Injustice in Our Justice System

Author:  R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D   

There is an old saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We are seeing glaring examples of this in our justice (maybe better our injustice system).    As any sensible person can see, President Trump is being singled out by the Democrat’s for persecution not prosecution. Their fear of him is palpable and they will do anything to stop him from running again. We must make sure they fail, or our constitutional republic will never recover. 

Some judges have become political pawns rather than fair arbiters of facts and truth.  The case in New York is a prime example. The judge issued a summary judgement  against President Trump before even hearing his defense. The judge is a lifelong Democrat as is the prosecutor Latisha James.  As in the other three cases against President Trump, this judge placed a “gag” order on President Trump that violates his first amendment right to free speech. The case in Atlanta about election interference also includes a gag order. There is no legal justification for preventing a defendant from commenting critically about the trial process or the motivation of the judge or prosecutor. The only legal justification for a gag order by a judge is based on 18USC1512 which is concerned with violence, threats and intimidation of witnesses. It says nothing about criticizing the judge, clerk or prosecutor. In today’s judicial system the outcome of a case often has more to do with the judge who tries the case than the facts presented. This is not blind justice. It is right out of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and Communist China. 

Another troubling development, as shown by the fraudulent cases against the former president, is the prosecution or threat of prosecution of his attorneys and staff.  Prosecutors in the Atlanta case are using what is called RICO tactics that were designed to be used against organized crime. What they do is threaten the defendant’s attorney with felony prosecution if he or she does not reveal supposedly privileged conversation with their clients. The enormous cost of defending oneself is often sufficient to bankrupt the attorney. This actually amounts to blackmail. Who can trust the truthfulness of a person who is threatened with jail time, professional ruin and financial destruction if they do not go along with the prosecutors and turn states evidence against their client who came to them, expecting  attorney/client privacy? This is not the justice that our Founding Fathers expected would occur in our country. 

So what do we do about this trend?  First, as stated above we must support the re-election of President Trump to show the leftist Democrats that these tactics will not work in this country. Second, we must get our state legislators to pass legislation that makes the communication between attorney and client  absolutely privileged and cannot be used by any prosecutor in a trial or lawsuit. It should be similar to the spousal rule that a wife cannot be forced or coerced into testifying against her husband and vice versa. In fact, an attorney should not be allowed to testify willingly against a client based on privileged communications. Third, there should be an independent  process that can review the actions of a judge to ensure that political motivations are not influencing the judge’s actions and decisions.   

Without these or similar actions to protect the integrity of the justice system, the citizen’s confidence that we can receive justice before the law will continue to be undermined. 

Reforming the Judicial System

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

Awhile back, I wrote an article about courts overriding the will of the majority of the people with decisions that are based on the judge’s political persuasion and not the facts in a case. Homosexual marriage, requiring people buy health insurance (Obamacare), and blocking photo ID requirements for voting were some examples. The argument that I made was that our constitution gives the power to the people not to judges.

The situation has gotten far worse since that article. I am referring specifically to the attempts by Democrat prosecutors and judges to interfere with the next presidential election by indicting President Trump and thereby preventing the people from freely choosing their president. This is a serious threat to our republican form of government and must not be allowed to stand. This is not about President Trump, it is about whether we the people control our government as intended by the Founding Fathers. They would be shocked and disappointed to see where we are in 2023.

The judicial system ( prosecutors and judges) is supposed to base decisions on the merits of a case regardless of their own political beliefs. This is clearly not happening. The Department of Justice worked out a “special deal” with Hunter Biden that none of us would have received. It was so egregious that the judge in the case blocked the plea deal. Three of the four indictments against President Trump are being brought by Democrat prosecutors, one of which (Letitia James), ran her campaign vowing to go after President Trump. The other indictment was by Jack Smith, a prosecutor appointed by Democrat Attorney General Merrick Garland. The judges in these cases, who are also Democrats, have scheduled the cases to be heard right in the middle of a presidential campaign which was clearly not necessary.

Historically, authoritarian Leftist governments have used their judicial systems to attack their opponents. The fact that this is happening in America is deeply disappointing and threatening. Joe Biden keeps saying that MAGA Republicans are a threat to our democracy, but like most things he says, it is an out and out lie; and in fact, the lie is intended to cover up what they are doing. Just like the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, which in fact, increased inflation by spending money we do not have on Leftist green energy programs.

Now, what do we do about this? First, we make sure that President Trump is re-elected to show the Democrats that this strategy will not work in this country. In my opinion, all of the so-called other patriotic Republican candidates for president should drop out of the race and endorse President Trump. This would not only send a strong message that they put this country ahead of their own political ambitions, but show how serious Republicans are about stopping this assault on our freedom. Second, our elected officials should pass legislation that prohibits the prosecution of citizens legitimately running for elected office during a campaign except in the case of serious violent crimes. Third, I challenge our prosecutors and judges to develop procedures to review their rulings and actions of to ensure that they are acting in an unbiased manner in the performance of their duties. The judicial branch of government needs to have the trust and confidence of the people, which at this point is being undermined. Time to step up to the plate.