Looking Past The Obvious

Recently Iran had an election. After the regime stole the 2009 election, the people of Iran again showed up to vote. They elected Hassan Rohani, a 64-year-old cleric, to be their next president. Mr. Rohani is being hailed as a moderate, reasonable person who will work to restore broken relationships with the west. Yeah. Right.

The Wall Street Journal (no link–subscribers only) published an editorial in today’s paper entitled, “An Iranian Unicorn,” detailing the reasons the election of Mr. Rohani does not represent a change in philosophy in Iran. A World Net Daily article posted yesterday by Reza Kahlili explains why this election will not really change things. I have written about Reza Kahlili before. Use the search engine on this website to find the articles if you have not previously read them. Mr. Kahlili is a very courageous man with an amazing history.

The article at World Net Daily reports:

The defected intelligence officer (Reza Kahlili), who had called the selection of Rouhani as the next president one week before the election, said the regime constantly creates a phony image of division within its political system between so-called conservatives and moderates. The aim of tapping the perceived moderate Rouhani as the winner is to deceive the West yet again by creating new hope that there could be meaningful negotiations over Iran’s illicit nuclear program, he said, while buying even more time to develop nuclear weapons and thereby becoming untouchable by the West.

The Wall Street Journal stated:

Ultimate power in Iran rests in any case with Mr. Khamenei and his fellow clerics, who are backed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which has expanded its control over business and other parts of society in recent decades. Iran today is best understood as a Shite fascist state with a democratic electoral veneer and ambitions to dominate the region.

Iran will not change as a result of the recent election. We are fools if we continue to negotiate while Iran continues to develop its nuclear weapons program.


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