Political Parties Have Platforms

Political parties have platforms. The people who belong to a political party generally have some agreement with that platform. When you are voting for someone to fill a political office, it is helpful to know what party they belong to in order to understand some of their basic beliefs. Recently, in the part of North Carolina where I live, some of our elected officials have changed political parties because they felt that they could no longer support a political party’s platform. However, there is still one election in our county (Craven County) where voters have no idea what party the candidates belong to–that is our Board of Education election. It would be very helpful for the voters to know what party candidates for the Board of Election belong to.

A friend sent me a list of seven reasons why it would be helpful to know the party affiliation of candidates running for the Board of Education.

  1.  All other races on the ballot require party affiliation to be specified, including most recently, judges.
  2.  All voters should have access to as much information about a candidate as is reasonably possible.
  3.  Knowledge of a candidate’s political party affiliation is an excellent way for voters to have sufficient information to make an informed decision between candidates.
  4. The two main political parties are increasingly different in values, beliefs, and guiding principles that have a direct impact on the decisions made by the Board of Education members.
  5.  In the most recent election, there were approximately 10,000 voters who voted for candidates in other races on the ballot who failed to vote for any candidate for the Board of Education.
  6.  Interviews with voters at the polls strongly indicated that many did not have enough information about the candidates for the Board of Education to make an informed decision.
  7.  The notion that Board of Education members should be above politics in making decisions about the education of our children has increasingly been shown to be wishful thinking and not consistent with reality,

If you are in agreement with the above statements and live in Craven County, please let your County Commissioner know how you feel. The only way to get political parties put in the ballot in the Board of Education elections is to have the County Commissioners ask the State Legislators to move on the issue. The State Legislators will not move on the issue unless the County Commissioners initiate it.

Chris Wallace Must Be Getting Heat For His Debate Performance

Yesterday The Daily Caller posted an article about an interview on ” Fox News Sunday.” Chris Wallace, who hosts the show, was conducting an interview of Democratic Delaware Sen. Chris Coons.

The article reports:

Wallace specifically asked Coons to weigh in on the idea of adding justices to the Supreme Court, and the Delaware Senator pivoted to argue that the Trump administration’s focus on filling judicial vacancies amounted to court packing.

For once, Chris Wallace got it right. The article notes:

“Let me just say — I’m just going to say, that’s a different issue than packing the court,” Wallace concluded. “If that’s the question, whether or not the court should — the Senate should vote to confirm Barrett, that’s different than changing the number of justices on the court. Senator Coons, I got to leave it there, thank you.”

For the record, packing the court means adding more justices to the Supreme Court in order to impact the balance of liberal and conservative judges. Filling judicial vacancies is one of the responsibilities of the President. Because of the increasing rancor in the Senate, a large number of the nominees of President Obama were not confirmed, and there were a lot of judicial vacancies when President Trump took office. He promptly began to fill these vacancies. Getting judicial nominees passed is much easier when the President and the Senate are held by the same party. Our Founding Fathers did not intend for that to be the case (they disliked the idea of political parties), but that is where we are today.

I give credit to Chris Wallace for at least correcting Senator Coons on his talking point.