Rewriting History For A Political Purpose

I thought only Russian dictators rewrote history, but now American journalists seem to be doing it. There has been quite a kerfuffle about Donald Trump‘s remarks about Arabs celebrating 9/11. The news media is claiming that he is lying, but he keeps on coming up with their own stories that detail the celebrations. It wasn’t hundreds of thousands, but it was thousands.

The Conservative Treehouse posted a story yesterday giving a few examples of what is happening to the news media in America. They are becoming campaign workers–not news reporters. I need to say here that I am not voting for Donald Trump in the Republican primary. However, if he is the candidate, I would vote for him before I would vote for Hillary Clinton. But that is not the point.

The article at The Conservative Treehouse is reporting that The New York Post has removed articles about the Arab celebrations of 9/11 from its website. Donald Trump exaggerated, but told the truth. The New York Post and other media have attempted to alter the truth.

The story at The Conservative Treehouse includes the following:

[…]  The PC concern is that the Israelis will somehow “take advantage” of the attacks and therefore that negative stories about Palestinians are to be handled as gingerly as stories about American Arabs and Muslims.

That’s why you probably don’t know about the Palestinian Authority’s death threat against a videographer who took footage of a 4,000-person celebration on Sept. 11 – which led to the seizure of the news footage and its erasure. The fact that bin Laden’s allies on the West Bank targeted a news photographer for death for filming Palestinians dancing at the news of the death of 7,000 Americans didn’t make it anywhere near the front pages.

The news media usually make a stink when the media are threatened. Not this time.  (link)

Follow the link to The Conservative Treehouse to see screenshots of the stories that have been deleted.