A Democrat Member Of The House Ethics Committee Has Been Arrested

The Gateway Pundit posted an article today with the following headline, “Feds Arrest Crooked State Democrat David Nangle in Massachusetts — He Was Sitting on House Ethics Committee.”

The article reports:

Nangle is a compulsive gambler.
MassLive reported:

Massachusetts State Rep. David Nangle, who is accused of using campaign funds to pay for personal expenses, had “regular cash flow problems as a result of extensive gambling,” federal prosecutors said in court records.

The Democratic state representative was arrested Tuesday on several charges of wire fraud, bank fraud, filing false tax returns and making false statements to a bank…

…“Despite his salary and perks, Nangle was heavily in debt, had poor credit (with a credit score reported as low as 593), and had regular cash flow problems as a result of extensive gambling at various casinos…,” federal prosecutors said.

Elected by the voters of Massachusetts.

Is This An Example We Want Anyone To Follow ?

Breitbart TV posted a video of Cindy Sheehan speaking to Occupy Rose Bowl. She states that she has told her credit card companies that she will not be paying them anymore and that she has not paid her income tax for eight years. Good grief!  Credit card bills occur when people buy things. If you don’t buy things, you don’t have a credit card bill. When you buy something with a credit card, you take on the obligation of paying that bill. If you don’t want the bill, don’t buy the stuff! As for the income taxes–I guess the George W. Bush Administration was simply not political enough to have Ms. Sheehan audited.

Oh, how I long for the good old days!

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