About That Guilty Verdict

The verdict in the trial of Hunter Biden is not what it appears to be. Yes, he was found guilty, but since the laptop was introduced as valid evidence, what about the other crimes indicated on the laptop–drug possession, drug use, prostitution, and other crimes alleged such as child porn? The guilty verdict was not equal justice under the law–it was charging Hunter with one of the few crimes he committed that did not involve the rest of the Biden family.

On June 11th, The Conservative Treehouse reported:

We all knew this was going to happen, almost this exact way.

December, 2022 – ” Monaco (Lisa Monaco, second in charge at the Department of Justice) will coordinate the timing of the arrest and indictment of Hunter Biden to coincide with the arrest and indictment of President Trump. This will provide the narrative of blind justice the DOJ will attempt to leverage to stop national reaction.” (LINK)

And, that’s exactly what Lisa Monaco and Main Justice did.  Hunter Biden was found guilty of three felony gun charges, and will likely receive a very limited sentence (probation or similar) with no jail/prison time.

The major crimes of bribery, money laundering, public corruption, Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) violations, are all being ignored.   The Biden crime syndicate is being protected.

On June 12th, Don Surber quoted Politico in his article about the verdict:

Politico said:

Trump’s team made no mention of either Hunter Biden or the former president’s own legal troubles in its response to the Delaware jury’s decision.

“This trial has been nothing more than a distraction from the real crimes of the Biden Crime Family, which has raked in tens of millions of dollars from China, Russia and Ukraine,” Trump campaign spokesperson Karoline Leavitt said in a prepared statement. “Crooked Joe Biden’s reign over the Biden Family Criminal Empire is all coming to an end on November 5th, and never again will a Biden sell government access for personal profit.”

The statement appears to be a modified version of one initially provided to CNN, which included well wishes for Hunter Biden “in his recovery and legal affairs.”

Trump and his allies have long accused the president of profiting off his son’s business dealings, even as they have struggled to substantiate the charges.

The only reason Trump and his allies have struggled to substantiate the charges is that the Biden Department of Justice has attempted to block them at every turn.





The Impact The Trump Administration Had On The Chinese Economy

On Tuesday, Don Surber posted an article at Substack about the impact the Trump administration had on the Chinese economy.

The article opens with the following statement:

The news on Monday morning was dominated by stories of an economic recovery by Red China of a recession that the U.S. press had largely ignored.

Bloomberg reported, “[Red] China’s factory activity beat expectations in March, boosting optimism about the country’s ability to achieve its ambitious growth goal of around 5% this year.

“The Caixin manufacturing purchasing managers’ index rose to 51.1 on Monday — above the 50 mark that indicates expansion for a fifth month, the longest streak in more than two years.

“Government data published on Sunday showed manufacturing PMI in March snapped a five-month contraction to rise to the highest in a year. Both numbers beat market expectations, adding to evidence that the country’s industrial sector is building momentum for an economic recovery.”

Trusting Red China numbers is like trusting its statements on covid but the encouraging news is that Red China has — or at least had — a recession. The admission by our Maoist press shows that the communists who run the joint no longer can paper reality over.

Of course, under Biden we no longer can trust our government’s numbers. Maybe we should just give up on compiling numbers because most of them are just polls (or surveys to use their language).

The narrative about Red China has changed dramatically.

The article then describes the predictions (pre-Trump administration) that China would eclipse America economically within a decade. Now those predictions are not looking accurate.

The article then explains why:

The Tax Foundation said, “The Trump administration imposed nearly $80 billion worth of new taxes on Americans by levying tariffs on thousands of products valued at approximately $380 billion in 2018 and 2019, amounting to one of the largest tax increases in decades.”

Of course, Red China ate most of the tariffs as it wanted to maintain market share. The problem for the communists was under Trump’s leadership, other countries joined in. There is more to the story of Red China’s recession, of course. Spreading covid around the world had a backlash. And communism doesn’t work. But do not discount the role of the wrecking ball we call Donald Trump.

This weekend, the New York Post posted an excerpt of Steven W. Mosher’s new book is The Devil and Communist China.

He wrote, “The Trump tariffs—imposed in 2018 and still in place today — set China back on its heels. And the covid debacle deepened China’s economic malaise.

“But most of the wounds have been self-inflicted.

‘The Chinese economy is suffering from a kind of death by a thousand cuts perpetrated by the policies of Xi Jinping, a man who models himself on one of the most monomaniacal — and deadly — communist leaders in human history.”

