Eventually Justice Shows Up

Most of us remember the stand-off between ranchers and the federal government in Oregon in 2016. Robert LaVoy Finicum was killed during the protests surrounding these events. Yesterday The Wall Street Journal posted an article about W. Joseph Astarita, who was part of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team deployed out of Quantico, Va., to assist other state and federal law-enforcement officers during the standoff. Mr. Astarita is now on trial in U.S. District Court in Portland, Ore., on charges of making false statements and obstruction of justice related to the 2016 fatal shooting of Robert LaVoy Finicum.

The article reports:

The trial will bring to a head the tensions between Western ranchers and the government that had been at the heart of the 2016 standoffs. Mr. Bundy’s armed occupation was fueled by the federal prosecution of Oregon rancher Dwight Hammond and his son, Steven, for arson. The duo, who were sentenced to five years in prison, received a presidential pardon earlier this month.

Mr. Bundy was acquitted for his role in the occupation, along with six followers.

The death of Mr. Finicum has spurred outrage among friends and family. They have long accused the government of carrying out a deadly vendetta. While federal investigators determined the rancher was reaching in his coat for a gun when he was shot, supporters said he was surrendering.

“Someone needs to be charged with murder,” said Angie Bundy, wife of Mr. Bundy’s brother, Ryan.

Local law-enforcement authorities also have criticized the Justice Department for Mr. Astarita’s alleged actions. When the indictments of Mr. Astarita were announced last summer, Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson said they “damage the integrity of the entire law-enforcement profession, which makes me both disappointed and angry.”

The original disagreement between the Bundy family and the federal government had to do with federal regulation of grazing lands.

The Truth In Oregon

I have waited to post anything about what has happened in Oregon until I had a source I trusted. By coincidence, I met that person tonight. She is a Constitutional Attorney named Kris Anne Hall.

The following video can be found on YouTube.

This commentary was placed on Facebook:

Former FBI agent testimony on FOX: They warned Bundy that he would not be allowed to spread his message to other areas.

“If you intentionally go someplace the police have told you not to go, you are provoking that confrontation. And it’s very clear that’s what they did here. They were trying to spread this protest, this unlawful activity, to another area, Law enforcement very clearly told them not to go.”

 KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! http://goo.gl/Q5EHkr (a flyer you can print out & a short video)

I suppose FOX News is ok with that. After all, there was no shock in Jenna Lee’s voice that someone would be shot for “spreading a protest to another area.” I guess Jenna Lee is convinced that the 1st Amendment is only there to protect reporters and that the government would never shoot a FOX reporter for “spreading” a message unwanted by the government.

I have never been more sick and ashamed of my countrymen than I am at this moment.

Hey FOX I hope you enjoy operating in a place where you are free to spew your undying servitude. So please feel free to crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains set lightly upon you. I feel no kinship with you and may our Posterity never know you as our countrymen.

Our Constitutional rights are slowly being taken away. There are conflicting reports as to the details of the death of LaVoy Finicum, so I will not comment on that. However, this is very reminiscent of the incident at Ruby Ridge in 1992. There are real questions here that need to be answered without the filter of the mainstream media.