Support Trader Joe’s

According to Power Line, Trader Joe’s has been targeted by a group of anti-Israeli groups for boycotts and possibly picketing.  The groups have been unsuccessful in their attempts to get Trader Joe’s to remove Israeli products from their shelves.  Their tactic of boycotting and picketing was moderately successful in Europe and they have chosen to begin to use that tactic here. 

According to the article:

“They have selected this coming Saturday, June 20, as their initial, nationwide World Refugee Day. To understand their aims in their own words, the following is a quote from their website: “We invite you to organize in your community and deshelve, sticker, boycott, and protest the presence of Israeli products!””

One of the things that allowed these protests to be successful in Europe was the dwindling numbers of Jews in the countries targeted and the large Muslim populations in those countries.  We have a different situation here–we have a large Jewish population and most of this country sees Israel as our ally and understands that Israel is a functioning democracy in a part of the area where democracy is rare.

These are the actions suggested by the Power Line article:

“Learn more about this immediate concern by reading the report issued on the StandWithUs website (StandWithUs is a Los Angeles based Israel-advocacy organization that does outstanding work).

Please make a point of shopping at Trader Joe’s over the coming days and weeks. Please go out of your way to introduce yourselves to store-managers and to let them know that one of the reasons that you are patronizing their store is precisely because of their principled and courageous determination to continue selling Israeli products. Let them know that you know of many others who feel this way, who might not choose to introduce themselves personally, but who have determined to support Trader Joe’s all the more so because of its decision.

Wherever you may shop – for groceries and otherwise, please consider both or either (a) going out of your way to purchase Israeli products and/or (b) thanking store-managers or proprietors for carrying Israeli products.”