Did The American Press Cover This?

The U.K. Daily Mail posted a video today of Iranian students refusing to walk of American and Israeli flags. Please follow the link to view the video. It is an amazing step forward for protesters in Iran. There have been a lot of protests in Iran lately–some sponsored and paid for by the government and some protesting that government. The thing to remember about Iran is the population demographic. Because of the tremendous loss of life during the war with Iraq from 1980 to 1988, there is a generation of Iranians that is essentially missing. The median age of the Iranian population is 30.1 years, and generally speaking these young people want to westernize the country. The government represents a generation that is dying and desperately trying to hold on to its power.

The article at The U.K. Daily Mail reports:

This is the incredible moment hundreds of Iranian students refuse to step on the American and Israeli flags amid anti-government marches in the country and a warning to its leaders from Donald Trump to ‘not kill protesters’. 

The clip taken at Shaheed Beheshti University on Sunday shows crowds deliberately avoiding walking over the Stars and Stripes and the Star of David before furiously berating those that do. 

Ali Khamenei’s regime is said to have painted the flags at the main entrance of the university for students to walk over as a sign of disrespect. 

In 2016, Iranian professor Sadegh Zibakalam, who has avoided walking on the flags in the past, said: ‘It is a sign of disrespect toward that nation. Placing the flag of a country on the ground and stepping on it is an error, a sign of disrespect toward that nation.’

Thousands had on Saturday gathered in front of the gate of the Amirkabir University of Technology near the former US embassy in Tehran to protest the government and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei for mistakenly downing a civilian passenger plane.  

President Trump issued a stark warning to the leaders of Iran Sunday, tweeting: ‘To the leaders of Iran – DO NOT KILL YOUR PROTESTERS. Thousands have already been killed or imprisoned by you, and the World is watching. 

‘More importantly, the USA is watching. Turn your internet back on and let reporters roam free! Stop the killing of your great Iranian people!’

Stay tuned. America is once again standing up for freedom. We can’t and shouldn’t ‘nation build,’ but we can certainly encourage other people to work for freedom in their own countries.

Amendments Matter

On Tuesday, Breitbart News reported that the Iran deal approved by the Iranian lawmakers is not the same deal that was negotiated in Vienna.

The article reports:

New York Post columnist Amir Taheri has explained in a series of social media posts that Iran’s version of the deal calls for the cancellation of sanctions against the regime in Tehran.

He also noted that Iran’s version of the nuke deal calls for the dismantling of Israel’s nuclear weapons program, citing Iranian parliamentarian Kazem Jalali.

The Middle East Media Research Center (MEMRI), a regional watchdog organization, has confirmed that Iran did not pass the deal agreed upon in July. They instead voted to pass the  amended version by a vote of 161-59.

Iranian lawmakers tried to unilaterally amend the deal to strip the United States’ ability to “snapback” sanctions should the Tehran regime cheat the agreement. They also replaced the language to ensure that the deal will “cancel” sanctions forever, instead of “suspending” them, MEMRI reported.

The Middle East monitoring group added that the decision to amend the deal unilaterally came at the behest of Iran’s dictator, Ali Khamenei, who on September 3 promised not to honor the agreement with Obama.

Okay, folks, what do we do now? Meanwhile, Iran is testing missiles and holding American citizens prisoners. Why in the world would we even consider lifting economic sanctions on Iran until they release the Americans they are holding hostage? If they won’t play nice, we shouldn’t play with them.

Where The Money Will Go In The Iranian Nuclear Deal

Today’s Wall Street Journal posted an article about what the lifting of the economic sanctions will mean to Iran. One of the problems with lifting the sanctions is that despite claims to the contrary, much of the money will find its way to terrorist activities around the world.

The article reports:

Take the deal’s financial windfall for Iran’s terrorist and military activities, which even Mr. Obama conceded Wednesday would benefit. The inflow from sanctions relief could approach $150 billion within 16 months. The President says most of the money will go to improve Iran’s economy, but this misjudges the regime’s priorities and how its economy works.

Consider the Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC, which is the regime’s military and ideological spine and controls an estimated 20% of the Iranian economy. This includes perhaps half of all government-owned companies, such as construction firm Khatam Al-Anbia, which is involved in building everything from city metros to oil pipelines; the Telecommunication Company of Iran, where an IRGC-controlled company has a 51% stake; and thousands of smaller front companies.

