Mr. Smith Goes To Washington?

Our Founding Fathers never intended for politics to be a career. Their concept was that a man would go to Washington for a few years and return home to live under the laws he passed. Obviously things have not worked out that way. One blatant example of a politician who had a rude awakening when he entered the private sector was George McGovern. He wrote an article for Forbes in June 2011 detailing what happened when he opened a business in Connecticut and had to live with the laws he had helped pass. The intention of our Founding Fathers was to elect people who would truly represent the Americans in their states or districts.

Yesterday The Conservative Treehouse reported that Mark McCloskey has announced that he will run for the U.S. Senate seat in Missouri. In case you have forgotten, Mark McCloskey is the attorney who was indicted for defending his family against a BLM mob. If he wins, he could be part of bringing the voice of ordinary  people back to Washington.

The article at The Conservative Treehouse reports:

McCloskey would be running to fill the senate seat of Roy Blunt, a republican who announced he was not running for reelection.

“On June 28, 2020, and then again on July 3, 2020, Mark McCloskey and his wife, Patty, held off a violent mob through the exercise of their 2nd Amendment rights. Since then, they addressed the Republican National Convention, and have been frequent guests on Fox, Newsmax, OAN, CNN and a variety of national and local news and talk TV and radio programs. They campaigned extensively in support of President Trump and continue to speak around the nation on their support of the Constitution, the traditional values that have made the USA the greatest nation on earth, and the current threats to its continued existence.”

The article includes a link to the campaign website.