Rearranging The Deck Chairs On The Titanic

The State Department is not doing very well right now–Saudi Arabia is no longer supporting the petrodollar, Mexico is not helping control the border, North Korea, China and Iran are all ramping up their threatening remarks. American diplomacy is not what it once was. So what is the State Department worrying about?

On Wednesday, Gizmodo reported the following:

The font style used in the U.S. State Department is changing, prompting complaints from employees who find the change to be an inconvenience. Secretary of State Antony Blinken sent an email to the state department, headlined “The Times (New Roman) are a-Changin,” ala Bob Dylan, saying they will be changing the font for high-level internal documents to the larger sans-serif font, Calibri, from Times New Roman, which has been used for more than two decades.

Blinken said the department’s domestic and international offices have until February 6 to “adopt Calibri as the standard font for all requested papers,” the email said according to the Washington Post.

Someone making a comment suggested Comic Sans. That would be appropriate.