Reagan took down communist Russia along with Lech Walesa, Margaret Thatcher and Pope Paul II. Trump is taking down Red China with the help of Chairman Xi.

Elections matter.




Some Basic Comments On The Removal Of Kevin McCarthy

Don Surber at Substack reminds us of a few reasons Kevin McCarthy is no longer Speaker of the House. When you begin to look at the history of Republican leadership in the House of Representatives, it is amazing that Kevin McCarthy lasted as long as he did. He acted as his predecessors did– he supported the Washington establishment and the uni-party. The agreement he made with his peers that got him elected was not worth the paper it was written on. If you listened to his press conference last night, you realize that either he still doesn’t get it or he lies as easily as he speaks.

Don Surber notes:

By a vote of 216-210, the House ended Kevin McCarthy’s two-faced, double-dealing speakership, as he became the first and only person booted out as Speaker of the House. A bipartisan majority decided enough was enough with McCarthy who had promised to allow congressmen to read an appropriations bill and wait 72 hours before holding a vote. He broke that promise this weekend. Matt Gaetz moved to remove him. Gaetz and 7 other Republicans joined 208 Democrats to vote McCarthy out.

This is a payback. McCarthy and his loyalists joined Democrats to pass the Democrat budget. Gaetz used Democrats to oust McCarthy. Democrats wisely go by the Benedict Arnold Rule: never trust a turncoat.

…Rank-and-file Republicans are as happy to see McCarthy leave as Taylor Swift is writing a song about the boyfriend she just dumped. Washington lifers are as sad as Travis Kelce will be when she dumps him.

The lifers are so mad that they are writing mean things about Gaetz.

The article concludes:

Gallup said, “Republicans’ 14-percentage-point lead in public preferences for keeping the country prosperous is up from a 10-point margin last year and is its widest advantage on this measure since mid-1991.”

Republicans blew that opportunity in 1991 when George H.W. Bush said, “Read my lips: no new taxes” — and then agreed to new taxes. You can put Peggy Noonan’s words in a Bush but you cannot make him Reagan.

Look for McCarthy to join Newt and Ryan at the Fox News henhouse, where he will talk a big game and do nothing.

Just as he did as speaker.

Please follow the link to read the entire article. Mr. Surber reminds us of the history of the uni-party and its unwillingness to listen to its voters. It is possible that this action might cause some Republicans to hear what their constituents are saying about the budget and the war in Ukraine.

Summing It All UP

On Monday, Don Surber at Substack posted an article putting President Trump’s mugshot in perspective. The article compares the mugshot to another mugshot from 2005 of Tom DeLay where Tom DeLay was smiling. I need to mention that the mainstream media was very upset with the fact that he was smiling. I also need to mention that a jury trial found Tom DeLay innocent. Of course the accusations ruined his career (just as they ruined the career of Bob MacDonald whose guilty verdict was overturned by the Supreme Court). There is a pattern here–it’s called lawfare and is used by the Democrats to get rid of their political opponents. President Obama used a variant of it in 2004 when he managed to get the messy divorce records of his main primary opponent unsealed and leaked to the press. I have no doubt that somewhere behind all of the prosecution of President Trump you will find puppet strings pulled by President Obama or his associates.

Don Surber notes:

Craig Smith wrote in Newsweek, “In the early ’90s, I was a militant activist and bank robber. I saw myself as a black Robin Hood, stealing from white-owned banks to fund black cultural events. I was caught and sentenced under then-Senator Joe Biden’s 1994 crime bill to an unheard of 52 years, though I was a first time offender and no one was hurt during any of my robberies. And I was released by Trump’s 2019 criminal justice reform bill, the First Step Act, thanks to Trump’s prodding of Congress to reverse many of the draconian laws written and supported by our current president.

“The former president freed 5,000 incarcerated people like me from outrageous sentences. Yet he is now facing the possibility of serving a sentence of his own. As I watched former President Donald Trump get perp-walked and mugshot at the Fulton County Jail in Georgia, I couldn’t help but notice the deep irony: The same criminal justice system that Trump made radical reforms to is now being used to discredit him and hamper his chances of winning the presidency for a second time.

“None of us who have benefited from Trump’s radical reform of the criminal justice system under the First Step Act are blind to that irony. But it goes beyond that: Trump’s repeated run-ins with the law, and what seems like an unfair obsession with catching him and punishing him disproportionately for his so-called crimes, reminds a lot of us of what was done to us.”

