Recording A Very Interesting Radio Show

On Tuesday night, the Coastal Carolina Taxpayers’ Association recorded their weekly radio show at Stanly Hall Ballroom in New Bern, North Carolina. The show will be aired this weekend on 107.1 WTKF at 6 am on Saturday, 11 am Sunday, and 8 pm Sunday. The show will be available on the internet at at some point during the coming week.

The show featured a presentation by Doug Gould, a local cyber-security expert who recently attended Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium. Doug shared a lot of basic information about how our elections are tallied, how various voting machines work, and what the opportunities for monkey business are. He noted that the symposium and its attendees were under attack and carefully watched by our government. At one point Mike Lindell was physically assaulted. Antifa was present along with other groups that do not have America’s best interests in mind.

There was one thing that caught my attention during the presentation. During the 1960’s, my husband was in the Navy in an air squadron. There was a lot of electronic spying and innovation in electronic spying going on at that time. One of the planes I remember was something referred to as a “Willy Fudd,” which looked like a small airplane being eaten by a flying saucer. That plane has now evolved into the E2, a sophisticated electronic spy plane. During the symposium an E2 was flying grid patterns over the facility where the symposium was held. That airplane is capable of collecting all the information on cell phones and computers being used at that location.  Because of its proximity to the local airport, that was restricted air space. It is also unconstitutional for the government to spy on Americans.

I hope that you will take the time either to live stream the program or listen to it after it is archived on the CCTA website. Some of the information is ‘geek speak,’ but a lot of what is being presented is simply common sense.

If what Mike Lindell is saying is not true, why is there so much opposition to his efforts?

A Very Useful Shiny Object

Magicians use sleight of hand to distract from what they are doing. They also use shiny objects to keep your eyes away from the secrets of their magic. We are currently watching the Democrat party use a shiny object to keep Americans from asking questions about losing their freedoms and about the double standard in the mainstream media.  Last summer’s riots and destruction were treated very differently in the press than the attack on the Capital was treated. We should also note the contrast between how the media handled the takeover of the Wisconsin capitol in 2011 and the January 6th riot in Washington. In the search for ‘domestic terrorists’ the Democrats are choosing to ignore many things. They are ignoring the fact that people leaving the White House grounds last summer after President Trump’s acceptance speech for the Republican nomination were harassed. One man was knocked to the ground. They are ignoring the riots last summer that, according to Breitbart, could reach $2 billion in insurance claims.

With all of the focus on domestic terrorism—purging our military, violating the civil rights of people who attended the Washington, D.C. rally on January 6th, accusing President Trump of fomenting insurrection, etc., we have also shut down any discussion of problems with the voting in the last election. Yesterday it was reported that Maricopa County in Arizona has refused to turn over election equipment and ballots from the November general election to the Arizona Senate. Mike Lindell, during an appearance on Newsmax, was stopped from making comments on election fraud in 2020. Yesterday I posted an article about a mathematician who states that the election results in some counties are mathematically impossible.

We can’t overturn the results of the election, but there are still many Americans who believe that there was considerable election fraud in the Presidential election of 2020. Putting shiny objects in front of us and trying to limit our rights to free speech are not going to change that belief—in fact it only reinforces it.

It is time for all Americans to wake up to the danger before them. Whether you love or hate Donald Trump, the attacks that are currently going on against his supporters are totally unconstitutional and need to end now. If you feel safe because you didn’t support President Trump, understand that he and his supporters will not be the last target of the recently formed thought police. Eventually they will come for every American who dares to have an original thought.