This was posted on Facebook by Robert DuChemin, a Florida attorney who does amazing research:

The Chinese Own Us:
The bias in our major news media in the United States is the result of the repeal of some previous laws and the failure of the government to enforce antitrust laws. Until about 40 years ago, the FCC would not approve ownership of any news broadcasters by foreign companies and individuals.
NBC, and it’s radio counterpart, RCA, were the largest broadcasting networks in the United States in 1932, when the Justice Department forced their owner, General Electric, to divest both corporations to comply with antitrust laws.
After the Feds relaxed antitrust enforcement, GE re-purchased NBC (and RCA) in 1986. After a series of sales and mergers, Comcast now owns NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC. Comcast Is one of the largest movie producers in the world, through one of its other properties, Universal Studios.
The combined market share of NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC, is greater now than NBC’s was at the time that General Electric had to divest in 1932.
ABC is owned by another huge producer of movies, the Walt Disney Company. They also own more than 40 cable networks including ESPN, FX, History, A&E, and National Geographic, and more than 20 news magazines. They are the largest movie and television producer in the world. Disney is in partnership with the communist Chinese government in at least 10 corporations.
The Chinese Communist Party owns AMC, the largest movie theater company in the United States. They will not let any movies be shown in their theaters until they have been approved by the CCP. Disney and Comcast would lose their movie business and all of their Chinese businesses if they upset the Chinese government. The CCP has enticed Disney to remove several programs from the History Channel as well.
Several movies over the past three years have been edited to delete things the CCP didn’t like, even movies that were only released in the United States or on American television stations. It’s hard to believe the CCP is not also controlling what ABC and NBC put on the news.
To get unbiased news, Congress could easily pass a law prohibiting foreign or conglomerate ownership of news broadcasters and prohibit ownership of more than one network by the same entity. That used to be the law in this country.
Oh, BTW, CNN is owned by AT&T. AT&T also owns Warner Communications, including Warner Brothers Studios. They also need CCP approval to get their movies shown in AMC’s theaters or distributed around the world.
The CCP is not going to allow the news organizations they control broadcast anything that hurts Joe Biden. They have too much money already invested in Biden.
In case you missed it, Tony Bobulinski, revealed more information last night on Tucker Carlson, including information about the Bidens being involved in a secret Chinese-Russian energy deal while Joe Biden was Vice-President of the United States. Hunter Biden clearly was breaking US law and it is also clear that Joe Biden was helping him, even if he wasn’t directly receiving any funds. That makes Joe an accessory to the crimes Hunter committed, a felon. This is far worse than anything they ever accused President Trump of doing.
My favorite part was when Tucker played the recording that Tony made when he was telling Joe Biden’s lawyer that he was going to go public. The lawyer was trying to persuade Tony to shut up.
The lawyer said, “you‘re just gonna bury all of us.” I don’t think he would’ve said that if Joe was just buying ice cream.
Anybody who supports or votes for Joe Biden is a traitor to the United States. The FBI needs to investigate why the media is covering up his crimes.
If Joe Biden becomes president, you will have the privilege of living at the time in history when the United States came to an end.
For the second day in a row a group of criminals numbering somewhere around 1,000 took control of Philadelphia, a city of more than 1,500,000. All the mayor and governor have to do is ask President Trump for help and the National Guard will put down these riots. They won’t do it because they are Chinese pawns. Unlike Joe, however, they don’t know they are Chinese pawns.
The patriot militia will start coming out to protect US citizens because their corrupt government won’t.

Sometimes I Just Have No Words

We need to keep in mind that Qasem Soleimani was a terrorists. He was responsible for the killing and injuring of hundreds of American soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He was responsible for killing hundreds of Iranian civilians who were protesting the current regime. He was the coordinator of various terrorist organizations throughout the Middle East and in other parts of the world. He was not simply a high-ranking government official in Iran–he was a cold-blooded murderer.

Below is some of the insanity of the American media in dealing with the death of Soleimani (posted on YouTube January 10th):


Following The Money

Yesterday Newsbusters posted an article about the funding of National Public Radio (“NPR”). NPR has been often criticized for having a liberal bias.

The article cites one example of bias:

Recently, NPR was one of a string of media outlets that published stories hyping United Nations data that showed 100,000 migrant children being held in detention centers. One problem though: the stories were deleted after the data was revealed to have been from 2015, during former President Barack Obama’s (D) presidency. In September, NPR was also one of two taxpayer-funded outlets (the other being PBS), that interviewed Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) and failed to question his false “parody” of President Donald Trump’s July 25th phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The article includes the following chart:

Just for the record, the Foundation to Promote Open Society is a George Soros organization.