…Smith ended his column, “At the end of the day, these repeated arrests may end up having a very unintended consequence. Instead of proving to the country that Trump is unelectable, it may have removed a barrier in the form of him being unrelatable. These arrests have made Trump relatable to the 5 million people in America under some form of supervision by the U.S. criminal legal system.

“In 2020, President Trump got the votes of 18% of black men. Don’t be surprised if he gets more in 2024 if he’s the GOP nominee for president. Now that he’s suffered the indignity of what Joe Biden’s crime bill put so many of us through, he will be an even bigger champion of our cause.”

The defiance in Trump’s mugshot has turned the tables on the press and the rest of the sociopaths who want Trump and his supporters dead. He has become Liam Neeson in Taken.

It’s time for Americans to wake up and see what has happened to justice in this country.

Why Not Just Report What Actually Happened?

Don Surber writes a blog at substack that deals with current issues. He is a former newsman and provides a lot of information and insight. His latest article talks about some of the reporting about President Trump.

The article begins with a screenshot of a recent Politico headline:

That headline sounds as if President Trump invaded a town with military troops, which is not true.

Don Surber notes:

Natalie Allison won enough awards working for Gannett at the Tennessean in Nashville to merit a callup to DC and Politico. Fresh blood, however, brought no fresh ideas or approaches to covering national politics. She offers the same old throw-the-kitchen-sink-at-him coverage of President Trump.

Over the weekend, she went over-the-top. As Muslims took over the streets of Paris with the intent of burning it down, Allison was reporting that Donald Trump had taken over Pickens, S.C.

She wrote, “PICKENS, S.C. — Donald Trump built his 2016 campaign on the ability to pack supporters into arenas and fields. In his first early-state rally of 2024, he commandeered a small city.

“Taking over the movie-set-like Main Street of a town of 3,300 in the hills of South Carolina on Saturday, Trump put on a show of force not only in his stronghold of rural America, but in an early primary state where he remains dominant.”

Her implication was the past and future president led a military seizure and occupation of a helpless Southern town. It’s a Putsch!

Hers was not the worst story of the weekend. The Medical Press reported, “New study: Much of what we’re told about gym exercises and resistance training is from studies of males, by men.”

Much of what we know about electricity is from studies by men. Much of what we know about locomotives, automobiles and rocketry is from studies by men. Much of what we know about telegraphs, telephones and computers is from studies by men.

The ladies in the womyn’s studies brigade need to stop counting how many studies are by men, get off their fat, credentialed asses, and invent something useful. Women hold most of the college degrees now but have attained only 19% of the patents. It is time for women to pull their own weight.

The article concludes:

Journalism is not that hard. Just watch what is going on and tell readers what you saw. When you treat a political rally as if it were a military occupation, you lose credibility with readers above the age of 10.

And when you barely mention that a senior senator was booed relentlessly in his home county by his own party, you look like the fool you are.

But then again, her mission was to make a well-attended rally seem like an insurrection with Trump taking over a town as a show of force.

For Politico and Miss Allison, it was a show of farce.

It’s time for Americans to stop watching the mainstream media and do their own research.

Some Perspective On The Indictment Of President Trump

Obviously the big story in the news today is the indictment of President Trump. Oddly enough, the new information on bribery in the Biden family has been pushed off of the front pages by this indictment.

Don Surber is a former newspaper reporter who now posts in Substack. On June 9th, he posted the following observations:

The indictment of President Trump is hooey. Washington no more cares about national security than it cares about Poca Dot football or whether I finally am allowed by my wife to buy that Bentley.

I don’t know about the leaders in your state, but in West Virginia they stand with the people, the president and the Constitution.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey tweeted, “Here we go again with another political prosecution. I think every American (including the other Presidential candidates) should speak out against having two different systems of justice. No double standards!”

Governor Jim Justice tweeted, “The Biden Administration and the Democrats know they can’t beat President Trump and me unless they weaponize the federal government. Democrats will stop at nothing to defeat us and keep the presidency and their Senate majority. I will always stand with President Donald Trump!”

The article notes the treatment of Hillary Clinton:

The FBI is best at covering up crimes. Consider Hillary sending state secrets while secretary of state via email to foreign governments and others who paid the troll via donations to her fake charity.

Remember the words of Jimmy the Weasel Comey, who said, “From the group of 30,000 e-mails returned to the State Department, 110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received. Eight of those chains contained information that was Top Secret at the time they were sent; 36 chains contained Secret information at the time; and eight contained Confidential information, which is the lowest level of classification. Separate from those, about 2,000 additional e-mails were ‘up-classified’ to make them Confidential; the information in those had not been classified at the time the e-mails were sent.”

