The Precedent Has Been Set

On July 3rd, Dr. Naomi Wolf posted an article at Substack dealing with the arrest and jailing of Steve Bannon, effectively silencing one of the strongest voices in the conservative movement for most of the time leading up to the presidential election. During his time in prison, Steve Bannon will have no access to the Internet, and his communication with the outside world will be severely limited. The theme of the article is that it is time for Americans to wake up to what has happened to our Justice Department.

The article reports:

On July 1, 2024, the US detained its most prominent political prisoner; its most obvious political prisoner probably since the incarceration of Japanese-Americans in World War 2.

On July 1 2024, podcaster, entrepreneur, former Navy officer, and political advisor to President Trump, Stephen K Bannon, “surrendered”, in his words, to authorities, to begin serving four months’ incarceration at Danbury Federal Prison.

FCI — Federal Correctional Institution – Danbury, in Danbury, Connecticut, is a serious prison. The handbook, which all inmates receive, reveals a range of minute restrictions on liberty, and even on any adult decision-making, that characterizes strict incarceration.

The article notes a pattern in events surrounding those who oppose the current regime:

So many people in the freedom movement are dead. Perhaps it is all just coincidence, just bad luck. Dr Vladimir Zelenko, who warned presciently in December 2021 that the COVID virus was a bioweapon, that the COVID vaccine was “premeditated mass murder”, and that “we are in World War III”, is dead. Dr Kary B. Mullis, who invented and exposed the limitations of the PCR test, is dead. Dr Rashid Buttar, a member of the “disinformation dozen”, claimed that he had been poisoned, and shortly thereafter, passed away. Italian MEP Francesca Donato, who was a “vocal anti-vaxxer” during COVID and criticized the “green pass” system that restricted the travel of the unvaccinated in Italy, lost her husband; he was found dead in a LandRover.

Are all of these accidents, losses and mishaps, irrelevant?

Please follow the link to read the entire article. It is chilling.