not blind justice. It is right out of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and Communist China. 

Another troubling development, as shown by the fraudulent cases against the former president, is the prosecution or threat of prosecution of his attorneys and staff.  Prosecutors in the Atlanta case are using what is called RICO tactics that were designed to be used against organized crime. What they do is threaten the defendant’s attorney with felony prosecution if he or she does not reveal supposedly privileged conversation with their clients. The enormous cost of defending oneself is often sufficient to bankrupt the attorney. This actually amounts to blackmail. Who can trust the truthfulness of a person who is threatened with jail time, professional ruin and financial destruction if they do not go along with the prosecutors and turn states evidence against their client who came to them, expecting  attorney/client privacy? This is not the justice that our Founding Fathers expected would occur in our country. 

So what do we do about this trend?  First, as stated above we must support the re-election of President Trump to show the leftist Democrats that these tactics will not work in this country. Second, we must get our state legislators to pass legislation that makes the communication between attorney and client  absolutely privileged and cannot be used by any prosecutor in a trial or lawsuit. It should be similar to the spousal rule that a wife cannot be forced or coerced into testifying against her husband and vice versa. In fact, an attorney should not be allowed to testify willingly against a client based on privileged communications. Third, there should be an independent  process that can review the actions of a judge to ensure that political motivations are not influencing the judge’s actions and decisions.   

Without these or similar actions to protect the integrity of the justice system, the citizen’s confidence that we can receive justice before the law will continue to be undermined. 

Board of Education Resolutions 

Author:  R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D    

As I have mentioned in prior articles, the local Boards of Education are the only elected body that we have direct influence over when it comes to our county public school systems. The State Board of Education is made up of appointed members. It is incumbent on us to make sure that the local Boards of Education members know how we want the schools to operate. We can let them know by attending the Board meetings, contacting individual board members, or by formal resolutions directing them to take specific actions.  An example of the latter is the four resolutions that will be presented to the Craven County Board of Election on Thursday November 16 at their public meeting.    

The four resolutions consist of the following:  Resolution #1:   Removing identity focus (i.e. Critical Race Theory) from the curriculum in the schools in all grades. Removing all books, etc., that advocate CRT.  American is not a racist country and should not be portrayed as such. People should be judged by the content of their character and achievement and not their ethnic/racial identity.  Resolution #2:  Removing Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) teaching and practices from the schools. DEI is based on Marxist principles that advocate equal outcome instead of the American principle of equal opportunity. This teaching not only breeds distrust and hostility between the races, but undermines the notion that everyone should strive to achieve their best and should be rewarded appropriately.  Resolution #3:  Removing transgender instruction. The notion that any student can choose their gender rather than live consistent with their gender at birth is destructive and amounts to child abuse.  All children should be addressed by the pronoun consistent with their biological gender at birth and any child exhibiting gender confusion should be referred to their parent(s)–not to school counselors.  Resoution #4:   Climate Change. Children in public school are being indoctrinated with the unproven belief that climate change is being caused by man’s burning of fossil fuels and that the earth will become uninhabitable if drastic action like wind and solar are not implemented. This has become the ideology of the Left and anyone challenging their radical beliefs is labeled a “climate denier”.  This resolution would require that both sides of this issue be covered as part of regular science classes and not used as indoctrination. The climate has never been static and has always been changing. They are frightening our children with their unproven ideology. 

Most clear thinking conservatives will agree that the above issues need to be removed from the public schools. They represent a communist inspired threat to our way of life and American values. The public schools should be focusing on doing a better job teaching traditional academic skills.  For example, the recent report about the Craven County Schools showed that 57% of students are not reading at expected grade level and a whopping 65% are not achieving at the expected grade levels in math. Meanwhile, it is costing the  taxpayers close to $12,000 per year per student. It is high time that the Board of Education force the school administration to focus on improving academic performance and stop indoctrinating our children.  If you agree you should let your Board member know. It should be noted that these four resolutions were drafted by the Craven County 20th Republican Precinct, and endorsed by the Craven County GOP Executive Committee and the Craven County Republican Men’s Club.     

Dealing with Threats from China

Author:  R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D    

In spite of the naïve efforts of Henry Kiesinger, who advocated the policy of reaching out to communist China, China has become militarily and economically not only our rivals, but in some ways they have surpassed us. Is their government less totalitarian and communist in their principles and actions? Definitely not. Quite the opposite–their plan is to dominate the world, and they appear to be succeeding. A compromised Joe Biden who clearly has been profiting from shady business deals his son and brother made with China is not helping. 

Now that we are in this adversarial position with a powerful China, made so primarily by our buying their products, what do we do about it? There are several things we must do. First, we must clearly recognize their global ambitions as a threat to our country and treat them as such.  Second, we must stop awarding them special privileges such as favored nation status and exemptions from rules governing other developed countries. Third, China must no longer be permitted to purchase land or major businesses in our country.  Allowing them to buy our farm land and food processing industries is about the dumbest things we could do.  Fourth, many colleges and universities are receiving research grants and programs funded, and in many cases staffed, by the Chinese. This not only allows them access to our developing new technologies but also to  control the actual outcome and reporting of this research. Look where Dr. Fauci’s funding of gain of function research in the Wuhan lab got us.    Fifth, we need to return the manufacture of essential products to this country as President Trump had initiated. The idea that most of our essential pharmaceuticals are manufactured overseas is seriously risky.    Sixth, close the border and deport all illegals including the increasing numbers of Chinese that are coming over the southern border. 

Last but not least, we should shut down access to the social platform TikTok as India has done. TikTok is increasingly being accessed by the youth of our country. It is estimated that 60% of TikTok users are age 11 to 26. TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, is like most Chinese corporations, controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. In fact, our federal government has banned TikTok from being used on any federal government devices. If TikTok presents this kind of risk, why are we allowing our impressionable youth to be exposed to the propaganda, personal data collection, and anti-American ideas prevalent on it?  A recent study showed that the mechanism that TikTok uses of short videos can in the long term affect a person’s brain and diminish their ability to focus and stay on task. This is particularly true for young users. Thirty four of our 50 states have joined the prohibition of using TIkTok on state owned devices. So far, only Montana has banned TikTok on private/personal devices.

North Carolina should step up and do the same. 

Given the compromised Biden regime, the Republican controlled House of Representatives is our only current option to address this issue.   Another reason, among many, to vote for Donald Trump. 

Taking Out The Cartels   

Author:  R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D      

Israel is again fighting for their existence against a terrorist force that not only wants to eliminate the state of Israel but also all Jews. Hamas has been acquiring advanced weapons, principally from Iran, for several years. When your enemy arms itself it never turns out well. The situation with the so-called drug cartels is similar in a lot of ways.   Let’s take a look at our options to deal with them. 

First, we need to recognize the threat that the drug cartels present to our country.   Estimates are that over 100,000 of our citizens die each year due to drug overdosing–especially fentanyl.  At that rate we will have over one million drug deaths within 10 years.  In comparison, there were 36,634 Americans killed during the Korean War and 56,220 Americans killed in Vietnam. During the Vietnam War, there were massive protests throughout this country. Where are the protests against the drug cartels, and what is happening as a direct result of Biden’s open border policy? I am certain that we all have friends or family members that have been impacted by drug overdose deaths.  Just because it happens individually does not minimize the threat to our country. Most of these lethal drugs are manufactured and smuggled into our country by the drug cartels. The second obvious threat from the drug cartels is their encouragement, control and profiting from illegal immigration. The amount of money they are making is staggering. Estimates are that over 8 million illegals have come over the border since Biden took office. This is more people than 38 of our 50 states!  At an estimated $6,000 dollars profit on each illegal that they funnel across our border; that amounts to billions of dollars to the drug cartels. Much of this money is used to purchase weapons that are making the cartels a formidable fighting force. The recent attack on a Mexican police station killing half of their personnel shows where this is going.   

