An Interesting Perspective

DaTechGuy is one of my favorite bloggers. He always has insight and an unusual perspective on current events. Recently he hit it out of the park in an article about the recent New York Times opinion piece.

DaTechGuy noted:

The real significance of this revelation by the NYT of a mole with is this:

Consider the following, So far during his presidency Donald Trump has managed to:

Create a booming economy

Create a soaring stock market

Push through a record number of Conservative Judges

Win significant trade concessions favorable to the United States 

Promote the Pro-Life Cause

Open negotiations with in the Korean Peninsular that have the prospect of bringing actual peace

Decimate ISIS

Make the US energy independent

Cut regulations by the bucketful

Advance Tax Reform and relief

Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem

Cut funding to Palestinian Terrorists

Induce Nato allies to increase their defense payments

Bring manufacturing jobs back to the US

produce record employment for blacks and Hispanics


The article concludes:

That Donald Trump has compiled the above record of accomplishment while practically the entire media, education, entertainment and elite political culture has fought him AND if the NYT is accurate, Persons or Persons unknown working inside the administration have been actively trying to thwart him, then Donald Trump is undoubtedly the greatest and most successful occupant of the White House since day one period!

Or put it another way, if Trump has managed all this with at least one high level saboteur working against him can you imagine what he’d accomplish without a traitor in the house?

The NYT doesn’t realize it, but they are asserting that Donald Trump is the most accomplished occupant the White House has ever seen and I guess they’re right.

Well said, Tech Guy!

Saturday On The Radio

Today I was fortunate to be on the radio with Pete I, DaTechGuy, a blogger from Fitchburg. Pete has a weekly radio show on FTR radio network nationally, and WBNW 1120 AM Concord, MA, , WPLM 1130 Plymouth MA, and WESO 970 AM Southbridge, MA, locally. If you missed the show, he posts the archives on his blog. We discussed the Massachusetts legislature‘s proposal to index the gasoline tax to inflation (so that elected officials do not have to take responsibility for raising taxes), the upcoming special election for Senator in Massachusetts, and some of the recent scandals surrounding Washington.

After the show, we headed to Happy Jack‘s Restaurant in Leominster. Happy Jack’s has a menu that has something for everyone. When you sit down, you are immediately served corn chips and homemade salsa. The company and the food were outstanding.

This week DaTechGuy will be posting a number of articles on his blog looking down the road to see the outcome of the current scandals overtaking Washington. I am sure those articles will be interesting and important.

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One Of The Dangers Of The New Media

The credit for this article goes to DaTechGuyBlog. DaTechGuy truly represents the new media–he has his own radio show (Saturday morning 10-12 on WCRN 830 AM or on the internet at, he is on twitter, and he will go anywhere to follow a story. He lives in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and was picking up a pizza in a local pizza place recently where the owner was watching a satellite channel in Arabic. The owner was talking to DaTechGuy about the use of violence by the Muslim Brotherhood to suppress the protests. Naturally, DaTechGuy looked into this.

The article posted at DaTechGuyBlog today shows some of the tweets coming out of Egypt describing what is happening. He posts capture shots of some tweets by Sandmonkey.  One of the tweets of Sandmonkey cites another tweeter, Gehad El-Hadd. Sandmonkey claims that El-Hadd is a liar.

My purpose in pointing this out is to show that the new media can be used for bad or for good. DaTechGuy points out that you have to go through five pages of El-Hadd’s tweets before you get to tweets in Arabic. Sandmonkey tweets both in Arabic and in English. So if most of El-Hadd’s tweets are in English, what audience is he aiming at?

An article in the Egypt Daily News posted yesterday stated:

The Muslim Brotherhood is waging a war of perception, not just for domestic consumption but for a western audience, too. Perception is crucial for two reasons: To defeat non-Islamist opponents, who may lose faith quickly when watching the endless number of pro-Morsy protestors in comparison to their relatively lower number in Tahrir and, secondly, to convince western nations that Islamists are the only reliable, powerful force in Egypt and that they are backed by the “majority” of Egyptians.

