Irony At It’s Best

On July 4th, The Daily Caller posted the following headline, “ROOKE: The Party Running On Saving Democracy Wants To Rig Their Election.” That sounds about right.

The article reports:

Saddle up Americans because the party claiming to be “Saving Democracy” just laid out the process to rig their latest election against their voters.

All fifty states have voted in party primaries. The Democrats chose President Joe Biden, and the Republicans voted in former President Donald Trump as their candidate.

At this point, while still an important part of the official process, the party conventions are merely a formality. But that is not stopping the Democrat Party from attempting a coup against its voters to install their preferred candidate, who is no longer Biden.

Democratic National Committee (DNC) member James Zogby told CNN’s Erica Hill on Tuesday there is a process the party can use to replace Biden on the 2024 ticket despite him earning the nomination, and he’s already “circulated it” among DNC members.

…By doing this, Democrats are admitting that their primary process is fraudulent, and their supposed zeal for saving big D Democracy takes a back seat to their ultimate goal of gaining power. The message they want their voters to swallow is that they all learned about Biden’s declining cognitive state during the debate, which is an all-out lie, especially for Harris. She’s worked alongside Biden for the past three and a half years. She knew. They all knew.

The article concludes:

Now, they want to usurp the will of the voters because Biden is likely to lose the election. Democrat voters were scammed, but don’t worry—Zogby promises that replacing Biden with someone else would be “respectful” and “exciting.” But for whom? Surely not the millions of Democrats who were sold a lie for four years about Biden and chose him as their nominee.

In one week, the Democrats went from the “Saving Democracy” party to the “Your Vote Doesn’t Matter” coalition.

In the 1970’s the nomination process by state primary elections was started by both parties. Before that time, it was essentially a group of people in smoke-filled rooms who chose the nominee. The primary election system that emerged during the 1970’s was supposed to be more representative of what the American people wanted. Well, I guess that only matters if you think the candidate can win.