“To do business in Iran, foreign companies need an Iranian partner, which for large-scale projects often means firms controlled by the IRGC,” Reuters’s Pariza Hafezi and Louis Charbonneaureported in July. That means the Revolutionary Guards will benefit from the one-time windfall when Iranian oil profits now held in escrow are released, and going forward as foreign companies race to get into the Iran market.

The 700 Club this morning posted the following:


The Iranian nuclear deal will put American soldiers at greater risk. It will also put Israel in greater danger. It will also begin a nuclear arms race among Middle Eastern countries. This is not a deal that Congress should approve.

Something Is Wrong With This Picture

PJ Media today posted an article by Roger Simon about an open letter to President Obama written by the nephew of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Please follow the link above to read the entire letter, but here are some excerpts:

Dear Mr. President

I am presenting this open letter as one of the serious opponents of the Islamic republic of Iran on behalf of the like-minded opposition groups and myself. Because of my knowledge of this regime, especially of Ali Khamenei who is my uncle (my mother’s brother), I see it as my duty to inform you about this regime and the issue of nuclear negotiations with the Islamic regime of Iran.

Let me at first inform you that the regime that falsely calls itself a republic came to power in 1979 by deceiving Iranian people and the world through provoking Iranian people against the regime of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and gaining the support of the world community.

Obviously Dr.Mahmoud Moradkhani (the author of this letter is not a supporter of the current Iranian regime).

He also states:

We can find a historical example of this kind of deception prior to the Second World War. Hitler manipulated and deceived German people and European countries and the hesitation in addressing the problem with Hitler led to a great disaster.

Due to the changes in time, the domain of the disaster might become limited now but breach of human rights is the same, regardless of the number of people who become victimized in the process.

Ali Khamenei and his collaborators know very well that they will never become a nuclear power. They certainly do not have the national interest of Iranian in their mind; they just use the nuclear issue to bully the countries in the region and export their revolution and middle-aged culture to other countries. Obviously, you and European countries do not give the Islamic regime any concession unless you are certain that they comply with the agreement. The Islamic regime of Iran will certainly prolong the verification period the same way that they have delayed and prolonged the nuclear talks. It is in this period that the wounded regime will retaliate with its destructive policies.

The countless breaches of human rights violations, spreading of Islamic fundamentalism, intervention and creating crisis in the Middle East are all unacceptable and contrary to democratic and humane beliefs of yours and ours.

I would love to know why he believes that Iran will never become a nuclear power. I expect that Israel will not allow that to happen, but I am not sure that is what he means.

What we currently have in the Middle East is an all-out war between the Sunnis (led by Saudi Arabia) and the Shiites (led by Iran). The nuclear deal reached with Iran by the Obama Administration in its current form would simply fund the Shiite effort in that war. That is one of many reasons why this treaty must be kept from taking effect.

Lied To Again

I am running out of patience with supposed leaders who lie. It seems that in both local and national politics Americans have lost respect for each other. Our leaders don’t respect us and we don’t respect our leaders. This is understandable, however, when you consider that our leaders have not always been truthful with us.

Yesterday Andrew McCarthy posted an article at PJ Media about recent claims by members of the Obama Administration that Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran had issued a fatwa against Iran having nuclear weapons.

The facts, as reported in the story, are somewhat different:

Indeed, as MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) elaborates, Khamenei was directly asked about the purported fatwa in a 2012 Facebook exchange:

[I]s it also forbidden to obtain nuclear weapons, as per your ruling that their use is prohibited?

He refused to answer the question:

Your question has no jurisprudential aspect. When it has a jurisprudent [sic] position, then it will be possible to answer it.

The notion that Khamenei actually believes nuclear weapons violate Islamic law and would issue a credible fatwa to that effect should be seen as absurd on its face. Put aside that Pakistan, which incorporates sharia in its law, has long had nuclear weapons. For over two decades, al-Qaeda has been trying to acquire nuclear weapons and has enjoyed essential support from the regime in Tehran.

The article concludes:

But even if you were inclined to such self-delusion, the fact is: Khamenei has not forbidden nuclear weapons.

As Breitbart’s Joel Pollak has observed, Kenneth Pollack, a serious national security expert who is particularly influential among Democrats, discussed the purported Khamenei fatwa in his book Unthinkable: Iran, the Bomb, and American Strategy. Pollack notes not only that the fatwa has never been formally issued but also that Iran disregards fatwas when they prove inconvenient to perceived national interests. Thus did the founder of the Iranian jihadist state, Ayatollah Khomeini, ignore his own fatwa against weapons of mass destruction during the long war with Iraq in the 1980s.

