When Was The Last Time The House Of Representatives And The Senate Voted Unanimously On Anything?

On March 10th, The Daily Wire reported the following:

The House voted overwhelmingly on Friday morning to approve the declassification of all Biden administration intelligence on the origins of COVID.

The House voted 419-0 in favor of the bipartisan measure, according to Axios. The Senate voted unanimously last week to approve a similar measure. The bill would require the declassification and release of all intelligence related to the origins of COVID and the virus’ possible connections to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) within 90 days of receiving the president’s signature.

The article concludes:

The Department of Energy, with its network of national laboratories and specialists in biological weapons, is the latest member of the U.S. Intelligence Community to determine that the likeliest origin of COVID is a lab-related incident. Last month, the department reportedly shifted its conclusion from undecided to “low confidence” in the lab leak hypothesis with new information, though it is unclear what that new information is.

The FBI assessed in 2021 that the lab leak theory is most likely the correct theory with “moderate confidence.”

The National Intelligence Council and four agencies have ruled against the lab leak theory in favor of the natural emergence hypothesis that says COVID originated in an animal species and somehow made its way into humanity.

There are still many questions about the COVID pandemic and the government’s handling of it that remain unanswered. This is simply a beginning of the investigation. One thing to keep in mind is that the pandemic resulted in the largest transfer of wealth in American history–large company’s profits soared as many small companies were forced out of business. There are many questions that still need to be answered.