She committed at least 110 felonies by e-mailing classified information.

Comey admitted it.

The article cites the hope found in the law of unintended consequences:

“Another example is the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese in 1941, designed to decimate the US Naval force in one blow and bring America to its knees. Instead, it shook the American public out of its deep isolationism, ensuring the total mobilization of the country’s superior manpower and resources to not only defeat the Japanese but also to obliterate its military for good. The very success of the attack guaranteed the opposite of the intended result, Robert Greene writes in his spectacular book, The Laws of Human Nature.”

One man cannot make America great again, in fact, one-man rule would make America something other than America.

But 62 million voters can. Four years later, we were 75 million strong. Next year, 100 million.

Please follow the link to read the entire article. It is extremely insightful.

Ignoring Some Violence–Amplifying Other Violence

On March 9th, Don Surber posted an article at Substack about how lawlessness is sometimes treated. Please read the entire article as it has multiple examples of inconsistencies on law enforcement’s handling of ‘mostly peaceful’ protests.

The article notes:

CNN reported on January 21, 2017, “Six police officers were injured and 217 protesters arrested Friday after a morning of peaceful protests and coordinated disruptions of Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony gave way to ugly street clashes in downtown Washington.

“At least two DC police officers and one other person were taken to the hospital after run-ins with protesters, DC Fire Spokesman Vito Maggiolo told CNN. Acting DC Police Chief Peter Newsham said the officers’ injuries were considered minor and not life threatening.

“Bursts of chaos erupted on 12th and K streets as black-clad ‘antifascist’ protesters smashed storefronts and bus stops, hammered out the windows of a limousine and eventually launched rocks at a phalanx of police lined up in an eastbound crosswalk. Officers responded by launching smoke and flash-bang devices, which could be heard from blocks away, into the street to disperse the crowds.”

The limousine in question was hired by former CNN presenter Larry King and destroyed by rioters. A Muslim owned the vehicle. It was his livelihood.

The media sided with the Inauguration Day insurrectionists.

Esquire reported on April 12, 2017, “How the Government Is Turning Protesters Into Felons.”

The magazine whined, “While scattered vandalism and punching (a neo-Nazi) were deemed headline-grabbing militancy, the media relegated the most extreme incidents involving anarchists and antifascists — namely, recent treatment of them — to footnotes.”

Scattered violence and punching someone you claim is a neo-Nazi is OK.

Sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s office chair is an insurrection.

A year after the Inauguration Day violence, all charges were dropped.

The article concludes:

“Also, why is it hard to understand that when an election takes place during a pandemic, with millions of people shipping ballots rather than showing up at voting centers on election day, many people would be skeptical about the results of that election, especially when the candidate who lost won the election day vote?

“Instead of labeling people election deniers, is it not better to ensure that even the appearance of fraud is eliminated by having most people vote in-person on election day and with proper identification?

“When a country decides to live a lie and chases shadows, it conducts false investigations with predetermined outcomes and ends up blaming people like Tucker Carlson for showing the other side of the story. And that is a shame!”

It was not a security failure. It was a deliberate solicitation of protesters and an invitation for rioting in order to disqualify Trump in 2024. Thanks to Tucker Carlson, the Constitution and the truth, it won’t work.

Please follow the link to read the entire article. Then ask yourself why the violent protestors of 2017 had all of their charges dropped and the mostly non-violent protestors of 2021 are still in jail.

Following The Money On Transgender Surgery

Have you ever wondered where teenagers get the money for the drugs and surgery needed to be transgender? The procedures involved are not cheap. The drugs involved are regulated–you cannot pick up a prescription that contains a steroid without signing for the prescription. So who is paying for the sudden increase in transgender surgery–the American taxpayer.

On March 1, Don Surber posted an article at Substack about transgender surgery in America and who is paying for it.

The article reports:

Technavio reported in November, “The gender reassignment surgery market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10.73% between 2022 and 2027. The size of the market is forecast to increase by $321.48 million. The growth of the market depends on several factors, including the increase in the number of people opting for sex change surgeries globally, favorable government policies, and increasing insurance coverage for gender reassignment surgical procedures.”

Nothing medical, it’s just business.

You can see why “The AMA opposes policies preventing transgender individuals from accessing basic human services and public facilities consistent with gender identity, including the use of restrooms.”

