Snoopy and D-Day

June 6, 1944, was D-Day. It was the day the allied forces stormed the beaches of France to bring freedom to Europe. Every year since 1993, Charles M. Schultz observed the anniversary of D-Day in his comic strip PEANUTS. Why? Below is a picture from one of the comic strips.


A few years ago, when I visited the Charles M. Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa, California, I found out the answer. Charles Schultz was in the army during World War II and was one of the soldiers training for the D-Day landing. Because of an illness at home, he was sent home before his unit shipped overseas. He was later attached to another unit. The unit he was originally with landed on the beaches of France and took heavy losses. That is why Snoopy is with General Eisenhower every year on June 6.

My father was one of the men who landed on the beaches of France on that day. I can’t imagine the things that he saw or had to do. I will always be grateful for the courage of all of our military and their willingness to do the things that keep us free.

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