So, what do we do about it? Clearly, the Biden administration intends to do nothing.  First we must secure our border. Second, during his administration, President Trump was able to coerce the Mexican government to deploy 26,000 of their troops on their side of the southern border. Clearly, the Mexican government has no plans to do the same now. They are facilitating this problem, not helping to correct it. Do we have a right and duty to protect our country from what is actually an invasion? Of course we do, but sadly it will not be done unless Biden is replaced.   

Assuming that happens, the Mexican government must be enlisted to assist with this problem. Unfortunately, it appears that the drug cartels have become so powerful that Mexico may not be able to deal with them even if they were motivated to do so. This may require our sending American forces to put an end to the drug cartels. Remember these cartels have members that have infiltrated into our southern states and other areas in the country. There is a precedent for this from 1915, when President Wilson authorized the sending of American troops into Mexico under General John J. Pershing to deal with the threat from Poncho Villa. Dealing with this current threat without sending our troops is preferable, but Mexico needs to get the message that either they deal with it or we will be forced to.    

Israel has learned a lesson from the Hamas attack; we must do likewise.   

Converting America To Marxism

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D    

  The battle between Marxism and Free Capitalism has been going on for at least 150 years.   Typically, Marxists, who want government control and not individual freedom, have been successful with countries that are economically poor or are weak militarily and therefore ripe for revolution.   Examples are Russia in 1917, and China in the 1940s.  Taking over a country like the United States that has been the most successful economic power in the history of the world has presented challenges requiring different strategies.  Sadly, the Marxists are being increasingly successful in America.   Let’s examine their strategies. 

First: the children.   The indoctrination of our children by the teachers who themselves have been trained by Marxist professors is proceeding very well in our public schools.   With less than 50% of school children meeting grade expectations for such academic subjects as reading and math, clearly the teachers are focusing on other topics.  Critical race theory, transgenderism, climate change, and ant-American propaganda have taken the place of traditional topics.  Second: the economy.   People who are doing well economically are not going to want things to change–quite the opposite.   By increasing the cost of energy, food and other essentials, the government creates labor unrest. We are starting to see this with strikes by auto workers, hospital workers, and teachers.  This is only the beginning. Third: open borders.  Flooding our country with millions of illegal immigrants undermines the integrity and values of our country.  America has been called the “Melting Pot” by absorbing immigrants from many other countries.  But floods of immigrants threaten the cohesiveness of the country.   The Republicans in the 1920’s recognized this problem and passed laws to seriously restrict immigration to levels that could be safely absorbed.  Biden has allowed the influx of over 8 million immigrants in two years.  This number is more than the population of 14 of our states.    Fourth: crime, drugs  and homelessness.   No society can exist without law and order.   Witness the state of our Democrat run cities.  Crime is rampant and getting worse.  The police are powerless when the elected officials undermine their authority.  Our cities are becoming gang run wastelands with drug addicts sleeping anywhere they want.   Fifth: government welfare.  Instead of people earning their own living and being responsible for their own welfare, the state is increasingly supplying their needs.   Medicaid expansion, student loan forgiveness, rent assistance, etc.,  create a dependence on the government which is the essence of Marxism.  Sixth: destroying the family.   Strong, intact, supportive families have always been the foundation of any free society.  Fewer people are marrying, and if they do it is later in life; they are having fewer children; and are not nearly as involved in religious activities   The state is replacing the family structure and responsibilities. 

Marxists recognize that America can never be taken over by an armed revolution.   Consequently, they are relying on what we can clearly see is an evolution.   Regardless, we must not be fooled and must recognize it for it is–a takeover of our country; pure and simple.  Now, many Democrats will object to being labeled as Marxists.   Many may not even recognize where their policies are leading us.   But if you read The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, you will see that the recent actions of the Biden administration are right out of that playbook.   If it looks like a dog, barks like a dog, it’s a dog. 

Reforming the Judicial System

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

Awhile back, I wrote an article about courts overriding the will of the majority of the people with decisions that are based on the judge’s political persuasion and not the facts in a case. Homosexual marriage, requiring people buy health insurance (Obamacare), and blocking photo ID requirements for voting were some examples. The argument that I made was that our constitution gives the power to the people not to judges.

The situation has gotten far worse since that article. I am referring specifically to the attempts by Democrat prosecutors and judges to interfere with the next presidential election by indicting President Trump and thereby preventing the people from freely choosing their president. This is a serious threat to our republican form of government and must not be allowed to stand. This is not about President Trump, it is about whether we the people control our government as intended by the Founding Fathers. They would be shocked and disappointed to see where we are in 2023.

The judicial system ( prosecutors and judges) is supposed to base decisions on the merits of a case regardless of their own political beliefs. This is clearly not happening. The Department of Justice worked out a “special deal” with Hunter Biden that none of us would have received. It was so egregious that the judge in the case blocked the plea deal. Three of the four indictments against President Trump are being brought by Democrat prosecutors, one of which (Letitia James), ran her campaign vowing to go after President Trump. The other indictment was by Jack Smith, a prosecutor appointed by Democrat Attorney General Merrick Garland. The judges in these cases, who are also Democrats, have scheduled the cases to be heard right in the middle of a presidential campaign which was clearly not necessary.

Historically, authoritarian Leftist governments have used their judicial systems to attack their opponents. The fact that this is happening in America is deeply disappointing and threatening. Joe Biden keeps saying that MAGA Republicans are a threat to our democracy, but like most things he says, it is an out and out lie; and in fact, the lie is intended to cover up what they are doing. Just like the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, which in fact, increased inflation by spending money we do not have on Leftist green energy programs.

Now, what do we do about this? First, we make sure that President Trump is re-elected to show the Democrats that this strategy will not work in this country. In my opinion, all of the so-called other patriotic Republican candidates for president should drop out of the race and endorse President Trump. This would not only send a strong message that they put this country ahead of their own political ambitions, but show how serious Republicans are about stopping this assault on our freedom. Second, our elected officials should pass legislation that prohibits the prosecution of citizens legitimately running for elected office during a campaign except in the case of serious violent crimes. Third, I challenge our prosecutors and judges to develop procedures to review their rulings and actions of to ensure that they are acting in an unbiased manner in the performance of their duties. The judicial branch of government needs to have the trust and confidence of the people, which at this point is being undermined. Time to step up to the plate.

The Case for Homeschools

Article:  Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D.

The number of parents choosing to homeschool their children is growing in North Carolina. Recent data reported 162,000 homeschoolers as compared to 128,000 attending private schools. This clearly shows that parents are increasingly looking for an alternative to public schools. Why is this happening?