The article explains the origin of taxpayer-funded transgender surgery:

The story said, “The authors of the aforementioned study point to Medicare’s decision in May 2014 to lift a coverage ban on transgender surgeries as the turning point in access to care, noting that the share of patients seeking gender-affirming procedures covered by Medicare or Medicaid increased from 25% in 2012-2013 to 70% in 2014. After Medicare and Medicaid started covering transgender surgeries, and after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, private insurance companies followed suit.”

Taxpayers fund 70% of these surgeries thanks to Obama.

In 1981, Reagan banned billing taxpayers for this elective surgery. Between Obamacare and Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements, Obama and his administration produced a cottage industry that Technavio is really pushing.

Please follow the link to read the entire article. This is another example of a seemingly minor change in the law that has had huge ramifications. It is another example of the reason all Americans need to pay attention to any changes in government regulations.

Some Washington Humor

Humor is hard to find these days in Washington. Don Surber, a former journalist who writes at his own blog and at Substack (https://donsurber.substack.com/) seems to have a knack for finding it. On January 29, I posted an article about his post about Republican Senator John Kennedy’s wit and wisdom. Well, his latest article compares many of the leading figures in Washington politics to Warner Brothers cartoon characters.

The post quotes an article from the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Don Surber writess:

I really enjoyed writing last Saturday’s column, “The Wit and Wisdom of John Kennedy, R-La.” Readers did too. One hipped me to the Times-Picayune’s “Who said it: Sen. John Kennedy or Foghorn Leghorn?” quiz.

Alas, the quiz disappeared down the Internet memory hole, but Boing Boing saved four who-said-it questions:

    1. “She has a billy goat brain and a mockingbird mouth.”
    2. “He’s tough as a boiled owl.”
    3. “He’s a hard dog to keep on the porch. He’s not a porch dog; he’s a running dog. He likes to do things his way.”
    4. “I’m not just talking to hear my head roar.”

Kennedy said the first three about (in order) Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell and President Trump. The last one was all Foghorn. Yep, the senator is the rooster.

That got me to thinking. Who are some of the other Looney Tunes cartoon characters in that Loony Bin we call Washington?

Adam Schiff’s doppelganger is Marvin the Martian, the weirdo who wanted to blow up Earth to get a better view of Venus. Schiff is the weirdo who wants to blow up Trump to give Red China a better hold on America.

Please follow the link above to read the entire article. At this point, the best thing to do with Washington is laugh at it.



Sometimes The Only Way To Deal With Washington Is To Laugh

Don Surber is a retired newspaperman. He writes columns at Substack. Recently he wrote one about the wit and wisdom of Louisiana Senator John Kennedy.

Here are a few excerpts:

Early in his days in the Senate, the Republican John Kennedy said, “This is Washington, D.C. Politics is in everybody’s blood, kind of like herpes.”

…At a hearing on October 9, 2017, he said something that shocked the Advocate, Louisiana’s biggest newspaper.

It reported, “During a Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing last week, members of Congress expressed bewilderment that credit reporting company Equifax, under siege after a data breach affecting more than 145 million people, has received a $7.25 million contract with the IRS to validate the identity of taxpayers communicating with the agency on the telephone or through its website.”

At the hearing, Kennedy said to former Equifax CEO Richard Smith of that contract, “You realize, to many Americans right now, that looks like we’re giving Lindsay Lohan the keys to the mini-bar.”

…Six days earlier, he questioned Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan about the bank’s creation of 3.5 million unauthorized deposit accounts and more than 500,000 unauthorized credit card applications.

Kennedy said, “I am certainly not anti-business. You can’t be for jobs if you are against business. What I am curious about is what in God’s name were you thinking? I am not against big business. With all due respect, I am against dumb.”

…On June 9, 2022, he told Fox, “In my state, the price of gas is so high that it would be cheaper to buy cocaine and just run everywhere.”

…“Just because you’ve seen My Cousin Vinny doesn’t qualify you to be a federal judge.”

…Kennedy told Neil Gorsuch when his nomination came up, “I guess what I want is a cross between Socrates and Dirty Harry, and I believe you just might be that person.”

He told Brett Kavanaugh, “I want someone who is willing to protect the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights and understands that the Bill of Rights is not an a la carte menu.”

The article notes that Senator Kennedy is not uneducated:

He plays the blunt good old boy so well, he could have been Buford T. Justice in Smokey and the Bandit, but without the swearing. He also graduated from Vanderbilt, got a University of Virginia law degree and was educated at Oxford. Good old boys ain’t dumb, as Northerners who underestimate them learn over and over again.

Please follow the link to read the entire article. Senator Kennedy definitely knows how to disarm his opponents with a smile.

