A Few Comments On The Trump Trial In New York

From Jonathan Turley at The Daily Caller:

Fox News legal analyst and constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley laid out a major problem for Democratic New York Attorney General Letitia James’ civil case against former President Donald Trump on Monday.

James sued Trump in Sept. 2022, accusing him of committed fraud to secure more favorable terms for loans. Judge Arthur Engoron ruled Tuesday that Trump and his businesses exaggerated his net worth and deceived banks and insurance companies.

…“But I also want to note that James’ comments ignore one thing, in front of that courthouse,” Turley continued. “She ran for office on the pledge to bag Donald Trump. She didn’t say on what grounds. She ran to bag him on any grounds, and so she doesn’t have any more credibility in making these comments than did the Trump team, for people who view this as a very political environment. You know, many of us wrote at the time that we were deeply concerned about a candidate for attorney general that was essentially pledging a trophy defendant as the basis for running for office. And she delivered it … And so I think that she has also damaged her own credibility in that effort.”

From Attorney Robert DuChemin at Substack:

…That is why I find it bizarre that New York would go after the Trump Organization for what the state claims are inflated real estate values. It took me only one trial to learn that appraisers say what they are paid to say.

…The case against the Trump organization, however, is not a criminal case. That is why he was not entitled to a jury. Nevertheless, although the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees us the right to jury trials only in criminal cases, the Eighth Amendment prohibits “excessive fines.” Several U.S. Supreme Court decisions have held that any fine designed as “punishment” instead of restitution is excessive. Many intermediate appellate and trial courts have ignored those decisions but some recent comments by members of the current Supremes have indicated they are going to stop the practice.

Therefore, because there were no damages incurred as a result of the alleged fraud, New York will be limited by the Eighth Amendment in their ability to fine the Trump Organization. Anything above court costs and some nominal fine would likely violate the Eighth Amendment.

In short, the New York case is clearly the persecution of a political opponent. If I was the judge I would have thrown out the state’s case immediately. But then again, I am not a judge in a communist state that values party loyalty over truth and justice.

Let’s see if the court acknowledges or abides by the Eighth Amendment. Please follow the link to read the Substack article. Attorney DuChemin definitely has a way with words.

Putting The Cart Before The Horse

On Monday, Townhall reported that the charges brought against President Trump in Georgia have been released before the Grand Jury is done interviewing witnesses. A two-page report was posted on the Fulton County, Georgia, website before someone realized the mistake and quickly took it down. How can the charges be released before the Grand Jury is done?

The article reports:

According to the document that was reportedly (and briefly) posted to the county’s website, it appears Trump will face a total of 39 felony counts on the following charges that the docket lists with dates ranging from November 4, 2020 through September 17, 2021:

…While officials in Fulton County have been tight-lipped on the situation so far, Monday’s events raised more questions about how the grand jury was considering charges against the 45th president — especially if charges were ready to go before the panel had finished hearing testimony from witnesses.

Trump primary opponent Vivek Ramaswamy chimed in on the matter Monday afternoon, calling the indictment “disastrous” and “downright pathetic.”

In his Street Law 101 article posted at substack, Robert DuChemin (my favorite Florida lawyer) states:

As to the forthcoming Georgia case, whatever it is, it should be easy to get dismissed because the chairman of the grand jury, some ugly wokie chick, went on national TV claiming that she told the prosecutor to bring them anything he had and they would return a decision recommending prosecution of President Trump. Not only does this give the state unclean hands because it is a felony for anybody on the jury to discuss what went on but it also demonstrates her prejudice prior to being presented with any of the facts. I do not see how Georgia can overcome such a blatant abuse of the law. That case should be easily dismissed.

Generally the state or county waits for the Grand Jury to finish before posting their findings on the county website. The lack of professionalism on the part of those out to get President Trump is amazing.

More Insight On The Indictment Of President Trump

Robert Duchemin is a Florida attorney who posts on substack. He is extremely insightful, and is a master of research.

