It’s Dangerous To Tell The Truth

The administration that claims that President Trump is a threat to democracy seems to have a way of eliminating voices that say things they don’t appreciate. Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro are in prison, and now Andrea Lawful-Sanders is unemployed. Andrea Lawful-Sanders is the host of the radio show “The Source” on WURD in Philadelphia. The station describes itself as “the only black-owned and run talk radio station in Pennsylvania.”

On Sunday, The Conservative Treehouse reported:

According to WURD, radio host of “The Source,” Andrea Lawful-Sanders, was fired for accepting scripted questions from the White House for use in the interview with Joe Biden. [Press Release Here] However, in the non-pretending reality of the situation, everyone understands Mrs Lawful-Sanders was actually fired for revealing the Joe Biden White House sends scripts for media personalities to use.

Mrs Lawful-Sanders was not fired for using the questions, she was fired for revealing them. The message from the only black-owned radio station in Pennsylvania, was a warning to others not to tell the public how the fraud around Joe Biden is created.

The article concludes:

In order to believe the statement by the radio station, you would have to believe the black-owned radio station that operates in the #1 destination for Joe Biden’s visits (Philadelphia), which was targeted for use by the White House communication team that is assembling another race-based candidacy, had no contact with the communication team of the President to organize the schedule, production, purpose and content of the interview.

That level of pretending is just silly. Nope, Mrs Andrea Lawful-Sanders was fired for being honest about how the process is done.

The people who handle Joe Biden are responsible for her firing.

Black livelihoods matter? Nope, not when they run against the narrative used to control black lives.

Welcome to government-controlled media.

Only One Person Has Been Fired In The Healthcare Rollout

The roll-out of ObamaCare has been a disaster. So far more people have lost their insurance plans under ObamaCare than have signed up. The website is not secure, is not always available, and is a nightmare to navigate. So who got fired? The navigator who talked to Sean Hannity on the telephone this week.

Yesterday Real Clear Politics reported that Earline Davis, the person who received the phone call from Sean Hannity on his radio show and answered his questions, was fired. Sean Hannity has offered to pay her a year’s salary and help her find a new job.

Ms. Davis explained that her training had not included instructions not to talk to the media and that she was just trying to do her job–answering questions honestly and helping Sean Hannity understand ObamaCare.

It is very interesting to me that the only person who has been fired in the ObamaCare debacle is Earline Davis.

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On The Radio

I will be guest hosting DaTechGuyOnDaRadio show this Saturday (January 5th) WCRN Radio 830 AM (also on the internet) from 10 am to noon. It should be an interesting show. I have never done this before, and if nothing else, the mistakes should be interesting.

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