We Don’t Have A Free Press

On Saturday, Don Suber posted an article on his website titled, “We Don’t Have A Free Press.” Don Surber describes himself as a retired newspaperman who lives in West Virginia.

This is Don Surber’s list of reasons we don’t have a free press:

If we had a free press, 30 reporters would never pose with Nancy Pelosi as if they were her ladies-in-waiting.

If we did, Hillary’s 30,000 emails sent to a trucking company in Red China would have stopped her presidential bid.

If we had a free press, Seth Rich’s murder would have been bigger than George Floyd’s overdose death.

If we had a free press, journalists would not seek the approval of John Podesta (Hillary’s henchman) as we learned in the DNC emails leaked by Seth Rich.

If we had a free press, Hillary’s fake charity which laundered bribes from foreigners would have landed her in prison.

If we had a free press, the FBI spying on Donald Trump would have landed Barack Obama in prison as well.

If we had a free press, Jim Comey would have been Obama’s cellmate.

If we had a free press, Bob Mueller would have remained retired and enjoying his grandchildren.

If we had a free press, we would know the motive for Stephen Paddock’s massacre of 60 people and wounding of 413 other people at the Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017.

If we had a free press, fact-checkers would have told us in 2008 that you can keep your doctor was a lie and not wait until 2013 when it was too late to undo the election and re-election of Barack Obama.

If we had a free press, there would have been at least one newspaper in West Virginia that endorsed Donald Trump.

If we had a free press, covid would be called the Wuhan Flu.

If we had a free press, the covid shots would never be mandatory for anyone except those in a nursing home.

If we had a free press, the Democrat riots of 2020 would have been called the George Floyd riots instead of mostly peaceful protests.

If we had a free press, Twitter never would have been able to censor conservatives or ban the president.

If we had a free press, Trump’s rally at the National Mall would have been the news on January 6, not the people lured into the Capitol by FBI informants and the Capitol Police.

If we had a free press, ballot harvesting would land people in jail instead of electing John Fetterman to the Senate.

If we had a free press, there would have been no impeachments.

If we had a free press, Hunter Biden’s laptop would have cost his father the election.

If we had a free press, General Milley’s admission that he called a Red Chinese general without DOD approval would have landed him in the brig.

If we had a free press, the raid on Mar-a-Lago would have led to an investigation of the FBI for abuse of its power.

If we had a free press, the hammer attack of Paul Pelosi would still be in the news.

Finally, if we had a free press, I would defend it.

Is anyone else tired of being manipulated and lied to?

When Parents Had A Chance To See What Their Children Were Learning

The past school year was a challenge in many ways. Many school districts were closed to in-classroom learning totally or had a mixture of on-line and in-classroom learning. Parents had to make arrangements to work and teach their children at the same time. It was challenging. However, there was one benefit–many parents got a good look at what their children were learning. Many parents didn’t like what they saw.

Don Surber posted an article on his blog yesterday about the consequences of the educational events of last year.

The article reports:

The Epoch Times reported, “Homeschool Applications Double In California.”

The story said, “The number of home school applications submitted to the California Department of Education soared during the 2020-2021 school year, state data indicates.

“There were 34,715 private school affidavits (PSAs) for five children or less submitted during the most recent curricular year. In California, homeschools are recognized as private schools, and homeschooling families are required to submit an affidavit to the DOE annually.

…The numbers are minuscule in a state of 40 million or so people.

However, the rest of the nation is in rebellion against public schools.

The story said, “Between spring and fall of 2020, the percentage of homeschoolers nationwide more than doubled, jumping from 5.4% to 11.1% in less than four months.”

The parents of 1 in 9 students believe public schools are so terrible that they would rather keep the kids home and teach them themselves.

The article notes a statistic that must be chilling to Democrats and Teachers’ Unions:

“In African American households, the proportion of homeschooling quintupled from 3.3% in spring 2020, to 16.1% in fall 2020.

“In Hispanic households, the number of homeschooling households doubled in the same time, from 6.2% to 12.1%.”

You can be darned sure parents aren’t teaching their kids CRT. Why, some may even be reading The Bible.

The article concludes:

PBS reported, “If schools fail to secure the trust of parents, advocates and educators worry that the public education system could see a falloff in enrollment, particularly among families of color. Some advocates also fear that schools faced with a larger proportion of students who are struggling or frequently absent will respond with overly punitive approaches, worsening racial inequality.”

Translation: Black parents must sacrifice their children for the sake of the community, comrade.

