The Killjoys Who Want To Control Everything

High school proms are a major event. I think they have gotten a little out of hand since my day, but even then they were a major event. Today they may include hotel rooms, limousines, and hotel ballrooms. We had the high school gym and my future husband’s ’53 Ford convertible. That was it. I do think that high school proms have gotten out of hand, but to me that is an issue the parents need to have to courage to deal with.

Yesterday The Daily Caller posted an article about a new policy at Lakeland Regional High School regarding the senior prom.

The article reports:

Students and parents at a New Jersey high school plan to protest a new policy banning limos and party buses as acceptable transportation to and from the senior prom, CBS New York reported this week.

Under the new policy, Lakeland Regional High School prom-goers will be required to take the bus to the once-in-a-lifetime event on June 4.

“We have students from various. . . socioeconomic backgrounds, “ Superintendent Hugh Beattie told ABC 7’s Eyewitness News this week.

“And we wanted to provide an even playing field for all students,” he added.

The superintendent said the group decision by the administrative team was “based on the concern over the safety of all our students and in providing equity for all students so that they all could enjoy a shared ‘prom experience’ despite socio-economic status,” according New Jersey 101.5.

Students will reportedly pay $15 for a 45-minute, chaperoned bus ride from the Wanaque, New Jersey school to Rockleigh Country Club.

Parents and students have objected to upending the traditional pomp and circumstance of renting limos for transportation to the prom.

The article concludes:

“A prom is a school-sponsored function, a school district has the authority to make rules concerning the event,” New Jersey School Boards Association spokeswoman Janey Bramford told New Jersey 101.5.

The school does have control of the event, but do they have control of how the students arrive and depart from that event?  It is unfortunate that they are using that control to seriously curtail the fun for the seniors. I can’t imaging climbing into a chaperoned bus in a prom gown and being excited about it. I would also think that renting limos or party buses might avoid some of the consequences of teenage drinking and driving (which unfortunately does happen during prom season).

This ruling is a perfect example of how socialism works–since not everyone can afford this, you can’t have it. What about the kids who worked all year to save money for the limousine? Aren’t they entitled to the fruit of their labor? High school seniors are old enough to understand that not everyone has the same amount of money. Seeing kids in limousines at the prom might encourage them to work hard to become successful. I think this decision by the school board is ridiculous. If parents don’t want their kids to have limousines at the prom, they need to band together with other parents to discourage the practice. I think the school board is overextending their authority when they attempt to control how the students get to and from the dance. Again, would you want to climb on a school bus in your prom gown?

When The Numbers Don’t Work, Change The Rules

Yesterday the Daily Caller posted an article which shows why all of us need to be very careful what we believe during an election year. The article has to do with the current number of government limousines.

The article reports: 

Last year, the GSA estimated the number of government agency limousines at 412, amounting to a 73 percent increase between 2008 and 2010, according to iWatch News.

Needless to say, in a time when most of us are cutting back on household spending due to a weak economy, these numbers do not look good. So what did the government do? They redefined what a limousine is. Why not?

The article further reports:

Two months after the rise was reported in May 2011, the GSA changed the definition of “limousine” to exclude such vehicles as shuttle buses and sedans, previously classified as limos.

When the GSA released its 2011 fleet report last month, limos were shown to have decreased 62 percent to only 158, iWatch reported.

The State Department, under Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, reduced its limo count the most, to just 50 after reporting 259 in 2010.

In releasing the 2010 fleet report, GSA officials admitted the limo numbers in the report were not reliable, according to iWatch.

This is amazing. GSA reports have now become a political tool.

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