One of the reasons is the failure of many public schools to adequately educate children in the basic academic skills of reading, writing and mathematics. For example, in Craven County public schools, the average math proficiency (i.e., meeting grade standards) is 38% in math and 47% in reading. When examining specific schools, the reality is even more disturbing. The worst performing schools are as follows: Oaks Road Academy, Math 10-14%, Reading 20-24%; J.T. Barber, Math:20-24%, Reading 25-29%; Roger Bell Academy, Math 24%, Reading 30%; Vanceboro Elementary, Math 26%, Reading 32%; West Craven Middle, Math 19%, Reading 40%; James Smith Elementary, Math 25-29%, Reading 35-39%; Havelock Middle, Math 32%, Reading40%; Ben Quinn Elementary, Math 32%, Reading 41%. (Source of data Public School Review). You get the picture. There was a time when a student who failed to meet expected standards was left back to repeat the grade. Obviously that is no longer the case. This demonstrably poor performance is occurring despite smaller class sizes as shown by a student to teacher ratio of 16 to 1; and a yearly expenditure of $10,944. Per student. Clearly the tax payer is not getting their money’s worth.

Besides this pathetic academic performance, parents are rightfully concerned by the indoctrination of their children in Critical Race Theory, diversity/equity/inclusion (DEI), sexual education, transgenderism, and other leftist ideologies that demean America and foster anti-America attitudes and beliefs. For many, the forced wearing of ineffective masks and shutting down schools during COVID was the last straw.

For some parents, homeschooling provides an effective alternative. It takes a tremendous sacrifice not only in time but financially. In an economy that increasingly requires two incomes, a commitment to homeschooling is a very difficult decision. However, like all things there are many benefits. Having homeschooled our youngest daughter for several years, I found the benefits of controlling her education were very satisfying and rewarding. In addition to the increasing number of academic materials designed for homeschooling, there are also local groups that share the experience. Both can make homeschooling easier.

Parental rights over their children is something the Left tries to undermine. The Left believes they know what is best for children, not the parents. The Republicans in the General Assembly recently confirmed the rights of parents when it comes to education by passing the right to choose legislation over Governor Cooper’s veto. Unfortunately for some unknown reason, they chose to leave homeschools out of the voucher program. This was a serious mistake and needs to be corrected in the next session. Of all groups, parents homeschooling their children need access to the funds that are now going to the public schools. Home schooled children not only achieve at a higher level than public school children, but are much more likely to reflect American values. Vouchers should follow the student. While some homeschooling parents may be concerned about their ability to control what they teach their children if they accept government vouchers, this can be effectively dealt with in the voucher authorizing legislation. Parents would always retain the right to individually decline a voucher since the vouchers would be voluntary. To leave home schoolers out of the voucher system is unfair and may need to be challenged in court.

North Carolina General Assembly Report Card

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D.

The North Carolina General Assembly recently completed the state budget which usually signals the end of the session. Let’s take a brief look at what was accomplished from a conservative’s viewpoint.

First of all, we must recognize that the Republican party had a very slim (one vote) veto proof majority. Although that fact allowed the over-ride of several of Governor Cooper’s vetoes, it did not put them in a very strong position to advance the most conservative of propositions. Hopefully, if the 2024 elections produce a Republican Governor and continue and hopefully increase their majority, the Republican members should be able to do even more to reverse the leftist policies implemented by the Cooper regime. Elections do have consequences!

It is amazing that a total of 487 bills were passed by the General Assembly this year. If you do not think that our elected officials work hard, think again. You can access these bills on the internet by searching for bills passed in 2023. While the impact of some of these bills varied considerably, some of the positive accomplishments this session include the following: The Parent’s Bill of Rights was passed over the veto of Governor Cooper and provides parents with expanded and well defined rights of access to their child’s academic as well as any health related information retained by a public school. It also allows parents to opt out their child from sex education. Importantly, it also requires the school to notify parents before changing the pronoun used for their child. It also prohibits instructing children about transgender issues and sexual activity from kindergarten through the fourth grade. This bill is a significant step towards reaffirming that parents control what is taught to their children–not teachers or school administrators.

Another bill of consequence, also passed over the veto of Governor Cooper, prohibits gender transition procedures (such as hormone blockers and surgery) for anyone under age 18 except in unusual circumstances and only with the consent of the parent(s). It reinforces the importance of maintaining a person’s sexual identity as established at birth. This bill should protect children from irreversible changes medically done to their bodies before they are able to understand all of the potential ramifications. Medical professionals need to stop promoting the idea of gender fluidity and reinforce the idea that everyone is best served by adapting to their biological birth gender.

In a related area, the General Assembly passed a bill, again over Governor Cooper’s veto, that requires participants in public school and university sports to do so based on their biological gender at birth. This controversy was started by the Left and had an extreme adverse impact on not only the achievement of women in the sport activity, but the demeaning exposure to males in female locker rooms. How anyone with any sense of justice and moral conscience could have supported this aberration is indicative of how far the Left will take our society if we let them.

Parental school choice was also addressed when a bill to expand the existing school scholarship program was passed, again over the Governor’s veto. Income requirements were removed, and specific amounts for vouchers were added to the existing program, allowing funds to be used for private and charter schools. This greatly expanded the availability of funds for parents. This again was passed over the veto of the governor.

These bills represent just some of the advances of the conservative principles that should be guiding the state of North Carolina. There were many other bills including an end to local pistol purchasing requirements. Background checks will still be required.

There were some disappointments, primarily the expansion of Medicaid which was contrary to conservative principles and furthered the socialist agenda of making people dependent on big government. Hopefully, in the next session adding homeschools to the parental choice bill and returning to single day voting in person will be addressed. There are more homeschoolers (162,000) than private school students (128,000) yet they get no support. There is too much reliance on absentee voting which continues to be subject to fraud.

Climate Indoctrination

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

All totalitarian governments have relied on the indoctrination of children to stay in power. This was true in Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia, and Mao Tse Tung’s communist China. Alarmingly, we see the same strategy occurring in this country. What is the primary tool being used today to indoctrinate our children into compliance with government dictates? Climate change. Indoctrination is best accomplished by allowing discussion of only one side of an issue and using emotions such as fear. I think we would all agree that mankind functions best when engaging in calm, rational thought and debate. That is the basis of all valid science and sound decisions based on verified facts and not pretend or pseudo-science.

Now, ask yourself one question: Are we engaging in rational scientific enquiry about climate change in our public schools? The answer is a definite No! If you ask any child attending a public school what is the major issue facing mankind today, you will get one answer: manmade climate change caused by CO2 emissions. If you watched the Republican candidate’s debate, you would have observed one of the moderators present a question posed by a youth which was essentially that the primary concern of the youth in this country is climate change. Fortunately, at least one of the candidates, Vivek Ramaswamy, was willing to come out and say that manmade climate change is a hoax. Good for him!

I have also labelled the so-called climate crisis as a “hoax” in previous articles. Importantly, the Epoch Times, in a recently published article summarized a declaration by 1,609 international scientists (including two Nobel prize winners) stating that: “There is no climate emergency and that climate science should be less political and more scientific and that politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures”. They go on to say, that not only is CO2 not a pollutant but it actually enriches the atmosphere and is beneficial; essential to all life on earth; and boosts the yield of crops! You will never hear that from the fake media.

Back to indoctrinating children. The Left is using the climate change hoax because children are easily persuaded into thinking the government experts know what is best. If a child does not answer the questions on an exam about climate change in the correct way, they fail the test. Public schools must be made to stop this indoctrination. Here’s how: since most of the administrators and teachers themselves believe in manmade climate change, the only option is for the elected local Boards of Education to do the right thing and stop this. The following needs to be done: a) manmade climate change is merely an unproven theory, and the other side of the debate that climate change is naturally occurring must be taught; b) stop scaring children by claiming that climate change is a threat to their existence; c) limit climate change discussions to science classes and stop introducing this topic to lower grades that are not part of a science debate.