It would be lunacy, in a matter crucial to American national security, to rely on a fatwa from the head of a jihadist-terror state even if such a fatwa actually existed. But it doesn’t.

Lied to again.

Extending Nuclear Talks With Iran Was A Mistake

Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym for a former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and author of the award winning book “A Time to Betray” (Simon & Schuster, 2010). He serves on the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and the advisory board of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran (FDI).

He posted an article at the Daily Caller yesterday about the ongoing nuclear talks with Iran that have been taking place in Geneva since 2006. The talks reached an interim agreement when the sanctions placed on Iran began to take a toll on the Iranian economy. Many of those sanctions have been loosened, and Iran has been allowed to continue on its merry way of developing nuclear weapons capable of reaching all of the Middle East, Europe, and America.

The article reports:

Instead, the regime has adopted a policy of “elongation” with the 5+1 nations in which it strings along the United States, France, Britain, Russia, China and Germany as it develops nuclear weapons, wrote Alireza Forghani.

Forghani is a senior analyst and strategy specialist in the supreme leader’s camp and closely aligned with Mehdi Taeb, who heads the regime’s Ammar Strategic Base, a radical think thank, and thus speaks with the blessing of the Islamic regime.

“Elongation” is Iran’s sole doctrine, Forghani wrote, in which the Geneva negotiations between the P5+1 and Iran were “never supposed to be brought to a successful conclusion … whether positive or negative.” Those talks began in 2006 and have been extended several times as one deadline after another failed to produce a comprehensive agreement. The two sides agreed on Nov. 24 to yet another deadline extension, this time to June 30, 2015.

Forghani warned that soon he will promote the slogan “Nuclear weapon is our definite right,” and that there will be people in the streets demanding a nuclear-armed Iran. He also promised the destruction of Israel, which he claimed “is exactly what Almighty God wants.”

So far, Iran has gotten all of the concessions it has wanted from the western powers. It is following the path that North Korea followed in order to become a nuclear power. Frankly, I don’t think the fact that either of those two countries have nuclear weapons makes anyone safer.

I believe that one of the reasons Iran has been so bold about keeping its centrifuges is that it does not fear an attack by Israel. The conventional wisdom is that American pressure is preventing that attack. However, I also believe that if America turns its back on Israel in any way, Israel will deal with Iran’s nuclear program. I also believe that America is already in the process of turning its back on Israel.

The nuclear talks have been extended until June 2015. It is a reasonably safe assumption that Iran agreed to that deadline because they expect their nuclear program to be up and running before that deadline. At that point, Iran will be a nuclear nation and the talks will be moot.

The article further reports:

As reported in April 2012, an analysis by Mohammad Mohammadi, an Iranian international affairs and nuclear program analyst, concluded that the country no longer needs to compromise with the U.S.

“It is quite clear that when we watch the current arguments between America and Israel over Iran, the Obama administration is quite confused,” Mohammadi said in the Keyhan newspaper, an outlet under Khamenei’s direct supervision.

In his article, titled “The Lessons from the Past for the Negotiations in April,” Mohammadi wrote: “Looking back at the past decade, all the red lines by America and the West over Iran’s nuclear issue have now been transformed into acceptance. America has always adopted radical actions at first that have changed to symbolic measures later. Iran has always known that America and the West needed a way to solve the nuclear issue with some honor, and today it is quite visible that with the defeat of America’s policies toward Iran, the talk about a need to solve the Iranian nuclear issue diplomatically is a way to obtain that honor.”

Another diplomatic victory for the Obama Administration.

Why Are We Negotiating?

The Daily Caller reported yesterday that Iran‘s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has stated, “Those [Iranians] who want to promote negotiation and surrender to the oppressors and blame the Islamic Republic as a warmonger in reality commit treason.” He made this statement in a meeting of members of parliament.

The article reports:

Khamenei emphasized that without a combative mindset, the regime cannot reach its higher Islamic role against the “oppressors’ front.”

“The reason for continuation of this battle is not the warmongering of the Islamic Republic. Logic and reason command that for Iran, in order to pass through a region full of pirates, needs to arm itself and must have the capability to defend itself,” he said.

