The Damage Done

Dr. Fauci announced recently that he was planning to retire in December. What a coincidence! If the Republicans take the House of Representatives and hold investigations into his behavior, he will be retired.

On Tuesday, Townhall posted an article about the legacy of Dr. Fauci. The article mentions a number of Dr. Fauci’s misdeeds–lying to the public, conflict of interest with companies making Covid vaccines, not reporting the ill-effects of the vaccine, championing shutdowns, masks, questionable vaccines,  etc.  But the article focuses on what it considers the greatest of Dr. Fauci’s transgressions.

The article explains:

Because of Anthony Fauci, Americans have a dwindling – if non-existent – level of faith in their public health institutions. When the next “expert” stands in front of the American people to deliver information, advice and warnings about a public health issue, most of us will be skeptical and wonder if what we are hearing has been politicized. And that’s Fauci’s fault.

Fauci is worse than the boy who cried wolf. He’s the boy who told fantastical tales about multiple wolves and wrongly advised on how to protect yourself from those wolves even after saying the wolves would cause you no harm. And now, the next time we hear about a dangerous wolf, our understandable reaction will be to ignore the warnings. And people will die.

Fauci did that. Because he let his ego and petty, political battles take precedence over his duty and responsibility to the American people and the truth.

Goodbye and good riddance.

The government is always reluctant to give up control over the people. The powers that were usurped during the Covid epidemic need to be turned back over to the people. We need to go back to the days of the government not being able to tell a business that it has to close for two weeks or an indefinite period of time. We need to go back to the days of visiting terminally ill relatives in the hospital. We need to back to having the privilege of deciding what shots we put in our bodies.

Lastly, we need to go back to the days of being the free country our Founding Fathers created.