It is past time that we fight back against the indoctrination of our children.


Protection from Climate Change

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

As usual the leftist Democrats are taking action that is destructive to our country. They are apparently incapable of building or advancing civilization and prefer to destroy what has made our country great and the envy of the rest of the world. Open borders, indicting a former president, and destructive ways of dealing with climate change are what they are about. Let’s look at what a constructive plan for climate change should look like.

As I have written in prior article, there is no scientific evidence proving that climate change is being caused by mankind. There is absolutely no cause for the alarmist scare tactics they are using. They rely on computer model predictions that have been over-predicting climate disasters for years. Actually, due to the global economic progress resulting from industrialization, the number of people worldwide who died as a result of climate catastrophes dropped from 500,000 in 1900 to 11,000 in 2022. This dramatic improvement due to man’s ingenuity is totally ignored by the Left. They refuse to acknowledge the benefits of industrialization made possible by cheap abundant energy from fossil fuels, increased food production, longer life spans, and increases of standards of living worldwide.

The Left are always destroyers and never builders. This is very clear in their approach to dealing with climate change. Now it is absolutely true that the climate is always and has always changed. This is demonstrated by the eight documented ice ages/warming cycles the earth has experienced, none of which could have been caused by man’s actions. Rather, these changes were caused by natural factors. Historically, it is clear that man’s ingenuity and creativity have resulted in protecting us from temperature fluctuations. Critically, the ability to deal with climate changes requires access to plentiful and inexpensive energy sources which the Left desperately wants to curtail. The Biden regime has canceled pipelines, stopped drilling and made us dependent on other countries. Instead they push solar and wind sources which will never be able to meet the needs of modern society and present their own environmental risks such as dead birds, whales and mining for rare earth minerals. Instead of inexpensive energy to heat and cool our homes and work places, they want us to pay more for energy and to drive electric vehicles that are not only expensive but have limited utility for the average family. Meanwhile we become more dependent on our adversary, China that provides 90% of solar panels and wind turbines. THIS IS SOCIATAL SUICIDE!!! How do they get away with this? FEAR. They constantly bombard the American public with predictions of climate disasters and blame any negative climate event on climate change. They also label anyone who questions their conclusions as “climate deniers” and try to shut us down.

We must fight back and encourage creative ingenuity to solve whatever nature sends our way. We need more nuclear power which the Left always blocks as well as using all available fossil fuel so we can return to energy independence that was last achieved by the Trump administration. The emissions from coal plants in this country have been reduced dramatically by innovation. We need to stop all the tax incentives and subsidies for solar and wind. Encouraging innovation is the best way to deal with climate change not retreating to a primitive way of living.

Impeach Biden Now!!!

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

The impeachment of Joe Biden is under serious consideration by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. This is long overdue. Never in my lifetime, have I witnessed any president act in so many ways that are destructive to our country. I believe history will judge Biden as our worst president. The question that remains is whether the Republican leadership has the political will to proceed with impeachment. House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, has made statements recently that an impeachment investigation should proceed. Senate minority leader, RINO Mitch McConnell has voiced opposition. Not surprising since McConnell is a lifelong career politician whose net worth is estimated at $35 million. Does he also have something to hide? Good question.

There are several reasons why impeachment of Joe Biden is overdue. First, the overwhelming information gathered by the Republican chaired oversight committees that Biden participated, and most likely coordinated, the influence peddling scheme with his son Hunter. Bank records show that the Biden family received over $20 million over several years and the only thing they gave in return was access to the Biden when he was vice president and now as president. It is a federal crime to receive money from foreign governments without registering as a foreign agent. Biden, when he was vice president, even bragged about forcing Ukraine to fire their head prosecutor who was investigating corruption, including Hunter. The corrupt Department of Justice (DOJ), under Biden, has stonewalled the investigation and delayed the investigation of Hunter until the statute of limitations expired. It should be noted that this influence peddling scheme involved countries which are considered unfriendly, if not downright hostile, to the United States.

The second reason for impeachment is Biden’s failure to enforce the immigration laws of this country as required by his oath of office. The Executive branch of government is required by the Constitution to enforce the federal laws of our country. The wide open borders he is allowing threaten to destroy our country. He must be held accountable or the oath of office requiring all presidents to enforce established law becomes meaningless.

Third, the Biden regime has abused the role of the DOJ and FBI in ways that are unheard of in our country and more indicative of what occurs in dictatorships. The indictments of President Trump are not only unprecedented; they threaten the integrity of our political system. Biden is using these agencies to remove a political rival similar to what has been a common practice in so called “banana republics”. This cannot be allowed to stand. Biden’s regime has also used social media to curtail our freedom of speech as guaranteed in the First Amendment. A glaring example, is the blocking of access to the information about Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop which clearly interfered with the re-election of Donald Trump. If we fail to take immediate, corrective action on these matters, then the corrupt Biden regime will have won, and our ability to validly select presidents in this country will be over. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Remember how readily the leftist Democrats initiated two bogus impeachment actions against President Trump? We conservatives must be willing to fight fire with fire. This is not the time to take the high road. The left must be dealt a severe defeat in their effort to change our country or they will only be emboldened to try ever increasingly destructive ways to win elections. We are at the proverbial Rubicon and must have the courage to take definitive action to defend the integrity of our Constitution. What can we do? Contact our Senators and Representatives and tell them we want Biden impeached NOW!!!

Normalizing Deviancy

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

Traditionally, “deviant” behavior referred to activity that was abnormal,  meaning not consistent with natural behavior of human beings. Consequently, the standard to which behavior was judged was what nature intended. Of course, the Left never accepts tradition–that would be too conservative and interfere with their goal to destroy Western civilization as we have known it. Not only do they seek to normalize deviance or the abnormal, but they want us to go along with these perversions and for us to accept them and in many cases celebrate them like for example, Gay Pride Month.

First it was homosexual behavior, which using the definition above is deviant, unnatural behavior. Natural sex is intended by nature for the procreation of the species. In the natural world, animals do not mate with members of their own sex. Seems like a simple idea, except for the Left, which of course want us to see homosexual behavior as acceptable to the point where we now have homosexual marriage. Unfortunately, this diminishes the integrity of marriage as a bond between a man and woman in order to have and raise children. Not too long ago, homosexual behavior was considered a form of mental illness deserving treatment.

Now the Left is pushing the acceptance of transgenderism as a free choice, non-deviant activity and not as a form of mental illness that needs treatment. In fact, treatment professionals who advocate and practice reversing gender dysphoria and encouraging maintaining one’s gender at birth are often penalized and ostracized by their leftist colleagues. This in spite of the clear evidence that transgender persons are much more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression and are twenty times more likely to commit suicide than the regular population. In places like California, parents who refuse to go along with trans-gendering their children are subject to being charged with child abuse.

The latest effort by the Left to normalized deviancy is occurring in respect to adults having sex with children. As a clinical psychologist, employed by the N.C. Department of Correction I had the opportunity to evaluate many sex offenders who were pedophiles. Most of them saw nothing wrong in what they had done. The Left now wants us to stop using the term pedophile with its deserved negative connotations and start using their term: Minor Attracted Person or MAP in their attempt to de-stigmatize sex with children. Obviously, they want the rest of us to accept pedophilia as just another of the many choices a person can make and not a deviancy.