“Today’s world is full of thieves and plunderers of human honor, dignity and morality who are equipped with knowledge, wealth and power, and under the pretense of humanity easily commit crimes and betray human ideals and start wars in different parts of the world.”

In response to a question by a parliamentarian on how long this battle will continue, Khamenei said,“Battle and jihad are endless because evil and its front continue to exist. … This battle will only end when the society can get rid of the oppressors’ front with America at the head of it, which has expanded its claws on human mind, body and thought. … This requires a difficult and lengthy struggle and need for great strides.”

Meanwhile, Iran has made the following demands in the negotiations regarding its nuclear option– the expansion of the country’s research and development for its nuclear program, the need of the country to continue enrichment, and the fact that the country’s ballistic missile program — despite U.N. sanctions — is not up for negotiation.

Historically, Iran has negotiated with the west regarding its nuclear program when it needed time do continue the program. These recent statements illustrate that Iran is not really interested in a negotiated solution to the threat its nuclear program poses. Iran is only interested in setting up a world-wide caliphate. If we don’t wake up soon, we will be dealing with another North Korea.


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The Handshake That Was Never Going To Happen

On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal posted an editorial entitled, “He’ s Just Not That Into You.” The editorial dealt with the fact that Hassan Rouhani, Iran‘s current president, was not interested in a photo-op handshake with President Obama. The editorial points out that President Clinton was met with a similar refusal in 2000.

The editorial reports:

Back then, the explanation for Mr. Khatami’s refusal was that internal Iranian politics would not have allowed it. On Tuesday, a senior Obama Administration official peddled a similar line after the Rouhani snub, telling reporters that Iranians “have an internal dynamic that they have to manage.”

That’s one way of putting it. Another way is that Iran’s ruling clerics and Revolutionary Guard Corps remain ideologically incapable of reconciling themselves to the Great Satan. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who reviews the 34-year-history of Iranian rebuffs to American diplomatic overtures, which makes the U.S. embarrassment on Tuesday all the more acute.

The thing to keep in mind here is that the president of Iran has no power–the clerics rule the country. The president is chosen by the clerics and controlled by the clerics. Just for the record, they are not a moderate group.

The editorial concludes:

Politics in the normal sense doesn’t exist in Tehran, where the rules are set and the players chosen by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, who is accountable to nobody. What Iran’s leaders do understand is how to humiliate adversaries they consider to be weak. We hope Mr. Obama appreciates how he has been schooled.


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Looking Past The Obvious

Recently Iran had an election. After the regime stole the 2009 election, the people of Iran again showed up to vote. They elected Hassan Rohani, a 64-year-old cleric, to be their next president. Mr. Rohani is being hailed as a moderate, reasonable person who will work to restore broken relationships with the west. Yeah. Right.

The Wall Street Journal (no link–subscribers only) published an editorial in today’s paper entitled, “An Iranian Unicorn,” detailing the reasons the election of Mr. Rohani does not represent a change in philosophy in Iran. A World Net Daily article posted yesterday by Reza Kahlili explains why this election will not really change things. I have written about Reza Kahlili before. Use the search engine on this website to find the articles if you have not previously read them. Mr. Kahlili is a very courageous man with an amazing history.

The article at World Net Daily reports:

The defected intelligence officer (Reza Kahlili), who had called the selection of Rouhani as the next president one week before the election, said the regime constantly creates a phony image of division within its political system between so-called conservatives and moderates. The aim of tapping the perceived moderate Rouhani as the winner is to deceive the West yet again by creating new hope that there could be meaningful negotiations over Iran’s illicit nuclear program, he said, while buying even more time to develop nuclear weapons and thereby becoming untouchable by the West.

The Wall Street Journal stated:

Ultimate power in Iran rests in any case with Mr. Khamenei and his fellow clerics, who are backed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which has expanded its control over business and other parts of society in recent decades. Iran today is best understood as a Shite fascist state with a democratic electoral veneer and ambitions to dominate the region.

Iran will not change as a result of the recent election. We are fools if we continue to negotiate while Iran continues to develop its nuclear weapons program.


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What Happens When America Does Not Support Its Allies

Yesterday Front Page Magazine posted an article about some recent statements in an Iranian newspaper regarding America‘s relationship with Israel.

The article reports:

An Iranian newspaper tied to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei recently boasted that the U.S. has “rejected” Israel over the past three months. This belief could have disastrous consequences. The author writes that the only “obstacle” remaining is the Saudi Royal Family and once it falls, Israel can be destroyed.

