When Did Voter Identification Become Unconstitutional ?

The Attleboro Sun Chronicle reported today that Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has declared unconstitutional a ballot initiative filed by Mansfield Selectman Olivier Kozlowski that would require voters to show government-issued identification at the polls.

These are the same government-issued identification needed to rent a video, buy alcohol or cigarettes, board an airplane, or collect a welfare check. Why is it unconstitutional to have to show that same identification to vote?

The article reports:

Supporters of the measure still need to collect the signatures of 68,911 registered voters by Dec. 7 and, assuming lawmakers do not approve the measure first, then an additional 11,485 signatures by July 2012.

Kozlowski said the SJC has an expedited appeal process for ballot initiatives that will allow him to gather signatures while the measure is under review.

I hope this measure eventually becomes law. I don’t want anyone discriminated against or any hurdles put in front of anyone who wants to vote, but I want to make sure that every legal vote is counted and not cancelled out by an illegal vote. There have been many incidents in the state where people have gone to vote and been told that they have already voted. This law is needed.

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