We need to recognize that all deviant groups use “grooming” to prepare their victims to accept and participate in their perversions. Transgender story hours in libraries, liberal sex education in schools, social media, and allowing deviants in leadership positions are all part of the process of getting us to go along with this effort to undermine key elements of our Judeo/Christian heritage. The Left wants us to accept the principle that each person decides for themselves what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior–not society’s standards of behavior.

No society has long existed without clear standards and rules for conduct. We cannot allow the Left to impose their non-standards on America. The fate of our children and grandchildren are at stake. We must not accept the Left’s efforts to normalize deviancy.

Training the Sheep

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

Freedom is not a permanent state in any society. It is better visualized as something that has to be nurtured and defended constantly if it is to survive. The Founding Fathers recognized this truism. For example, Benjamin Franklin when asked what type of government had been created by the newly written Constitution, he replied: “A constitutional Republic if you can keep it.” Sadly, recent actions by the Biden regime raise the question of whether we are going to show the courage to fight for freedom or act like sheep.

The expansion of the welfare state and people’s willingness to be on the government dole, which would have been rejected by prior generations, shows that many Americans do not treasure their independence as much as we once did. All government handouts come with strings attached that limit our freedoms. Federal government funds provided for Medicaid expansion recently moved many states, including unfortunately North Carolina, to accept increased government control of our healthcare.

The use of fear by the Biden regime resulted in many people caving to the curtailment of their freedoms during the COVID outbreak. Similarly, they are using the fear of catastrophic climate change to get people to accept restricted freedom and a reduction in their standard of living. For example, recently proposed, impossible to achieve, restrictions on emissions from internal combustion engines will effectively result in only the production of electric vehicles by 2032. Freedom of choice is eliminated when the government allows only one option. That is also the case with gas stoves and other household appliances. The regulatory agencies are increasingly the way the Biden regime is controlling our lives and curtailing our freedoms.

Freedom of speech is the basis of all our freedoms. As the revelations made by the Republican controlled House have shown, the Biden regime, with the assistance of the FBI and the DOJ, colluded with platforms like Facebook and Twitter to interfere and block our freedom of speech. Questioning vaccines or man-made climate change were enough to get one blocked on these internet sites. Now, they have gone so far as to charge former president Trump with multiple criminal offenses because he dared to express his opinion that the 2020 election results were fraudulently obtained. Say something the Biden regime disagrees with and you are blocked on social media, or now, potentially indicted for a crime! If it can happen to an ex-president it can happen to all of us.

The youth of this country are being indoctrinated with the Marxist agenda. Make no mistake about it. This not only occurs at all grade levels in our public schools but also in our public libraries. Recently, I was in the public library in Boone, N.C., and observed a group of children on a scavenger hunt. The theme was the coming man-made climate catastrophe. The library staff conducted this program. No balanced information was given about the evidence that climate change is continuous and is caused by natural phenomena. Of course not!

Although the young people in our country seem oblivious to their loss of freedoms, we older people know better and must step up to fight against the Biden regime. Contact your elected officials and tell them you want the regulatory excesses stopped and the agencies that promote them de-funded. We must show them we are wolves not sheep!

Protection From Climate Variations

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

As I wrote in prior articles, the evidence that man’s use of fossil fuels is the cause of climate change/variations is very weak to non-existent. The climate has always varied due to natural causes unrelated to man’s activities. Given these facts, the question becomes how can mankind continue to protect itself from these naturally occurring climate variations? Let’s examine some options.

Can mankind protect itself from climate impacts? Absolutely. Thanks to fossil fuels we have already been doing so. For instance, in 1920 it is estimated that over 500,000 people died worldwide from negative climate impacts. By 2020, that total was reduced to 11,000. Amazing what human innovation can accomplish when given free rein! Nature is indifferent to the survival of mankind and presents many threats to our existence such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, viruses, bacteria, etc. besides climate variations. The Marxist climate extremists, so-called “greenies”, would have us believe that nature is benign and not a threat to mankind’s survival. All we have to do us “commune” with nature and all will be well. How naive! It is though they believe that all man-made things are bad and that naturally occurring things are good. The truth is that mankind’s survival and success in prospering is due to our ability to over-come the threats presented by the natural world.

Let me give you a personal example. For several years, I lived on a small farm that had several apple trees. Never having lived on a farm, l thought that in the Fall the trees would be loaded with nice juicy apples. In reality, each Summer, hordes of beetles would descend on the trees and practically denude them of foliage. Diseases also appeared as well as worms that marred the apples. Without modern insecticides and disease protection apple production as we know it would not occur. Without machines powered by fossil fuels, and fertilizers, overall global food production could not meet the needs of the global population

Overcoming the harsh realities of nature, requires abundant and inexpensive energy sources and allowing the human mind to continue to innovate ways to protect us from the ravages of nature. Of course we want to do so at minimum negative impact on the environment which we have been doing with considerable success. For example, coal fired electrical plants in the United States now emit considerably less noxious emissions than in the past.

All energy production has risks as well as benefits. For example, the wind turbines that the greenies adore destroy thousands of birds, and now we are seeing the killing of endangered whales and other marine life. The increased life span of humans, dramatic decrease in infant mortality, malnutrition, etc. are due to industrialization based on fossil fuels. We need to ensure that we have access to air-conditioning and heat to protect us from climate temperature variations. Solar and wind power can never do this. Nor will the eating of bugs and creation of laboratory produced meat feed the global population.

We must stop the environmental extremists and those profiting from government programs and tax incentives from destroying the fossil fuel industry if we are to save our civilization. We must tell our elected officials that the move to green energy must be stopped before it is too late.

Weaponizing Climate Change

Author: R.Alan Harrop, Ph.D.

A rational discussion of climate variation should be acceptable to everyone. Question: Do Marxist climate extremists want a rational discussion and investigation? Obviously not. They are increasingly using climate change as a weapon to further their radical Marxist ideologies. Let’s see how they are doing this.

First of all, they are acting more like cultists than objective, rational investigators. Cults are based on emotional commitments that exclude others who do not share their beliefs. Labeling people who question their beliefs that climate warming is caused by man-made use of fossil fuels rather than natural causes as “climate change deniers” does not foster rational inquiry and debate.

Second, as a recent book by Jeremy Williams shows, they are now claiming that climate change is racist and an example of white supremacy. He claims that Blacks and other minorities suffer disproportionately from the negative impacts of man-made climate change. Since the United States, Canada and Australia, use much more electricity per person, than say, African countries like Madagascar it must be due to racism. Also, since many polluting factories are located in communities with a higher concentration of Blacks; this is more evidence of white privilege.

Third, the Marxists are good at re-inventing the meaning of words to further their agenda. Jeremy Williams claims that climate change is actually a form of violence perpetrated on Black people. He equates it with alleged police brutality using George Floyd’s death as a parallel. All this is intended, of course, to justify the actions of groups like Black Lives Matter and give them another reason (i.e. climate change) to strike out towards Whites.

Clearly, the climate extremists are using these tactics to attack Western civilization, industrialism, and capitalism. Their solution is a typical Marxist one: more extensive government control of our lives– including what we eat, where we live, where we travel, etc. They are very pleased with the Biden regime not only greatly expanding tax money spent on solar/wind energy, blocking pipelines and drilling, and encouraging Federal agencies to implement restrictive regulations against gas stoves, reasonably priced home appliances, and gas vehicle emissions. All of these actions will increase the cost of living for all Americans, especially the middle class.

This Marxist attack on Western Civilization must be stopped if we are to survive as a nation. China is applauding our caving in to the destruction of our own country by these Marxist extremists while they build a new coal powered plant on average of one per week!


