Some Sad News For Providence Radio Listeners

My morning radio listening varies between Helen Glover in Providence and Bill Bennett on the Salem Radio Network (on the Internet since he is not on the radio locally). Since Tuesday there has been someone on other than Helen, so I assumed that she was on vacation. I unexpectedly met her tonight, and she explained that WHJJ let her go.

On Tuesday the Providence Journal reported:

Helen Glover, morning talk-show host on WHJJ-AM has been let go by the station following her show Tuesday. Glover said her replacement will be local talk radio veteran Ron St. Pierre, who was laid off by rival WPRO-AM in February.

On Wednesday, Helen’s former producer, Dee DeQuattro, wrote a letter to the Providence Journal about her experience on the show.

The letter states:

When WHJJ pulled the plug on “The Helen Glover Show,” an already muffled conservative cry in Rhode Island was muted. Glover was known to blow the Republican rally horn and call the few, proud conservative Rhode Islanders together.

Now her voice may become an echo in Rhode Island radio history. However, Glover’s impact will survive. From helping to spearhead the original efforts of the Rhode Island Tea Party to leading the charge at national rallies, Glover put actions to her words.

The show was not over when the on-air light went off. She truly lived it. Glover would stand up for the underdog, and if she was true to a cause she turned out to support it. Glover often spoke at events — not to make a buck, like her radio counterparts, but out of loyalty to her listeners, who were so loyal to her.

I first encountered Helen at a Glenn Beck book signing in Providence a few years ago. I have since seen her at Tea Party events and events featuring speakers dealing with national security. Her show was informative and entertaining. She had wonderful guests, but she herself was also able to speak knowledgeably on a variety of subjects.

Hopefully another radio station will realize what a treasure she is, and she will be back on the air quickly. Helen, you are already missed.

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Where The Sequester Really Hurts

From President Obama’s perspective, the problem with the sequester is that the cuts haven’t hurt people enough for the public to understand the total folly of actually cutting the federal budget. Never mind that the sequester does not actually cut the federal budget–it only slows the rate of growth. But let’s look at some of the things that the sequester has cut, and let’s look at some of the places that could easily be cut in the federal budget.

Yesterday the Washington Examiner posted an editorial about the amount of overlapping and duplicated programs in the federal government. The editorial pointed out that according to the Government Accountability Office, which on Tuesday released its 2013 report on fragmentation and duplication of federal programs there are an estimated $95 billion in duplicative programs that waste precious tax dollars.

The editorial cites several examples:

Having three agencies doing catfish safety inspections may strike some as funny, but there is nothing to laugh about in the Department of Homeland Security having $568 million worth of overlapping research and development programs. Or that Department of Defense foreign language training services are provided by 159 separate contracting groups at a cost of $200 million. And why should taxpayers have to foot $15 billion worth of duplicative renewable energy programs?

This is the place where politics enters the picture. Wouldn’t it make much more sense to go through federal spending and eliminate waste and duplication than to cut spending in places where it has a visible negative impact? Of course–that’s why it is not being done that way.

There are two other stories on the internet this morning loosely related to this editorial. The first, found in the U.K. Mail yesterday, describes a star-studded concert held at the White House on Tuesday night. Meanwhile, children cannot tour the White House because of the financial restraints of sequestration. How much did the American taxpayers pay for last night’s party? The other story is from yesterday’s Providence Journal. The Navy has announced that the rest of the year’s performances by the aerial performance team the Blue Angels have been canceled for budget reasons. That means that they will not be performing at the Quonset Point Air Show this summer. This is just ridiculous. The air show is not solely for entertainment purposes–it is a major recruiting tool for the American military. There is a possibility that the entire air show may be cancelled, which will make things more difficult for military recruiters in the Rhode Island area.

By playing politics with the sequestration rather than dealing with major financial issues facing America, the Obama Administration and those in Congress who support this administration have done a great disservice to the American people. It is now the responsibility of the American people to vote out of office those politicians who are playing games with the federal budget rather than solving the spending problem.

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Doesn’t Anyone Have Any Common Sense ?

Yesterday’s Providence Journal reported that a mother who is a single parent contacted the ACLU because her daughter was not able to attend a father-daughter dance the school was having. The Cranston School Department has now banned traditional “father-daughter” and “mother-son” activities, saying they violate state law.

The article reports:

Supt. Judith Lundsten said the move was triggered by a letter ifrom the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of a single mom who had complained that her daughter had not been able to attend her father-daughter dance.

Lundsten said school attorneys found while federal Title IX legislation banning gender discrimination gives an exemption for “father-son” and “mother-daughter” events, Rhode Island law doesn’t.

This is the place where common sense would be useful. One of my daughters is a military wife. When her daughter’s school had a father-daughter dance at a time when my son-in-law was in Afghanistan, another father who was going with his daughter simply stepped in and added my granddaughter to his family for the night. I think rather than rain on everyone else’s parade, the answer would be to find a male friend willing to stand in for the night. Why did this single parent feel the need to spoil the fun for the other children and parents?

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How To Steal An Election

On August 25th, the Providence Journal posted an article and a video (the video is also on YouTube) showing the promise of absentee ballots in exchange for a weekly paycheck.

The article reports:

The recording, obtained by The Providence Journal, captures a meeting secretly recorded by investigators working for Gemma in which the man promises hundreds of such absentee ballot votes for the congressional candidate in exchange for a weekly paycheck of $500.

The man, Erasmo Ramirez, also is recorded saying that he has prior experience working for Rep. David N. Cicilline, whom Gemma is challenging. Eric Hyers, Cicilline’s campaign manager, said Ramirez worked as an unpaid volunteer for Cicilline when he first ran for mayor of Providence in 2002 and has not worked for Cicilline since then.

This is the video:

It is a long video, but it is worth watching. There is no clearer argument for voter identification laws. I have no idea how to enforce those laws with absentee ballots, but it seems as though a thorough check of addresses might solve that problem.

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When Common Sense Takes A Vacation

Flanders Field American Cemetery and Memorial,...

Flanders Field American Cemetery and Memorial, Waregem, Belgium (1937), Jacques Gréber, landscape architect. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There were two stories in the Providence Journal last week (Cross on Woonsocket city property called unconstitutional and Former RI National Guard top official plans rally for Woonsocket cross memorial) highlighting an important local dispute. The stories deal with a Wisconsin group that has sent a letter of complaint to the Mayor of Woonsocket about a war memorial at the Woonsocket Fire Department. The memorial dates back to 1921 and was put there originally to honor those who died defending America’s freedom in World War I. The monument is in the shape of a cross, and the complaint claims that that it is an illegal display of a religious symbol on city property.

Today at 4:30 there will be a rally at the Woonsocket Fire Station in support of the monument. The rally was organized by Lt. Gen. Reginald Centracchio, state adjutant general for 10 years.

The group protesting the cross claims that their involvement is the result of a complaint by a resident of Woonsocket.

This is ridiculous–the monument has been standing for almost a hundred years. Crosses are a traditional way of honoring the dead–they are a cultural symbol as well as a religious symbol. I am sorry if someone is offended by this cross, but there is nothing in the US Constitution that protects Americans from being offended. Is Flanders Field going to be illegal soon (even though it is in France, it honors American veterans)?

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