Although I Understand The Sentiment, This Is A Bad Idea

Yesterday The Epoch Times posted an article about a recent statement by President Trump.

The article reports:

President Donald Trump on Sunday warned the Department of Education is investigating the use of the New York Times’ “1619 Project” in schools, saying that institutions that use the alternative narrative of U.S. history could lose federal funding.

The “1619 Project,” created by Nikole Hannah-Jones and widely panned by historians and political scientists, attempts to cast the Atlantic slave trade as the dominant factor in the founding of America instead of ideals such as individual liberty and natural rights. Some critics have said that it is an attempt to rewrite U.S. history through a left-wing lens. Some historians have criticized the project over inaccuracies such as the American Revolution having been fought to preserve the institution of slavery rather than for seeking independence from Britain.

“Department of Education is looking at this. If so, they will not be funded!” Trump wrote on Twitter Sunday, responding to a post that said California has “implemented the 1619 project into the public schools,” and that “soon you won’t recognize [A]merica.” California’s Department of Education came up with a draft model last month to include some of the project in history classes.

It echoes the sentiment of a bill that was proposed by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) introduced in July that proposes denying funds to a school that uses the 1619 Project. Schools in places like Washington D.C. and Chicago have modified their curriculum for the project.

The Federal Government has no business influencing school curriculum. That was one of the major problems with Common Core (other than the fact that it didn’t work). Education is supposed to be a matter left to the states–it is not listed in the Tenth Amendment. I would like to point out that teaching the 1619 Project is not good for America–it trains black children to be perpetual victims and creates anger. Local governments would do well to withhold funds to schools that use this curriculum, but it is not the job of the Federal Government. The Department of Education needs to be disbanded and the money funding it returned to the taxpayers. The taxpayers could then use the money to send their children to a school that actually taught reading, writing and arithmetic. What a novel idea.