Friends With Whom?

On Monday, The Daily Caller posted an article about some of the people involved with the World Economic Forum. It is an unseemly group.

The article reports:

The World Economic Forum (WEF), whose annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, kicked off Monday, partners with multiple Chinese state-owned companies and several Chinese tech firms the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has allegedly weaponized against civilians, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation.

WEF, a non-governmental organization located in Geneva, Switzerland, partners with Alibaba Group, Huawei Technologies and TikTok, according to the group’s list of partnerships, all of whom are allegedly tied to the development of various technologies the Chinese government uses for intelligence or military and intelligence purposes. WEF’s board of trustees also features an individual who’s worked with Chinese organizations allegedly involved in Chinese influence operations, the DCNF found.

WEF’s partner Alibaba, an e-commerce and media firm, reportedly holds a significant financial stake in Megvii and SenseTime, two Chinese tech firms which the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security blacklisted in 2019 for allegedly developing racial profiling facial recognition technologies that the Chinese government has used in relation to China’s ongoing genocide to track ethnic minorities in China’s western province of Xinjiang, according to an ESPN report from April 2022.

This is not a group that any American leaders should be willing to embrace. Unfortunately, a number of American politicians attended this years meeting (article here).

The World Economic Forum is not a group that will ever support either America’s sovereignty or its freedom. Sending anyone from America who claims to love America to Davos is simply a waste of time and money.