Here are a few of his observations on the indictment of President Trump:

As more evidence of Biden’s corruption comes to light, his corrupt Department of Justice comes to his rescue. Yesterday morning we learned that some of the bribe evidence the Department of Justice was hiding concerned a $5 million bribe from Burisma, the same Ukrainian company that received the lion’s share of the $50 million that the Obama and China Joe convinced a democrat-controlled US Congress to give Ukraine to “develop its fossil fuel industry.” Yes, that is the same fossil fuel industry that these people are trying to destroy in the USA, while giving our money to other countries to enable them to develop into our fossil fuel competitors.

And yes, Burisma is the same company that paid Hunter Biden about $180,000 per month to do nothing and the same company that was being investigated for corruption by Ukraine until Joe Biden withheld US aid until they would stop the investigation. You may recall the video of China Joe bragging about doing it. Bragging about doing the very same thing for which Queen Nancy and her corrupt kangaroo court impeached President Trump without any evidence. (video included in article here.)

So, the same DOJ that has been ignoring for at least six years evidence of China Joe accepting bribes has built in about six months an entire criminal case against President Trump based on documents, the possession of which are governed by a CIVIL statute.

In addition to the questionable actions of the Department of Justice in their quest to find President Trump guilty of something, Breitbart posted an article yesterday reporting on some questionable activities involved in putting the case together against President Trump.

The article reports:

An attorney who represents former President Donald Trump’s valet, who is under scrutiny as part of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation, alleged in a letter that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutor handling the case engaged in misconduct that is reportedly “being viewed as a problem,” within the DOJ, according to The Guardian.

Please follow the link to read the article for further details.

We are rapidly approaching banana republic status, if we haven’t already reached it.


The Truth About The Jobs Report

Robert DuChemin is a writer at substack. He is a Florida attorney who does great research and is very adept at analyzing information. Recently he posted an article that included some good perspective on the recent jobs report.

The article notes:

…Today’s Labor Department press release claims once again to have “created” more than 360,000 new jobs. I read the entire release and nowhere in the release did they mention the total number of people employed in the USA last month.

It is not like they don’t have those numbers. After a little digging, I discovered from the Labor Department’s own files that 160,721,000 Americans were employed last month. In April, 161,031,000 Americans were employed (shockingly, they adjusted this number after last month‘s release). There is no way anybody using regular math can claim that a loss of about 700,000 jobs was an increase of 360,000 jobs. No wonder they left the total numbers out of their press release.

But it is worse than that. Prior to the pandemic, in February 2020, there were 162,800,000 Americans gainfully employed.

So, with all of his claims of “creating” more jobs, in 2 1/2 years and a $5 trillion increase in debt, Joe still has not replaced all of the jobs lost to the Wuhan Flu disaster. He remains 2,000,000 jobs short.

It drives me crazy that nobody in the broadcast or cable news is discussing this outright lie. Does everybody think Americans are too stupid to read a basic spreadsheet?

Also horrible was the government adding more than 50,000 jobs last month while the number of private-sector jobs decreased. As any first year economics student could tell you, private sector jobs expand the free market economy, government jobs contract the free market economy.

Joe is also going to claim the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023 as a Democrat victory even though he has yet to read the actual bill passed by Congress. He gets the bill tomorrow. As I have previously explained, the fact that they won anything was a huge GOP victory because China Joe promised several times that he would “not negotiate,” “not budge one inch,” not give in to people who want to make America great again. The GOP, only 4 people shy of having zero control of any part of our government, was able to negotiate substantial reductions and recover previously allocated money for the first time in US history. There is no way this was a Democrat victory.

Joe’s plans to destroy this country are on life-support, and the GOP can easily pull the plug during this year’s appropriations.

A good statistician can make numbers say anything he wants them to say. It seems as if the only people in the Biden administration who are actually good at their jobs are the ones that know how to lie with statistics.