“It can be said that within the last 60 years, this is the first time that the Zionist regime, since its illegal inception, has had to endure rejection by the West over its vision and interest in the region,” wrote Sadollah Zarei, according to a translation by Reza Kahlili.

Reza Kahlili is a former CIA agent who infiltrated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. (More information about him and his work can be found at his website.)

The article points out some of the recent events that have fueled the belief that America is no longer supporting Israel, such as the leak from the Obama Administration that Israel had made a secret agreement with Azerbaijan to use Azerbaijan’s airbases to strike Iran.

The article details some recent statements from the former governor of Kish Province and pro-Khamenei strategist, Alireza Forghani, outlining the strategy for killing the Jewish people.

The article concludes:

This genocidal madness was endorsed by Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi, an influential hardline cleric. Reza Kahlili reports that he recently ruled that all Israelis who did not oppose the country’s “vicious crimes” are legitimate targets. Mesbah-Yazdi has written in support of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons and one of his disciples issued a fatwa in 2006 justifying their use.

Policymakers need to recognize that public tensions between the U.S. and Israel and displays of American weakness reinforce the regime’s beliefs. In The Coming Is Upon Us, the regime uses quotes from U.S. officials stating that there is no viable military option against Iran as proof that prophecy is being fulfilled.

No good comes from making Iran believe that the U.S. isn’t interested in defending Israel.

Israel is THE country in the Middle East that actually practices freedom of religion. It is a democracy and does not terrorize or enslave its people. It is one of the few countries in the region that shares basic American values. Israel represents freedom in the Middle East. America needs to make sure her support for Israel is unwavering and extremely obvious to Israel’s enemies.


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It May Already Be Too Late To Deal With The Problem Of Iran

Reza Kahlili posted an article at the Daily Caller today about some recent comments in the Iranian newspaper Kayhan. Reza Kahlili is the pseudonym of a former Iranian Revolutionary Guard member who worked undercover as a CIA agent for several years in the ’80s and ’90s.

The article at the Daily Caller reports:

The newspaper, which is under the supervision of Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, ran the story under the headline “11,000 Missiles Ready to Launch.”

And on Saturday, Tehran’s ambassador to Lebanon, Qazanfar Roknabadi, confirmed during a public roundtable event that the Islamic regime is prepared to attack both Israel and U.S. bases in the region if its nuclear facilities are attacked.

Citing comments from Gen. Zakaraia Hossein, the former head of the superior academy of Egypt, the Kayhan report added that “America fully knows that Iran is not Iraq” and that “a war with Iran would jeopardize all its interests in the region.”

One of the things to remember in dealing with Iran is that this is the country that put keys around the necks of twelve-year-old boys (the keys were supposed to be the keys to paradise) and told them to walk through minefields during the Iran-Iraq War to clear the way for the Iranian tanks. The leaders of the country are truly irrational.

In December of 2011, Fox News reported that Iran was buying weapons from China. It was reported that China sold Iran $11 billion worth of advanced DF-31 ICBMs which are capable of reaching U.S. soil with nuclear warheads. North Korean engineers are helping to get the missile system up and running. Stopping Iran’s nuclear program is not only about the destruction of Israel.

Whether we attack Iran or Israel attacks Iran, the results are going to be messy and a lot of people are going to die. The only hope we have is regime change, and that seems to be a very slim hope right now. The Israelis have tried everything short of war to stop Iran’s nuclear program, and I fear that we are rapidly reaching the point where attacking the nuclear facilities of Iran will be the only solution, as awful as that solution will be.

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This Really Doesn’t Seem Very Neighborly

One of the really great things about America is the idea most Americans have of being nice to people and being neighborly to the people around them. We need to remember that not every person or every country lives by those rules.

Reza Kahlili posted an article at wnd.com today reported:

Calling Israel a danger to Islam, the conservative website Alef, with ties to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said the opportunity must not be lost to remove “this corrupting material. It is a ‘jurisprudential justification” to kill all the Jews and annihilate Israel, and in that, the Islamic government of Iran must take the helm.”

The article, written by Alireza Forghani, a conservative analyst and a strategy specialist in Khamenei’s camp, now is being run on most state-owned conservative sites, including the Revolutionary Guards’ Fars News Agency, showing that the regime endorses this doctrine.

Because Israel is going to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, Iran is justified in launching a pre-emptive, cataclysmic attack against the Jewish state, the doctrine argues.