Preserving The Family

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

The building blocks of all successful civilizations has always been the nuclear family. This is especially the case in Western Civilization, which has given the world the highest standard of living, the longest life spans, and greatest freedom to pursue happiness. The support and bonding within the family structure gives individuals the support to peruse life’s challenges. Dependence on government handouts is not necessary.

Centralized, authoritarian governments following Marxist principles cannot succeed without diminishing the role of the family in people’s lives. Strong, intact families do not need Marxism. Let’s take a look at how the family is doing in today’s America. The basis of the family is obviously the existence of intact marriages between a man and a woman. In 1950, men married on average at 23 years of age; today the average age is 31 years; women married in 1950 at an average age of 20 now it is 29. In 1960, 72% of the population were married, today it is 51%. The percentage of young adults (18-24 years old) still living with their parents in 1960 was 29%, today it is 58%. There are many other statistics that show a similar trend, but you get the point.

The first question we need to ask is what cultural shifts are causing this diminishing of marriage and family. One of the most obvious is the erosion of the moral standard prohibiting sexual intercourse until married. The biological drive for sexual activity, especially in men, has always been the prime motivation for a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. The need for intimacy, love, and companionship with another person are also essential motivators for marriage. The sexual revolution, begun in the 1960’s, began to dramatically change this. Today, premarital sex is not only freely engaged in, but by many, Is considered a pre-requisite to ensuring compatibility if one chooses to marry. Living together prior to marriage which seems to be the usual practice today, was strongly disapproved in the past. Why should a man pay for candy when he can get it for free?

The feminist movement has also had a profound impact on marriage and family. Women are being told that the traditional role of a woman as a wife, mother, and housekeeper are demeaning and will not bring the happiness and satisfaction of a career, independence, and professional status. Those women who accept this belief, view marriage as a loss of freedom and independence that would diminish their self-worth. They cannot accept the idea that they would place themselves in a position where they are dependent to any degree on the economic support of a husband. Many young men of today reject that they would be the primary “bread winner” and the main support of their spouse and family.

The result of all this has been an increase in children born out of wedlock from 5% in 1960 to almost 50% today. (To be continued in my next article).


Climate Hoax III

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

In one of my recent articles on this topic, I mentioned that the environmental extremists (Greenies) believe the earth has an “ideal” or “normal” temperature and that deviations are not only dangerous but are being caused by the actions of man. Let’s examine the actual facts about climate temperature.

According to the University of Utah Geological group, there have been at least five detectable ice ages (an accompanying warm periods) over the last 2.5 billion years. The last one occurred over 20,000 years ago and we have been in a warming period ever since. At the peak of the last ice age, the ice over New York City is estimated to have been two miles thick. The global cooling during these ice age cycles was up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit colder than today’s average temperature. During the interim warming periods the global temperature was up to 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than today. I suppose the cavemen were burning too much fossil fuels. So much for the idea that the earth has a fixed ideal temperature.

The existence of these cooling and warming periods was determined by core samples from the Antarctic ice cap and the ocean floor. Were man-made CO2 emissions the cause of these climate changes? No way Jose. Rather, it is hypothesized that these dramatic temperature changes were caused by natural processes such as (1) continental drift, (2) changes in the earth’s orbit around the sun, or (3) a tilting of the earth’s orientation from the vertical, or other unknown factors.

A more recent major global temperature change took place between 1300 and 1850 AD when the average global temperature dropped by as much as 4 degrees Fahrenheit particularly in Europe and North America. This resulted in crop failures and many deaths due to the extreme cold. Note that the Vikings discovered and colonized Greenland about 1000 AD and were able to grow crops and raise animals where now there are glaciers. There was a reason they called it “Greenland”! Note that these temperature changes occurred well before the Industrial Age and consequently before any significant burning of fossil fuels.

It should be obvious to any rational person (this necessarily excludes Greenies) that there are forces controlling earth’s climate that are outside the control of mankind. Of course, if you dislike modern civilization then it is easy to blame all the bad things on mankind. Just an example of how these people think, I was recently reviewing a website for a so-called heritage farm showing how people lived in the early 1800s. Pictures showed plowing and harvesting by mule power, water drawn by hand from wells and streams, and food cooked over wood fires. One of the reviewers made the statement: … “this is how God wants us to live”. Of course, the person making this absurd comment is living with all the modern conveniences that our advanced civilization provides. This person has no actual idea of the difficulties of life in the 1800’s. Probably never did any exhaustive physical labor or had to worry about where the next meal was coming form.

The solution to the irrational thinking of the Greenies would be to place them on an island where they would have to actually live with primitive nature. They would change their tune soon enough.

The unfortunate part of all this, is that some of our elected representatives are going along with these extremists and thereby contributing to the destruction of our modern civilization.


Climate Hoax II

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

In a previous article, I detailed some of the motivation behind the environmental extremists (Greenies) belief that mankind is facing an environmental catastrophe if we continue to use fossil fuels.

The factor the Greenies use to justify their position is CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Let’s take a look at whether CO2 levels are the threat they allege.

First of all, CO2 represents an extremely small percentage of the atmosphere at only .04%. Yet, somehow, the Greenies believe that any increase will be catastrophic and we must achieve carbon neutrality or we are doomed. They do this by alleging a so-called “greenhouse effect” caused by CO2 resulting in excessive warming of the earth. The reality of this pure speculation is that even in laboratory studies, the amount of warming from increasing CO2 levels diminishes as the concentration of CO2 is increased. Assuming this holds true in the real work, increasing CCO2 is not the existential threat the Greenies would have you believe.

Another major factor they do not report is that CO2 itself acts as a plant fertilizer. Meaning that, the greater the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere the faster plants grow thereby removing CO2. This balancing effect may account for evidence that plant life is expanding across the earth. In fact, studies have shown that increasing the CO2 pumped into an enclosed greenhouse greatly accelerates plant growth!

It is important to remember that all the predictions of catastrophic global warming are based on computer modeling–not actual real life observations. Some of the computer model predictions were made over thirty years ago. Let’s see how well the predictions have held up. Professor John Christy, of the University of Alabama, summarized graphically how accurate CO2 climate models were able to predict actual global temperature. He found that all of the computer models over-predicted the actual global temperature change; some by extreme amounts. Do you every hear these facts reported in the media? Of course all we hear is a steady diet of fear mongering by the likes of John Kerry about how we have only a few years to achieve carbon emission neutrality or we are all going to die. He makes these statements, of course, as he is jetting around the work in his private plane! Good for me, not for thee.

What is shocking is how many government leaders are buying into this nonsense. Ireland, for example, is considering killing 200,000 cows because they give off too much CO2. Since humans also exhale CO2, perhaps we will be next.

As we are finding out with many government agencies, the truth is increasingly withheld from the public. If you question the government’s propaganda you are labelled a “climate denier”. What we need is more transparency about the truth. If we do not get it, we will indeed be living in the work in George Orwell’s novel “1984” and destroying our civilization.


Climate Hoax I

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

Make no mistake about it, we are in a struggle against the environmental extremists (Greenies) to save our way of life. Since the leftist Biden regime has taken over, the Greenies have had their way. The frustrating aspect has been the number of elected officials who are going along with these destructive policies, regulations, and spending on green energy projects. Mitch McConnell, Thom Tillis and other Rinos are voting for the destruction of our country. Why? Because no modern civilization can possibly exist without inexpensive and abundant energy that currently is only available from fossil fuels.