A Realistic Look At The Debt Ceiling Bill

I am not a regular reader of substack, but there is an awful lot of really good content there. One of my favorite contributors is Florida lawyer Robert DuChemin, Sr. On Thursday, Attorney DuChemin posted an article about the agreement reached and passed by Congress on the debt ceiling. The article presents a very realistic view of the bill.

The article states:

I am quite disappointed in the way many Republicans are discussing the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023. It was a GOP win. Period. If one is playing a football game and your guy kicks a field goal with three seconds remaining to win the game, you won. The fact that you threw four interceptions and should have won by much more doesn’t really matter at that point. You won.

FSU blew a 14-point, fourth-quarter lead against LSU last year. Yet we still cheered when FSU blocked the tying PAT with no time remaining for the win.

…And this was actually a very big victory. It is the first time in history where Congress has retrieved funds, any funds, that it previously had appropriated. Among the funds recovered was a $400 million gift to the National Institutes of Health to fund more “gain-of-function” research. Yes, that is the same research that brought us the Wuhan Flu (Covid-19 to the wokies) and caused Russia to invade Ukraine after they discovered we were doing the same thing on their border.

The same goes for the reduction in the IRS funding. I will admit it is not as much money as I wanted but is sufficient to terminate China Joe‘s plans to expand the IRS this year. When next year‘s appropriation comes up, the GOP can simply cut out more.

Although future guarantees are like frosting on the cake, they are worthless. If the federal government had a nickel for every time a politician went back on their promise, we wouldn’t be in this situation because the federal government would no longer be in debt. Should the Democrats keep the Senate and pick up only four seats in the House, they will simply refund everything in 2025.

The article mentions something the Republicans complaining about the bill need to realize:

The Democrats are so much better at this than the Republicans. That is why 165 democrats in the House voted for the bill. The only Democrats that voted against it are from gerrymandered “safe“ districts. The other Democrats know they better claim it as a victory if they want to win next year’s election. The conservatives voting against the bill also are mostly from safe districts but their criticism is costing their brethren votes.

The conservatives are a minority in one branch of government. Until they control two branches, Washington will continue to do business as usual.

A Different Perspective From What Is Generally Being Said

Robert DuChemin is a friend who writes at Substack. He recently posted an article about the young man in Massachusetts who leaked classified documents. I am probably not the only person who feels that there may be more to this story than meets the eye.

These are some off Robert’s observations:

The most revealing thing about the leak is that it proves the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, lied to congress when he testified to the exact opposite of all three of those facts. He knew the truth yet chose to lie to Congress. He would be arrested if he had any connection to Donald J Trump, but since he plays for the evil team, he is allowed to walk free.

This is something that could have been prevented if we just followed common sense . . . and the law. In the USA, the Secretary of Defense must be a civilian.

10 US Code, Section 113, also states, in pertinent part:

“(a) . . .

(2) A person may not be appointed as Secretary of Defense—

(A) within seven years after relief from active duty as a commissioned officer of a regular component of an armed force in a grade below O–7; or

(B) within 10 years after relief from active duty as a commissioned officer of a regular component of an armed force in the grade of O–7 or above.”

Lloyd Austin, therefore, should not have been appointed Secretary of Defense. He left the military to take the job.

How did this happen?

Through corruption. When China Joe became president, his political party controlled both houses of Congress. They passed a resolution (which has the effect of a law) to waive that requirement specifically for Lloyd Austin. The vote was solidly along party lines. In other words, the communist party that controlled our government decided they did not want to abide by this law so they simply changed it, not permanently but on a one-time basis to suit their desire.

The article also notes:

The focus in the news on Teixeira is misplaced. It should be on the fact that our government is so corrupt that agency employees lie to their bosses, our elected representatives, and nothing happens to them. At the same time, people who believe in the freedom of information, telling the truth, and an open government are persecuted and destroyed.