As previously noted on this website, Reza Kahlili is a former CIA agent who served in Iran. He is an amazing man. His website is A Time To Betray. Not only does he have amazing insight into the political forces in Iran, he is extremely current on what is happening there.

The problem in dealing with Iran is that we are not dealing with a rational government. The Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) that got us safely through the cold war will not work with the Iranian regime. The regime is controlled by the Ayatollahs–not the President. The Ayatollahs believe that the destruction of Israel will trigger the coming of the last Islamic Messiah and that Jesus Christ, who will convert to Islam, will act as Mahdi’s deputy, praying to Allah as he stands behind the 12th Imam. These are not rational people, and I am hoping that either there will be a revolution within Iran by the people who do not believe this or that Israel will attack, regardless of U. S. foreign policy. I prefer that the people of Iran somehow bring democracy to their country.

On a personal note, Mr. Kahlili has a facebook page. One of the things I have noticed in the comments to his posts are that there are many broken-hearted Iranians living in America longing to return to their country once the Ayatollahs are overthrown. You can hear the heartbreak over what has happened to their country in their posts. Those who support democracy in Iran need the prayers and support of all Americans.

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The Future Of Iran

Yesterday Reza Kahlili posted an article at the Washington Times about what he believes are the intentions of the current Iranian regime.

First of all, the article explains who Reza Kahlili is:

Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym for a former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and the author of “A Time to Betray” (Threshhold Editions, Simon & Schuster, 2010) He is a fellow with EMPact America and teaches at the U.S. Department of Defense’s Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy (JCITA).

He definitely has the insight to look past the obvious and see what is actually going on. Mr. Kahlili reports that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has told the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to prepare for war.
The article reports:

The radicals ruling Iran have long believed that obtaining the nuclear bomb will make them untouchable and will facilitate the expansion of the Islamic movement in the region and the world in bringing the West to its knees. They also have concluded that because of the troubles in the world’s economy and financial troubles in America, even a limited confrontation with America would benefit the Islamic regime.

As of yet, we do not believe Iran has nuclear weapons, but they do have a lot of conventional weapons. One option (that has been mentioned a lot lately) is to close down the Straits of Hormuz. Another option is to target U.S. bases in the Middle East with their missiles, disrupting the movement of U.S. forces and the operation of the Air Force, which the guards believe will be the main thrust of any attack by America.

The article reports:

The guards also are targeting four U.S. air bases in Afghanistan as the main launching pads for any attacks on Iran. The Bagram Air Base, home to most of the U.S. Air Force presence in Afghanistan, is just 450 miles from the Iranian borders and within range of all of Iran’s ballistic missiles. Other air bases in Afghanistan that would be attacked by the guards in case of war are in Kandahar, Shindand and Herat.

The article also points out that Iran will depend on Russia and China to come to its aid in time to stop any war that threatens the current regime. The bottom line here is very simple–we don’t need a war–we need a regime change!

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Problems With Supporting A Palestinian State

Yesterday the Jerusalem Post posted an article detailing some recent comments about support for the proposed state of Palestine from Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

According to the article:

Earlier on Saturday, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei rejected the Palestinians’ UN statehood bid, saying any deal that accepted the existence of Israel would leave a “cancerous tumor” forever threatening the security of the Middle East.

As leader of a country under a long-standing threat of military action from Israel and the United States, Khamenei warned the Jewish state and its allies to expect “paralyzing blows” that a NATO missile shield could not prevent.

“Any plan that seeks to divide Palestine is totally rejected,” Khamenei told a conference commemorating the Palestinian Intifada.

The conference was commemorating the Palestinian Intifada as if it were a good thing. Do we really need another terrorist state?

The article further reports:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Saturday responded to anti-Israel comments made by Iran’s supreme leader, saying the Ayatollahs’ declarations of “their intentions to annihilate Israel, give credence to the government’s insistence on Israel’s security needs and our demand that Israel be recognized as a Jewish state.”

The Jews (and Israel) are the canary in the coalmine of the world. When bad things happen to the Jews, something happens to the fabric of society that causes the basics of civilization to break down. To allow the current entity that calls itself Palestine to become officially a state is to kill the canary in the coal mine. Until Palestine can demonstrate that it wants a two-state solution (not a one-state solution with it as the only state) to the question of Israel and Palestine, it cannot be allowed to become a state. Until Palestine recognizes Israel’s right to exist, it should not be allowed statehood.

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