How Convenient

Yesterday Hot Air posted an article reporting the following:

Christopher Steele’s lawyers claimed last year that he had “meticulously documented” his interactions with the main source for the various memos that became known as the Steele dossier. But last month in court, Steele admitted he no longer has any of that documentation. He claims all of it was deleted three years ago.

The article concludes:

Earlier this month, declassified footnotes from IG Horowitz’ report revealed that the FBI believed in 2017 that Steele’s dossier was at least partly based on Russian disinformation. At the time I wrote about it, the exact dates of some of the events in question were still redacted. However, those redactions were later removed. They show that despite evidence the dossier was compromised with misinformation it was used as a key part of a FISA warrant application renewal targeting Trump campaign aide Carter Page. In fact, the FBI never mentioned the potential compromise to the court.

The FBI accused an American citizen of being a foreign agent based on a document which likely contained Russian disinformation. And now we know that any effort to double-check Steele’s work appears to be lost because he deleted all of his own notes and recordings.

Is anyone surprised that Christopher Steele’s notes were deleted? Do you suppose we could find them in a stack under Hillary Clinton’s emails and President Obama’s college records?

Signs Of A Backbone ???

I live in Massachusetts. I like Mitt Romney. He was not my choice in the Republican primary, but I will gladly vote for him. One of my gripes with Mitt Romney is that he has a tendency to be “too nice.” Sometimes nice is not the answer–“in your face” is appropriate at times.

CNS News reported some positive signs today, quoting a Mitt Romney appearance today on Fox New’s Fox & Friends:

“The Obama people keep on wanting more and more and more — more things to pick through, more things for their opposition research to try to make a mountain out of –and to distort — and to be dishonest about,” Romney replied.

“We’re going to put out two years of tax returns. We’ve put out one already. As soon as the most recent year is complete, we’ll put that out. It’s hundreds of pages of documents,” Romney said, noting that the law does not require candidates to release their tax returns.

He also recalled that Sen. John McCain released only two years of tax returns when he ran against Obama four years ago — and “somehow this wasn’t an issue.”

Notice–“John McCain released only two years of tax returns when he ran against Obama four years ago–and “somehow this wasn’t an issue.”” The obvious questions is, “Why is it an issue now?”

The article concludes:

Following Romney on “Fox and Friends,” Donald Trump — a Romney supporter — says Romney ought to be asking Obama to release his college records, something Obama has refused to do.

Sometimes Donald Trump hits the nail on the head!