North Korea Is Still Threatening

It seemed to me that over the weekend, the story of the North Korean ship being tailed by the US Navy got lost because of the coverage of Iran.  Associated Press at My Way has picked up the story. 

North Korea has stated that it has nuclear weapons and will use them if it is attacked.  Meanwhile, a U.S. destroyer continued to trail the Kang Nam, a North Korean cargo ship suspected of carrying illicit weapons.  North Korea has said that the interception of a North Korean ship at sea would be considered an act of war.  At the same time, the North Koreans are planning to conduct a long range missile test aimed in the direction of Hawaii.  The article points out:

“The U.N. sanctions – punishment for an underground nuclear test North Korea conducted May 25 – firm up an earlier arms embargo against North Korea and authorize ship searches in an attempt to thwart the regime’s nuclear and ballistic missile ambitions.”

This resolution is the basis for the US attempt to seach the Kang Nam.  The US is considering asking China for help in dealing with the North Korean problem, but it remains to be seen if China will be willing to help.