When Private Citizens Have The Real Information

I am probably not the only one who has noticed that the hours of January 6th footage that was supposed to be made public never actually appeared. Some of the sentences given to the January 6th political prisoners seemed very much out of proportion to the crimes committed. Walking through a door opened by a policeman and taking selfies does not seem to me to warrant a twenty-year jail sentence in a horrible jail. Meanwhile, Ghislaine Maxwell enjoys the luxury of a Florida country-club-like prison after seemingly being involved in human trafficking for years. Seems a little unequal to me. Well, some of the video information of January 6th is coming to light because of something called ‘crowdsourcing.’

Crowd sourcing is defined as a method of outsourcing work over the Internet or similar network by appealing to people to contribute to the project independently or as a collaboration. In this case it is simply people sharing their cell-phone videos of January 6th.

On Wednesday, The Gateway Pundit reported:

The Gateway Pundit has obtained THOUSANDS OF HOURS OF J6 FOOTAGE from “Sedition Hunter” online crowdsourcing groups.

Sedition Hunters are typically Antifa activists who define themselves as part of an anonymous group that tracks, identifies, and reports Trump supporters and protesters who attended the January 6 protests in Washington DC to the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Defense attorneys representing J6 defendants have access to over 41,000 hours of January 6 footage but are prohibited from publicly disclosing the footage until it is exhibited in discovery in a defendant’s trial.

J6 defendants typically view their discovery for the first time during trial.

The article continues:

Below is a copy of a spreadsheet compiled by Sediton Hunters containing links to thousands of hours of J6 CCTV footage, police body cams and more. 

The document outlines minute-by-minute accounts linked to available video, from January 6th.

Open-Source Intelligence, Capitol Security Footage, Bodycams, J6 Deaths After J6 by Alicia Powe

The article includes a number of links to the video footage. Please follow the link to the article for further information. This is the information that should have been made public in 2021 but was withheld from the public. Hopefully it will overturn some of the Draconian prison sentences on people who were in Washington on January 6th who did nothing wrong. As I have previously stated, people who assaulted others or broke things need to be held accountable; people who walked through a door held open by the police need to be left alone.

A Move Toward Transparency

When the Democrats put together January 6th Committee, they didn’t plan on the Republicans taking over the House of Representatives. The idea was that the information and video that did not support the narrative of a violent insurrection would never see the light of day. However, that plan ran into a snag when the Republicans took control of the House of Rerpresentatives.

On Wednesday, The Daily Caller reported:

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia announced Wednesday that the tapes showing the Jan. 6, 2021 riot at the Capitol building would be released to more journalists.

John Solomon of JustTheNews.com, Julie Kelly of American Greatness and an unnamed outlet will receive “unfettered access” to the over 41,000 hours of video footage of the Capitol riot, the Georgia congresswoman posted on Twitter.

“As I promised the J6 tapes will be released. @SpeakerMcCarthy will give @jsolomonReports, @Julie_kelly2, and a third outlet unfettered access to the J6 tapes,” Greene tweeted. “Their reporting on it starts tomorrow!”

Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California, the Speaker of the House, previously provided then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson, a co-founder of the Daily Caller and Daily Caller News Foundation, access to the tapes, Axios reported. Previous reports indicated that the amount of footage was 14,000 hours.

I believe that showing the video tapes of January 6th was one of the reasons Tucker Carlson got fired. I also believe that the fact that only one or two sections of the video were ever shown on his show when he was granted access to the tapes was the result of pressure from Fox News not to show the video. It will be interesting to see if the media outlets that now have access to the videos have the courage to make them public.