Do these elected officials actually believe the propaganda from the Greenies about the catastrophic impact of the continued use of fossil fuels, or are there other reasons that explain why they are going along? The intent of this article is to provide information about the climate that refutes the Greenies positions and predictions. All of us should accept the responsibility to be informed about the actual facts about climate so we can be sure of our beliefs, and also, importantly, be in a strong position to debate others who have been indoctrinated about the climate hoax.

The entire foundation of the climate hoax, rests on the assumption that there is a “normal” or “ideal” temperature of the earth. Similar to the actual fact that mammals have a normal temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If the assumption of a normal earth temperature is incorrect, then the whole basis of the Greenies argument collapses. Let’s take a look at this.

Attempts to “take the temperature” of the earth have only be occurring for the past fifty years or so. It is done by direct measurement from land locations, ships at sea, buoys, and recently, satellites. No one knows precisely what the temperature of the earth was 100 years ago much less thousands of years ago. The measurement of temperature at land locations frequently differ from other data by significant amounts. Which are to be believed?

Another fact that impacts temperature measurements is urban vs rural areas. Cities are notorious for holding the heat of the sun. Buildings, streets, parking lots and highways must be adding to the overall temperature of the earth as compared to plants and foliage in rural areas. We never hear this discussed; it is always the fault of fossil fuels.

The Greenies also always assume that the earth getting warmer is a terrible thing. Actually, the earth getting colder would be much more catastrophic for mankind as the so-called Little Ice Age proved in the Middle Ages when millions of people died of starvation and cold temperatures.

There is an old saying, “Follow the money” which needs to be considered in the context of the climate hoax. For example, Governor Cooper issued an executive order that North Carolina achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2035. Recently, it was reported that he and his brother purchased and are building a five-thousand acre solar farm here in North Carolina. Co-incidence? You decide.

More on this topic in future articles. Stay tuned.

Doctor of Death Part II

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

In a previous article, I summarized the actions taken by various federal health agencies in general and Dr. Anthony Fauci in particular, that resulted in the United States having one of the highest, if not the highest, death rates from the China virus (COVID19). Those actions included: discouraging, and in many cases preventing the prescribing low risk, effective treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, as well as shutting down schools, small businesses, quarantining the non-infected, and mandating the wearing of ineffective masks.

A case can be made as is done by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in his book The Real Anthony Fauci, that Dr. Fauci’s long standing relationship with Big Pharma influenced the erroneous decisions he made that actually made the pandemic worse and most likely resulted in many unnecessary deaths. Clearly, Big Pharma made billions of dollars on an unproven, experimental vaccine with the aid of federal agencies with the assistance of Dr. Fauci. I want to address the question of how the vaccine was misused and foisted on a gullible public who had faith in government recommendations. That faith resulted in serious and sometimes fatal consequences.

First of all, it is important to realize that COVID19 is a form of coronavirus and that no effective vaccine had ever been developed that effectively stopped the spread of a coronavirus. The reason in large measure is the fact that a coronavirus mutates into other forms very rapidly. A vaccine developed to block one form of a coronavirus is unlikely to have a protective effect on a mutated form of that virus. This is exactly what happened with the COVID19 vaccine that requires multiple boosters. This is a great money making deal for the drug companies, but not good for the public who were led to believe that the vaccine would provide reliable protection and stop the pandemic–neither of which happened.

Inaccurate reporting of trial results, known by Dr. Fauci, also took place. For example, in the initial trial of the vaccine, 20 people in the vaccinated group died of “all causes” whereas 14 died in the control group that did not receive the vaccine. The vaccinated also experienced four times the number of lethal heart attacks. Very devastating results which were hidden from the public. Several countries that vaccinated the highest percentages of their populations experienced an increase in COVID19 cases instead of an expected decrease.

So here we have it. An unproven, apparently ineffective, and in some cases dangerous vaccine was pushed on people of all ages including younger adults who had a very low risk of serious illness by the federal health agencies and Dr. Fauci. Of course, social media and the media supported this effort and in many cases would shut down anyone who attempted to question the vaccine’s effectiveness. No wonder people’s trust in federal health agencies is at an all-time low. Deservedly so.

The question that needs answering is whether anyone will be held accountable? Will Dr. Fauci be made to answer for his actions that apparently made the pandemic worse? I believe a thorough investigation needs to be made and those at fault punished appropriately. Given how the “deep state” operates, don’t hold your breath.


Doctor of Death?

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

In a recent article, I explained the reason blind reliance on so-called “experts” can not only be misleading but downright dangerous. Now that the China virus (Covid 19) pandemic has been declared to be over, it is time for an objective appraisal of how the pandemic was handled in this country. Since this may not be the only pandemic we have to face in our lifetimes, an assessment of what was done right and how we failed is critical to managing future pandemics successfully.

First of all, we have to commit ourselves to examining the truth ourselves and not rely on government agencies. Some facts are startling: the United States had one of the highest mortality rates as of October 2021 of 2,107 deaths per one million population; by comparison Germany had 1,126; Denmark 455; India 327; and Kenya 97. There must be a reason for these extreme variations. The purpose of this article is to suggest some possibilities and see where they lead. Remember one key fact, Dr. Anthony Fauci was the primary leader of our inadequate response to the pandemic.

Early on in the pandemic there was a denial from Fauci that the virus originated in the Wuhan lab in China. The evidence at time I am writing this article, is the direct opposite. Not only was he wrong but he had a vested interest in denying that the Wuhan lab was the source because the agency he ran had provided over $800,000 to that lab between 2014 and 2020; much of it in support of the absurd effort to alter a virus that did not affect humans into a deadly threat to mankind. I would deny it too!

Another decision he made was to oppose the use of two safe and potentially helpful medications namely Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin which could have been used as preventatives as was done in several other countries that experienced much lower fatality rates. Instead, he recommended quarantines, mask mandates, social distancing, and a shutdown of most of the economy in order to achieve what he called “herd immunity”. He stated that he was “science” and implied he should not be questioned which unfortunately most people went along with. He supported, (along with Bill Gates) the idea that the new, untested vaccine was the only hope to control the pandemic. Even going so far as to not only mandate the vaccine for older people, but for children who in reality had a very small to insignificant risk of serious complications from the virus. He also championed Remdesivir which could only be given in a hospital setting since it has to be administered intravenously. Subsequent studies have shown that this drug was ineffective. Fauci had a long history of working with the large drug companies by funding their research and advocating their drugs. The cost of a full course remdesivir was about $7,000; whereas hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin cost about $50 and could be administered on an outpatient basis. Follow the money!

It has been standard practice for years that physicians were able to prescribe medications for off-label diseases since the safety of the medication had been demonstrated. It was a decision between the doctor and patient. Fauci and other “experts” had this stopped for hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. I had a personal experience with this. Early in the pandemic, I asked my personal physician for a prescription for ivermectin which he readily gave me. Three months later I went for a renewal and was told he was unable to do so based on federal policy. One can speculate that since President Trump advocated these two drugs whether Fauci and other members of the deep state were even more opposed. Who knows?

More to come in a future article.


Power Evolution

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

An examination of the history of mankind’s standard of living shows very little to any significant progress for thousands of years until the industrial revolution. Man’s living circumstances were basically subsistence level from the earliest recorded history about 3000 BC to about the mid 1600’s AD. Subsistence farming by human work force labor and animals was barely able to prevent starvation for the majority of mankind. Housing, frequently shared with livestock, barely prevented death from extreme cold and heat. Unpredictable droughts, plant disease and insect invasions made life very tenuous at best.