The former head of the FBI, James Comey, admitted leaking confidential information. His crime was a far worse crime against our society because he held a position of trust. He is walking free while a kid whose testicles dropped about a week ago is going to have his life destroyed.

Somebody should be asking how we can claim to live in a country governed by the Rule of Law when we allow this to happen. They also may want to ask how in the world we entrusted a child with such sensitive information.

I have been asking that question ever since the Pentagon entrusted a guy who did not even know what sex he was, Bradley Manning, with confidential information that he leaked to the public after he decided to become Chelsea. His sexual confusion alone should have demonstrated such mental instability that he/she did not deserve a top-secret clearance.

The Obama pardoned Bradley/Chelsea because he/she released information that hurt the good guys. Jack, however, will never get pardoned as long as the same people whose lies he exposed remain in control of our government.

Please follow Robert on Substack. His articles are always informative and insightful. He is a lawyer by trade, and I wouldn’t want to be up against him in a courtroom.

Misplaced Priorities?

On Tuesday, The Federalist posted an article about some of the financial activities of the Silicon Valley Bank. Admittedly, the Biden economy has made life for banks more challenging, but that should encourage careful use of depositors money–not reckless spending by banks.

The article reports:

Silicon Valley Bank might have been able to make good on $74 million promised to customers had it not pledged the money to leftist causes.

According to a new database by the conservative Claremont Institute, the collapsed bank donated or pledged to donate nearly $74 million to groups related to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Will Hild, the executive director of Consumers’ Research, told The Federalist that SVB’s failure on the heels of its left-wing activism “is yet another indication that SVB was focused on woke virtue signaling instead of protecting their customers’ deposits.”

“Time after time we see the same pattern: companies that are the most concerned with ESG scores and woke politics do the worst jobs serving their customers,” Hild explained. “The rest of corporate America should learn from SVB’s failure now, before they are the next company to make headlines for comically poor management.”

Public reports published on the company’s website offer a window into the bank’s leftist corporate apparatus that prioritized Wall Street’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards over its fiduciary duty to shareholders.

Robert DuChemin at Substack points out:

Something that is suspicious about Joe’s (Biden) behavior is that on Monday morning he guaranteed repayment of depositors such as Roku (that had $580 million on deposit in Silicon Valley Bank). On Monday night Joe had a “private” fundraiser in the neighborhood, at which executives of RoKu and other Silicon Valley Bank depositors were present.

So, on Monday morning China Joe gave them hundreds of millions of dollars from government funds and on Monday night they gave some of that money to the democrat party. Nothing to see here.

BTW, Roku only has 1,600 employees worldwide. There is no way in hell they needed $580,000,000.00, to make payroll this month. It is just one more lie from the Biden Administration, a gang that lies every time they speak.

This is corruption on a level that could even make Hillary Clinton jealous.

It’s where we are, folks.

A Logical Question About The Balloon

Robert DuChemin, a Florida lawyer, noted the following in an article at Substack:

So, if three Chinese balloons came over the United States during the Trump Administration how come there is not a single picture of any one of them? I live in Florida, where one of the alleged incursions supposedly occurred. I have a feeling we have many more people looking at the sky than they do in Montana and we are not all too old to see the sky. Yet no pictures.

How could they have been “undetected” when the DOD just showed us that our satellites can track a balloon from the moment it leaves a Chinese launch site?

The answer is simple. The White House, just like it has done during every other day of this administration, decided it was better to lie to the American people than to tell us the truth. The truth is that our current administration has no earthly idea what is going on outside of Joe’s fake White House studio across the street.

When something happens, the Democrats have three favorite responses. It is either racist, President Trump‘s fault, or something that has been going on since President Trump was in office.

On Friday, the White House had a trifecta. They claimed that inflation, like invading Chinese balloons, has been around since the Trump administration. They claimed that they are still trying to fix a border problem that was Trump’s fault, and they followed the dumbest elected members of their party down the road by claiming that the US congress, which removed four congressmen from committees (including one who withdrew from the committees in lieu of discipline) was racist.