Eighty years of a mushrooming underground within Egyptian society has resulted in deep mistrust of mainstream establishments. Islamists view members of these establishments and other non-Islamist forces with deep suspicion and consider them elitist, anti-religious snobs. The strict, rules that govern the Brotherhood’s internal structure were partly introduced to protect the group from outside “corruption.”

This combination plus simmering resentment and years of grievance have finally exploded in the recent crisis in Egypt, and it partly explains the abrupt, odd way that Morsy has chosen to deal with it.

The situation as I see it is that Morsi wants to consolidate his power in Egypt and set up his part of the world-wide caliphate the Muslim Brotherhood is planning to build. This will be easier for him to do if he can convince the West that he is actually the good guy and the people protesting him are the bad guys. He will do his best to put down this rebellion against his power grab, but he doesn’t want the West to think that he is creating the caliphate he is creating. Morsi is an expert at propaganda. It is no surprise that he will use traditional and new media for his purposes.

All of us need to be very careful in deciding exactly who and what what we believe.

Quote Of The Week

DaTechGuy is the host of a Worcester political talk show (830 AM WCRN Saturday 10am to noon) and a dedicated reporter on the political scene. His blog,, reports on both national and state politics. Recently he interviewed Senator Scott Brown.

The quote of the week comes from the Senator in that interview. When the Senator was questioned about his appeal to voters, he replied:

“Last time I got votes from the Democratic party the independent party the republican party and quite frankly people who just like to party.”

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What Are The Odds That There Will Be A New Democrat Senate Candidate In Massachusetts Before November ? posted an article today about some recipes submitted by Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren to the POW WOW CHOW cookbook. Howie Carr, a Boston talk-radio host, has uncovered some information that seems to show that the recipes were plagiarized. The information is posted on Howie Carr’s website. You can compare the recipes for yourself.

Ms. Warren has had a rough couple of weeks. There are a lot of unanswered questions about her supposed Indian heritage (which was very valuable in advancing her career) and now the POW WOW CHOW recipes look less than authentic. Ms. Warren has been raising money to run against Scott Brown for quite some time and has amassed a substantial war chest. Is that a guarantee that she will get the Democrat nomination? The Democrats pulled a switch in a New Jersey Senate election a few years ago (google “Jon Corzine”–it may take you a while to get the whole story!), but I don’t think they will do that is Massachusetts.

DaTechGuy, a Massachusetts blogger, recently had a few thoughts on the subject–he pointed out that Marsia DeFranco (the other Democrat running in the Primary) is not setting the world on fire:

Marsia DeFranco has been a candidate for the US Senate since last year and has been campaigning since then. Her fundraising has been so successful that her campaign couldn’t loan me the money to replace my furnace even if it wanted to.

But money isn’t everything what about press. Lets look at how much coverage she has generated:

I did an exact search for the Name “Marisa DeFranco” in Google news over the last year (5/16/11 – 5/16/12) sorted by date, I got 208 results shown via 6 pages.

This is going to be an interesting November.


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A Thought From A Fellow Blogger

A friend and fellow blogger of mine,, has pointed out that the arithmetic we are being given on the battle for the tax cut in Congress is not quite accurate.

He points out:

An 8 week extension of the payroll tax (forgetting the expense the short-term change would cost) would generate 8 x 40 or $320.

A 52 week extension that the GOP has already passed would generate 52 x $40 or $2080 dollars.

Therefore the House bill gives a net profit of 2080-320 or $1760 dollars more to the avg taxpayer.

Instead of asking people what they would do with $40 that the house is keeping from them, perhaps they should ask what they would do with the #1760dollars that the tea party house has approved and the senate has not?

Aside from the fact that it is not a tax cut–it is a raid on Social Security–that is a very interesting way of looking at it.

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