Protecting Election Integrity

Red State Observer is reporting today that the Texas Supreme Court has temporarily put on hold an expansion of voting by mail during the coronavirus pandemic.

The article reports:

Siding with Attorney General Ken Paxton, the Supreme Court blocked a state appeals court decision that allowed voters who lack immunity to the virus to qualify for absentee ballots by citing a disability. That appellate decision upheld a lower court’s order that would have allowed more people to qualify to vote by mail. The state’s Supreme Court has not weighed the merits of the case.

It’s the latest in an ongoing legal squabble that in the last three days has resulted in daily changes to who can qualify for a ballot they can fill out at home and mail in.

The problem with voting by mail is that there are very few controls on it and it is the area when voter fraud is most prevalent. If it is safe to go to WalMart and social distance, then it is safe to vote while respecting social distancing. This is nothing more than an attempt to stuff ballot boxes legally.

Further Shenanigans In Arizona

Red State Observer recently reported that Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, is investigating illegal aliens voting in Arizona.

The President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton said Over 1,400 voters attempted to register with their alien number.

“Of the 143,542 new voter registrations in Maricopa County, AZ between Jan 1-Sep 25, 2018, 1,470 registrants provided Alien Registration Numbers, meaning they were aliens not eligible to vote: @JudicialWatch investigation,” Fitton tweeted.

Non-citizens should not be voting in our elections. That represents foreign interference in our elections. It needs to be stopped.

The Establishment Republicans Are Still Trying To Dilute The Power Of The Tea Party

Last November was a pivotal election. Many of the Republicans who won victories in Congress owe their election to the Tea Party. The Tea Party reflected a growing concern on the part of many Americans about the growth of government and the rate of spending. Had the Tea Party formed a third party, they would probably disappeared on the trash heap of history, but they were smarter than that–they decided to try to work within the bounds of the current Republican Party. The Republican Party has not totally embraced the Tea Party. The Republican Party has said most of the right things, but their actions have not backed up their words. Both political parties are part of the establishment that is entrenched in Washington. The Tea Party is a threat to that establishment. Thus, when the Tea Party Congressmen begin to move into positions of power, they usually encounter pretty strong opposition from both parties.

Big Government posted a story today which illustrates the power struggle between establishment Washington and the Tea Party. Next week Senate Republicans will vote for a new Conference Vice Chairman.

The article reports:

Nevertheless, it is the way in which the contest between the two senators came about that has perhaps created a bit more tension. According to RedState, up until this week, Sen. Johnson was the only candidate for the vice chairman’s position, and the election was scheduled for January. However, Sen. Blunt announced his candidacy on Tuesday of this week, an action which was followed by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Kentucky) decisions to move up the election to next week, rather than January, and to begin a supportive campaign for Sen. Blunt.

Needless to say, Senator Johnson is considered the more conservative of the two men.

The article concludes:

Conservative Republicans will need the strength of the vice chairman’s post to bring about the reforms needed in the country. Sen. Johnson has not only stuck to the principles he put forward when he ran for the Senate, but he is also known as a bridge builder between conservatives and establishment Republicans- something years of business experience has taught him.

About the two Senate candidates, Sen. DeMint said, “Roy is a friend of mine, but Ron Johnson is what I consider the right face for the Republican Party. He’s a nonpolitician, business guy, reform-minded.”

If you have a Republican Senator, think about calling him or her to speak about this important vote.

We need to make it clear to those in Washington that they need to do what is necessary to stop the growth of government and the spending that goes with it or they will be voted out of office. We have to elect enough conservatives in 2012 to actually fight establishment Washington. Just being a Republican does not make you part of the solution–in many cases it makes you part of the problem.


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