The truth is that neither of the first two things occurred during the Trump administration, the current administration created the border problem (If they were going to fix Trump’s border problem they would start by finishing the wall he started and our US Congress approved.), and three of the four congressmen removed from committees are white men.

It’s amazing what the mainstream media expects you to believe.

Some Very Uncomfortable History

From Robert DuChemin on Facebook:

We are on the brink of a fascist takeover of our government. If you don’t believe me look at the timeline of Nazi Germany and substitute “Patriot” or “white man” for “Jew.”

Jan. 1933 – Hitler cones to Power.
Feb. 1933 – Jews wrongfully accused of Insurrection.
March 1933 – Dachau prison opens to hold political prisoners in separate place with no rights (Jan. 6 secret prison).
April 1933 – Gestapo formed (First demand to expand IRS, IRS agents armed by Biden Admin.).
May 1933 – News organizations attack Jews and support censorship of all Jewish books and writings.
June 1933 – News organizations begin propaganda campaign to blame Jews for all of Germany’s problems.
July 1933 – Two-tier system of justice established. German rights denied to Jews.
Aug. 1934 – Hitler becomes dictator, with power to ignore legislature.
May 1935 – Jews purged from military.
Jan. 1941 – Nazis begin murdering Jews.

If you add in boycotting and rioting of Jewish businesses and keeping Jews from practicing their chosen profession, the similarities are even more compelling.
Get involved now or face the extermination of all patriots.

This was posted on Facebook by Robert DuChemin, a Florida attorney who does amazing research:

The Chinese Own Us:
The bias in our major news media in the United States is the result of the repeal of some previous laws and the failure of the government to enforce antitrust laws. Until about 40 years ago, the FCC would not approve ownership of any news broadcasters by foreign companies and individuals.
NBC, and it’s radio counterpart, RCA, were the largest broadcasting networks in the United States in 1932, when the Justice Department forced their owner, General Electric, to divest both corporations to comply with antitrust laws.
After the Feds relaxed antitrust enforcement, GE re-purchased NBC (and RCA) in 1986. After a series of sales and mergers, Comcast now owns NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC. Comcast Is one of the largest movie producers in the world, through one of its other properties, Universal Studios.
The combined market share of NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC, is greater now than NBC’s was at the time that General Electric had to divest in 1932.
ABC is owned by another huge producer of movies, the Walt Disney Company. They also own more than 40 cable networks including ESPN, FX, History, A&E, and National Geographic, and more than 20 news magazines. They are the largest movie and television producer in the world. Disney is in partnership with the communist Chinese government in at least 10 corporations.
The Chinese Communist Party owns AMC, the largest movie theater company in the United States. They will not let any movies be shown in their theaters until they have been approved by the CCP. Disney and Comcast would lose their movie business and all of their Chinese businesses if they upset the Chinese government. The CCP has enticed Disney to remove several programs from the History Channel as well.
Several movies over the past three years have been edited to delete things the CCP didn’t like, even movies that were only released in the United States or on American television stations. It’s hard to believe the CCP is not also controlling what ABC and NBC put on the news.
To get unbiased news, Congress could easily pass a law prohibiting foreign or conglomerate ownership of news broadcasters and prohibit ownership of more than one network by the same entity. That used to be the law in this country.
Oh, BTW, CNN is owned by AT&T. AT&T also owns Warner Communications, including Warner Brothers Studios. They also need CCP approval to get their movies shown in AMC’s theaters or distributed around the world.
The CCP is not going to allow the news organizations they control broadcast anything that hurts Joe Biden. They have too much money already invested in Biden.
In case you missed it, Tony Bobulinski, revealed more information last night on Tucker Carlson, including information about the Bidens being involved in a secret Chinese-Russian energy deal while Joe Biden was Vice-President of the United States. Hunter Biden clearly was breaking US law and it is also clear that Joe Biden was helping him, even if he wasn’t directly receiving any funds. That makes Joe an accessory to the crimes Hunter committed, a felon. This is far worse than anything they ever accused President Trump of doing.
My favorite part was when Tucker played the recording that Tony made when he was telling Joe Biden’s lawyer that he was going to go public. The lawyer was trying to persuade Tony to shut up.
The lawyer said, “you‘re just gonna bury all of us.” I don’t think he would’ve said that if Joe was just buying ice cream.
Anybody who supports or votes for Joe Biden is a traitor to the United States. The FBI needs to investigate why the media is covering up his crimes.
If Joe Biden becomes president, you will have the privilege of living at the time in history when the United States came to an end.
For the second day in a row a group of criminals numbering somewhere around 1,000 took control of Philadelphia, a city of more than 1,500,000. All the mayor and governor have to do is ask President Trump for help and the National Guard will put down these riots. They won’t do it because they are Chinese pawns. Unlike Joe, however, they don’t know they are Chinese pawns.
The patriot militia will start coming out to protect US citizens because their corrupt government won’t.

