Do You Feel Unrepresented When You Read Poll Results?

When I hear someone in the mainstream media announce results of a poll, I always wonder why I always seem to be in the minority. On Friday, The Washington Examiner posted an article that explains why.

The article includes the following chart:

Contrast that chart with the following chart:

The beauty of statistics is that you can make them say anything you want them to.

Please follow the link above to read the entire article. It is very insightful.


How To Lie Effectively With Statistics

Many of the media polls tell us that this election will be a landslide for Hillary Clinton. When you consider the crowds Hillary is drawing vs. the crowds Donald Trump is drawing, that seems a little odd. But on the other hand, Bernie Sanders drew big crowds. Yes, but we found out later that the Democratic primary was rigged from the start. We don’t know what the result might have been in an honest primary (or how much voter fraud we will see in this election).

Conservative Treehouse posted a story today about how the mainstream media slants the polls. But before I get to that, I want to wander into the woods a little about why the mainstream media leans so far left. Somewhere during the 1950’s and 1960’s, a lot of our colleges hired people with left-leaning philosophies. I remember hearing at one point a comment that one college professor made that he thought it was his duty to separate his students from all of the moral, religious, political ideas and principles they had grown up with. Supposedly that was going to turn them into free thinkers. I think all that it actually did was take away their moral foundation and convince them to become sheep. That is a far cry from where where we started–Harvard University began as a place to train pastors for the early New England settlers so that they didn’t have to depend on England to fill the pulpits in the new land. At the same time our colleges were leaning left, Christians were being discouraged from finding jobs in ‘secular fields.’ Somehow the idea was introduced into our culture that Christianity belonged in church and was not supposed to be influential in the public square (I seem to remember something in the Bible about being salt that totally contradicts that idea). We have had liberal leanings in our colleges and our media for more than fifty years. Our culture and our children reflect that. The foundational values of America are no longer understood or practiced by a large portion of our population. We have lost our work ethic, our moral compass, our community standards of decency, and our unity. That is not an accident. It is the result of neglecting to teach our children the values we grew up with or having those values undermined by our educational system. It is going to take at least one generation to rediscover our moral compass if that is at all possible. Just for the record–the rediscovery of our moral compass will not be a result of this or any other election–it will be the result of individual people taking the responsibility to teaching their children the basic values that made America great.

Meanwhile, please go to Conservative Treehouse to see how you are being manipulated by fake poll numbers. It is a rather long and complex article, but it really explains a lot. All you have to do to skew a poll is skew the sample, and that is what is being done.

This is the conclusion from the Conservative Treehouse article:

♦ $220,500.00 in the month of September alone paid by Hillary Clinton’s Priorities USA Super-PAC to Hart Research Associates.

♦ The President of Hart Research Associates, Geoff Garin, is working for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

♦ NBC (S Burke) and The WSJ (Murdoch) contact Geoff Garin (Hart Research Associates) for the post-debate poll data they will use on the day following the debate.

♦ Hart Research Associates provides a small national poll sample (500) result, with skewed party internals, showing Hillary Clinton +11 points.

Do you see now how “media polling” works, and why we advise to ignore it?

That’s how the game is played.