Now, let’s examine what happened with the advent of steam power. Human production was always limited by the physical power of humans and afterwards that of domesticated animals. Animal-powered machines such as threshers, plows, and harvesters added significantly to human production. These primitive machines substantially increased production, which in turn led to less expensive products which raised mankind’s standard of living. An exponential improvement was the development of steam power as a replacement for human and animal power. Steam power is not subject to fatigue or to limits of magnitude. It was also applicable to a wide range of uses from clothing product, food processing and transportation. Steam power was the foundation of the Industrial Revolution, allowing the development of machines whose productive capacity far exceeded human labor capabilities.

In the late 1800’s, the genius of men like Thomas Edison, built on earlier experiments by Benjamin Franklin and others, created the ability not only to generate electricity but to modify and alter it to serve the needs of expanding manufacturing. There was quite a dispute early on over DC (direct current) advocated by Thomas Edison or AC (alternating current) advocated by Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse. The competition was fierce and eventually AC was shown to be more practical; primarily because the use of transformers could boost the voltage, allowing longer and more efficient transmission lines. The impact on the standard of living was dramatic, since now power could be provided at manufacturing sites throughout the country and no longer required close proximity to steam generators. The application of electricity to power manufacturing plants, combined with the invention of radio, television as well as electric lighting and air conditioning transformed the lives of mankind in unimaginable ways. This technical advancement continues today.

Although there are alternate ways of generating electricity such as water power, nuclear, and wind and solar, modern civilization cannot exist without fossil fuels. Why didn’t humans turn to wind and solar to power the industrial revolution? There were attempts to use wind power in places like Holland primarily to power pumps to keep back the sea level and prevent flooding. A civilization dependent on electricity requires a dependable and always available generating power source. Fossil fuels and nuclear energy are the most readily available and dependable.

One thing that should not be overlooked is the importance of protecting the elaborate power grid that maintains our survival. Author Gary Timco, has frequently written about this necessity in his articles in The County Compass newspaper. We must protect the power that allows us to survive and live a modern life. Let’s not be led into some childish fantasy by the environmental extremists who would have us believe we can maintain our civilization on wind and solar. We are being led to destruction by the Pied Piper.

On July 18th, Gary Timco will be speaking at Stanly Hall Ballroom in New Bern, North Carolina at 7 pm. He will be sharing some of his thoughts on how to protect America’s power grid.


Reparations: Death Knell To The Republic

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

A very wise political historian once stated that: “Democracies (and Republics) can exist only until the people with power, realize that they can obtain money from other taxpayers through legislation.” Abraham Lincoln once declared that if America is to be destroyed it would not be by a foreign enemy but rather from within. Well, we are facing both these circumstances in the form of the growing movement towards reparations for slavery to black Americans for the injustice of slavery and subsequent discrimination.

Certainly, no one can deny that slavery in this country was an abomination. It was a common practice in almost all countries at one time or other but that does not mean it was not evil. The question becomes when does a country redeem itself from the guilt of slavery? The Civil War, fought essentially by white soldiers, eliminated slavery and did so at the very high price of 600,000 deaths–far more than we lost in any other war. Admittedly, the war did not end the difficulties for black Americans. Progress over the years however is undeniable as shown by the two time election of a black president. True racial harmony can only be obtained when all Americans are given equal opportunity to succeed regardless of their skin color.

The increasing call for reparations not only threatens to reverse the progress that has been made, but will destroy the fabric of our nation by going backwards and using skin color as the basis for so-called justice. This is happening in several cities and a couple of states that have enacted or are considering setting up task forces to develop programs for reparations. These include the usual suspects: California, New York State, Philadelphia, Chicago, etc. It is estimated that the cost of the proposed reparations in California alone would total nearly $800 billion at the rate of $1.2 million per recipient. Some of the advocates of reparations are not satisfied with individual states and cities enacting reparations legislation, but want federal reparation laws since the federal budget currently has no limit on what can be spent as the recent debt raising debacle has shown.

Besides the financial aspect, there is also the issue of justice. Is it just for a generation of Americans who did not profit from slavery to be held accountable for prior generations, most of which were not slave owners? My family, as immigrants from Europe in the early 1900s like many Americans, did not even live in this country during the years when slavery existed. This would be equivalent to making a person pay now for his great grandfather robbing a bank over one hundred years ago!

If you believe, as I do, that the Marxist Left in this country is out to destroy America, then this is a great way to do it. Just at a time when we need to unite to face the external threats from China and other foreign adversaries, the last thing we need is more division. What will it benefit the advocates of slavery reparations, when the outcome is the destruction of America where they truly have the best chances of leading a free and successful life?


Blind Justice? No Way!

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

I am sure you all remember the symbol of justice in this country, a statue of a blindfolded lady holding a set of scales, sometimes called Lady Justice. Well, impartial justice no longer exists. The justice system from law enforcement, prosecutors, grand juries to judges is no longer made up of weighers of facts issuing objective opinions, but is full of ideological hacks.

We can no longer trust our judicial system.

The most glaring example, of which there are many, is the comparison of the George Floyd death and that of Ashli Babbitt who died on January 6, 2021 during the Capitol Hill protest. Criminal history: George Floyd had an extensive history of criminal activity and in fact, committed a robbery the very day he was being arrested. Ashli Babbitt had no known criminal history. Background: Unmarried, George Floyd was black, had a checkered past with no steady employment and multiple arrests and history of drug addiction: height above average at six feet six inches and weight approximately 250 lbs. Ashli Babbitt was married, white and a veteran of the Air Force who served honorably as a security airman achieving the rank of E-4. She had no known drug addictions. Average weight and height. Actions at time of incident: George Floyd was actively resisting arrest and refusing to comply with orders from the police. He was suspected of committing a robbery just previously. He showed clear symptoms of being high on drugs which was later confirmed by autopsy. Ashli Babbitt was standing outside a locked door at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. with other protestors. She was not under the influence of drugs, did not pose a threat of violence to police and was not resisting arrest. Cause of Death: George Floyd after a considerable struggle resisting arrest was pinned to the ground by the knee of officer Derek Chauvin. No firearm was used. Ashli Babbitt was shot through the glass of the door by Capitol Police officer Michael Byrd as she attempted to climb through the broken door glass. She was unarmed and did not pose a direct threat of violence to the police officer who shot her.

Having reviewed all of the above facts, any reasonable person would conclude that the actions taken against George Floyd were clearly more reasonable than that taken against Ashli Babbitt. As we all know, that conclusion was not reached by our so-called justice system that gave a 21 year sentence to Derek Chauvin and totally exonerated Michael Byrd. This could never happen in a truly objective justice system. Did the race and politics of the individuals involved have anything to do with the outcome? It certainly appears so. Was it the policy of the Capitol Police Dept. to shoot unarmed civilians who are trespassing? How about the venue of where the incident occurred. One famous defense lawyer recently stated that you could “ indict a ham sandwich in Washington or New York City”!

Another glaring injustice is the way individuals who were present at the Capitol on January 6th have been treated as political prisoners. Many of them have been kept in solitary confinement over bogus trumped up charges. How about the FBI raiding the home of Donald Trump and not doing so to Joe Biden who had classified documents for years in several locations including his garage.

These incidents are not consistent with a free republic and an insult to our country. What to do? First, elect a conservative president who will clean house at the Department of Justice. Second, set review standards and practices that will hold corrupt prosecutors and judges accountable. This must be stopped.