This Post Was Deleted By Facebook

This was posted on Facebook at RADlaw Radio by Robert DuChemin. He had tried to post it on home page, but Facebook deleted it. This sort of censorship doesn’t help anyone.

This is the post:

Here is part of my personal post that FB banned.
On Monday, while most people were still reeling from his recent racist comments, Touchy Joe referred to some nearby children saying, “And I want to see these beautiful young ladies, I want to see them dancing when they are four years older too.”
I knew he wasn’t just hiding from the Chinese Plague in his basement; he is watching Cuties 24/7. He cannot wait for the “smell-the-hair” sequel.
The Director of National Intelligence released John Brennan’s hand-written notes on his briefing President Obama in July 2016 on HRC’s attempts to get Russia to help her win the 2016 election.
ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC all failed to comment on this release. These networks spent three years vilifying President Trump on no evidence, for something a $40 million investigation proved to be false. Yet they chose to ignore actual evidence of Slick Willie’s wife doing exactly what they claimed the President was doing. Newspapers in Paris, London, Geneva and Lion (and I am sure many others but there’s a limit as to how many papers I can read each day) all led with the story today. The news media in the USA simply cannot be trusted.
John Brennan publicly confirmed that the notes were his and that he notified Obama of HRC’s attempt to have the Russians influence the 2016 election on her behalf in July 2016. He tried to downplay it but he took the unusual step of personally briefing the president. He must have thought it was quite important at the time.
Still silence from the networks.
HRC held a press conference to tell the world that this was simply a Republican “election ploy.” Yeah, Hilly, a CIA director appointed by a Democrat and himself a very outspoken Democrat had a conversation with the Democrat President of the United States about your illegal activity and it was a Republican ploy. Go back to your vodka.
Speaking of Clinton gang activities, the CIA and the DOJ both responded to court-ordered production of documents yesterday by saying they will “neither confirm nor deny” the existence of any documents, including email communications, to or from Clinton operative Eric Ciaramella. The DOJ has a valid case because there is an open investigation into the Clinton corruption.
The CIA, however, has a horrible case that this is an interest of national security. It is not.
In addition, this is the fourth time in the last seven days that CIA director Gina Haspel has used her position to block the release of information that proves the existence of HRC’s corruption of the DOJ and CIA.
It looks like another swamp creature has come to the surface. Hopefully our Witcher, Donald J Trump, will remove this one as well.
Finally, Ms. Obomb Released a video in which she blames President Trump for all of the racism caused by her husband and her. She actually claims there has been no violence at the BLM protests in United States this summer. Hmmm. How did those officers get shot?
I noticed she released it from her multi-million-dollar estate on Martha’s Vineyard and not from her hometown of Chicago, were they just had the deadliest September since the days of Al Capone, 98% of which was black-on-black crime.
Keep it up Michelle and you too can have a love affair with vodka, just like your idol.