Most American media leans left, so this is not a surprise, but there are many listeners to NPR who believe they are getting unbiased news while they are actually getting misinformation. A strong republic depends on honest news sources. At present, we have very few of those.

Things To Note…

European law, the Dublin Regulation, requires that asylum seekers register their asylum claim in the first country they arrive in, and that the decision of the first EU country they apply in is the final decision in all EU countries. This is the international law on asylum seekers. Somehow a lot of the American news media has neglected to mention that. The migrant caravan currently making its way to America is from Honduras. America is not the first country they have arrived in. It should also be noted that Mexico has a vested interest in stopping this caravan–if the caravan causes America to build the wall and stop illegal immigration, the amount of money sent from America to Mexico will decrease drastically. Those are only two aspects of the problem.

Hot Air posted an article about the caravan today dealing with some of the actions the Mexican government has taken regarding the caravan.

The article reports:

If you had any doubts about the intentions of the migrants in the Honduran caravan you can put them to rest. Mexico continues to make good faith efforts to deal with the flood of humanity in a legal fashion, but the organizers of the caravan have no interest in the law. This week the Mexican government offered the travelers refuge, supplies and the opportunity for permanent residency in two southern states if they applied for asylum. While hundreds of the Hondurans took them up on the offer, thousands more took a vote and decided once again to reject the plan, insisting that they were heading to the United States.

…As we’re seeing in this story, Mexico is also trying to take on the role of a Safe Third Country Agreement participant, even though we haven’t formalized that deal with them yet. By offering the migrants asylum status and temporary food and lodging while their claims are processed, there’s no reason the vast majority of them couldn’t remain in Chiapas and Oaxaca. It represents a major drain on Mexico’s resources to make such an offer and they should be earning a lot of credit and support from the United States for doing so.

Unfortunately, as I noted at the top, most of the migrants have no interest in accepting the offer. They plan to march on the United States border uninvited. We have no more ability to process that many requests in a short period of time than Mexico does and the travelers have already demonstrated what they plan to do if their demands can’t be immediately accommodated. They jumped one border crossing over from Guatemala to Mexico and they will obviously do it again when they reach the United States.

The caravan has more than 1,000 miles to go before they reach Texas. That gives us some time to come up with a plan to stop what can only honestly be described as an invasion. But that time isn’t unlimited, so the state and federal governments need to be working together and preparing for their arrival.

This may get very ugly, and we can depend on the American media to report anything that happens as unfairly as possible. However, we need to remember that as a sovereign county we have the right and responsibility to protect our borders. We also need to remember that the federal government is charged with protecting our borders. When the sympathy stories come out about these poor people, remember that they had a legal chance to settle in Mexico, they were paid to be part of the invasion of America’s southern border, and that the majority of them are military-age young men, The caravan heading for America is a disaster on many levels,

The Problems With Our Media Are Nothing New

There is an article in the Jewish World Review today dealing with the problem of bias in the American media. I strongly suggest that you follow the link and read the entire article, but there were a few things in the article that jumped out at me.

The article reminds us of some historic media bias:

It is the MSM who ties McCarthy with what Joseph Welch said to him in the Army-McCarthy hearings in 1954 misquoting him as saying, “Have you no shame?” In actually he said. “Have you no sense of decency?” But what really angered Mr. Welch was McCarthy had the audacity to say: ” But in view of Mr. Welch’s request that the information be given once we know of anyone who might be performing any work for the Communist Party, I think we should tell him that he has in his law firm a young man named Fisher whom he recommended, incidentally, to do the work on this Committee, who has been, for a number of years, a member of an organization which is named, oh, years and years ago, as the legal bulwark of the Communist Party, an organization which always springs to the defense of anyone who dares to expose Communists.”

In this case Joe McCarthy was the truth teller and had to be destroyed. So too, was Whittaker Chambers, editor of Time magazine, and a former communist spy who warned of the infiltration of communists in the Washington elite and one of the persons he named was Alger Hiss. He was involved in the establishment of the United Nations both as a U.S. State Department and U.N. official. In February 1945, as a member of the U.S. delegation headed by Stettinius, Hiss attended the Yalta Conference, where the Big Three, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, and Winston Churchill, The communist spy was this close to FDR at this important conference and no one bothered to vet him because the media was probably covering for him.

One wonders if the fate of eastern Europe might have been different if the media had chosen to tell the truth. One wonders how many eastern Europeans might have had longer, happier lives. The truth matters.

The article also reminds us:

While the MSM is following Goebel’s propaganda rules, we must remember what he also said about the antidote:

“The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

The future of our country depends on the truth and it is nowhere to be seen in a lying, stinking media.

Strong words, but unfortunately, true.