The covid push to homeschool is interesting. Black families are more likely to homeschool now than Hispanic families who are more likely than whites who are more likely than Asians.

That is the reverse of academic performance.

My guess is black schools are losing their best students. My guess is that those students will perform better. And my third guess is they won’t be liberal.

When I posted this article on Facebook, I got some very negative comments about children who were home schooled. I found that interesting since the children I know that are a product of home schooling have done very well–one is a Marine Corps veteran, one has a photography business, one is a successful computer programmer, one has a landscaping business, one has a power-washing business, one is a successful model, one owns a restaurant, and others have done equally well. Many of them continued their education in college and were successful in obtaining four-year degrees. I also find it interesting that many of the home-schooled children I know have started their own businesses.


Insanity Reigns

Don Surber posted an article today about the first person to be sentenced in the January 6th riot.

The article reports:

Elizabeth Pace of WAVE-TV in Louisville, Kentucky, reported, “Indiana grandmother will be first person sentenced in U.S. Capitol riot.” What was the woman’s high and hideous crime?


Not insurrecting, but parading.

The story said, “The FBI arrested Anna Morgan-Lloyd, 49, and her friend, Dona Sue Bissey, in late February. According to the criminal complaint, Bissey posted a picture of them inside the Capitol during the insurrection, including comments of most exciting day of their lives.

“Bissey’s case is still pending and scheduled to appear in court July 19.

The article continues:

“Morgan-Lloyd was charged with a single misdemeanor of parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building. She entered a plea deal in exchange of three years of probation, 40 hours of community service and a $500 fine. A federal judge will declare her sentence Wednesday.”

This is such a bogus charge and bogus investigation that my eyeteeth hurt.

This really was a mostly peaceful protest that the media called a riot — unlike those riots that did billions of dollars in damage to city after city, which the media called mostly peaceful protests.

A ban on parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building violates the First Amendment in a manner the press once protested. Now the press hypes up a bunch of people protesting in the Capitol as some sort of combination of Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

How different it was when Marxists stormed the Senate Building in October 2018 to protest the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.


CNN reported, “Comedian Amy Schumer and model-actress Emily Ratajkowski were among more than 300 people arrested Thursday in protests over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.”

Arrested is too strong a word, because the story said, “Capitol Police said they arrested 302 people during the demonstrations. Video from the scene shows the two actresses being detained after an officer asks if they want to be arrested.”

They said yes.

I don’t think they asked Grandma Morgan-Lloyd if she wanted to be arrested.

And Capitol Police did not kill any of the demonstrators in 2018.

Contrast the handing of a grandmother parading around the Capitol (admittedly she should not have been there) and the looters and actual rioters in Washington last summer. Unless someone in Washington is willing to stand up to the abuses in our justice system, we are going to be a banana republic very soon (if we are not already).

More Good News From The Middle East

Yesterday Don Surber posted an article on his blog about the killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, 59, the Head of Iran’s nuclear program.

The article reports:

“According to Iran Front Page News, Fakhrizadeh was killed by shooting, but before the shootout, his car has been stopped with an explosion at Mostafa Khomeini Blvd. Several others are also reportedly killed in the incident, but haven’t been identified yet.”

In the past, we could have credited Mossad with another fine job well done, but now I do not know about that this time.

Arab nations are normalizing relations with Israel after a decade or so of casual and unofficial cooperation among Israel and Saudi Arabia. Obama siding with Iran — giving the rogue state $170 billion to blow on building nukes and terrorizing Israel — sealed the deal.

Maybe Mossad had a little help.

Israel and its Arab nations share two things in common. They cannot allow Iran to beef up, and they cannot trust the United States to help them. President Donald John Trump may be the last friend they ever have in the White House.

They also know Red China is an ultimate threat.

The New York Times described the incident as “A brazen killing takes place in a drive-by attack.”

The article notes The New York Times comments:

“The killing is bound to provoke sharp reaction in Iran.

“Mr. Fakhrizadeh’s killing, whoever was responsible, could have broad implications for the incoming Biden administration. It is bound to set off a sharp reaction in Iran, as did the American attack on Jan. 3 that killed Qassim Suleimani, the Iranian major general who ran the elite Quds force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

“The killing of Mr. Fakhrizadeh could complicate the effort by President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. to revive the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal, as he has pledged to do, if the Iranians agree to return to the limits detailed in the accord.

