In Case You Were Wondering

This is a Word Press platform. It is free. The picture at the top is a vacation picture.

You are welcome to use any information you find on this site. Please link back to the site if you do. You are more than welcome to link to this site on your site.

I don’t answer techie questions–my husband and one of my daughters are the techies–I have no idea how this thing works.

How do I clear my head? I don’t. I just search the internet until I find something I really care about.

Comments do not show up on the blog unless I approve them. If you want me to e-mail you about guest posts, just put your e-mail address in a comment, and I will get back to you.

Someone asked how long it takes to research an article. If it is something I truly care about, I am not really aware of time passing. It can take an hour or two to find the article and to confirm the initial article.

The reason I don’t generally answer individual questions is that when I have done that I have gotten spammed. Sorry.

My name is not on the blog due to safety concerns. However, since moving to North Carolina I  have totally blown that by being a regular on a local talk station. Just for the record, though, I do feel safe here!

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