“Israel has long opposed the deal, and if its agents were responsible for the killing of a man considered a national hero — in Iran, they will almost certainly be accused of being behind it — there could be political pressure in Iran to move forward with its current effort to gradually rebuild the stockpile of nuclear fuel that it gave up in 2015.

“American officials would not comment on the assassination on Friday morning, saying they were seeking information.”

The article at Don Surber’s blog concludes:

If the Supreme Court allows Democrats to steal the election, the new administration will quickly throw away President Trump’s gift of peace in the Middle East and side with Iran once again.

Follow the money. Red China owns Democrats now, and Red China supports Iran.

Israel and her Arab neighbors are on their own. Pray that they are strong enough to withstand the maelstrom Chairman Xi and his marionettes in Washington want to unleash.

Today, the allies showed they may be able to. They do not seem to have a choice.

Stay tuned.

Somehow The Mainstream Media Is Failing To Mention This

Don Surber posted an article today pointing out what the mainstream media seems to be missing:

The House voted 354-60 to condemn President Donald John Trump’s decision not to get involved in a dispute between Turkey and Syria. If members were Syria-ous, they would have voted to declare war. Put up or shut up.

But 2 1/2 years earlier, these chicken hawks in Washington accused President Donald John Trump of trying to start World War III in Syria.

On April 7, 2017, President Donald John Trump ordered 59 cruise missiles to wipe out the air base from which the Assad government had launched a chemical warfare attack on Khan Sheikhun. He was dining with Chairman Xi at Mar-a-Lago at the time.

USA Today accused the president of risking World War III.

Jessica Estepa, then an editor in its Washington bureau, wrote, “Is this the start of World War III? That’s what people are worried about.”

The people she cited were Magneto’s Fear, Penguin, Deplorable Winner, and other intellectual luminaries on Twitter.

Article I Section 8 and the U.S. Constitution lists the powers of Congress. Among the powers listed is, “To declare War, grand Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning  Captures on Land and Water;”

The website U.S. Constitution notes:

Q108. “Who has the power to declare war?”

A. There is a short answer and a much longer answer. The short answer is that the Constitution clearly grants the Congress the power to declare war, in Article 1, Section 8. This power is not shared with anyone, including the President.

The President, however, is just as clearly made the Commander in Chief of all of the armed forces, in Article 2, Section 2. In this role, the President has the ability to defend the nation or to take military action without involving the Congress directly, and the President’s role as “C-in-C” is often part of the reason for that.

What this has resulted in is the essential ability of the President to order forces into hostilities to repel invasion or counter an attack, without a formal declaration of war. The conduct of war is the domain of the President.

This brings up the question, “If Congress is so concerned with the withdrawal of troops, why haven’t they declared war?” The answer is simply–the actions of Congress are not about Syria, the Kurds, Turkey, Russia or any other area in the middle east–they are about bashing President Trump. That has totally skewed their ability to be either consistent or rational.

This Could Make The Next Two Years Very Interesting

Don Surber posted an article today that included some rather surprising information.

The article reports:

Brad Parscale, Donald John Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, told Jesse Watters last night that 34% of the people who attended the president’s rally in Grand Rapids were registered Democrats.

Parscale knows that because people needed to give the campaign their cellphone numbers to get tickets. The campaign then used the information to check their voting record.

…Parscale called the Green New Deal a big juicy steak for the campaign.

Axios limited its report on the interview to Parscale saying, “[Trump] has been very easy to work with this week. He’s been very smiley.

“I was in the White House this week; he served me hors d’oeuvres. That was a first. … [A] little pigs in a blanket, some meatballs. …He gave me a Diet Coke; he was very happy. It was my first [time] in nine years serving, of hors d’oeuvres from the president. Which is safe to say, very good mood.”

Axios was the only outlet (besides Fox News) that I could find with a report on the interview.

Gee, I wonder how the experts missed that last election?

It’s difficult to ignore the economic success of the Trump administration. I suspect those in the deep state will attempt to undermine that success during the next year or so, but there are some fundamental changes in regulations that will make that difficult. The unemployment rate and the workforce participation rate speak for themselves. Salaries at the lower end of the wage scale are going up. People are keeping more of what they earn. The mainstream media is not telling us all of the good news, but people are experiencing better economic times and discounting the media. This President has dealt with an unprecedented assault on our southern border and is beginning to deal with the problem in spite of Congress–not with the help of Congress. The President has also dealt with an unprecedented attack on him personally and on his family. It is time to stop harassing the President and let him lead. The attendance at his rallies are an indication that the public is not listening to the mainstream media–they are doing their own research and drawing their own conclusions.