Power Back To The People

Author: R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

This country was founded on the principle that the government is controlled by the people. Not the elitists, not the big corporations, not the federal bureaucrats, not the media. What we are now seeing is an awakening to the reality that the people are no longer in charge. This year’s election is a referendum on whether or not we will return to a government, as Lincoln said “…of the people, by the people and for the people”. Let us take a look at how we the people have been losing our freedoms and what must be done to regain our country.

The public education system in our country has, in many cases, been indoctrinating students with leftist ideas rather than focusing on academic instruction. The recent pro-Hamas demonstrations on many college campuses are a glaring example. One of our allies is brutally and barbarically attacked, and the demonstrators blame the victim, Israel. Jewish students are threatened. Increasingly, parents are removing their children from the public education system because the schools no longer reflect the parent’s beliefs and values. Critical race theory, transgenderism and diversity/equity/inclusion are not acceptable to many parents. The people pay for the public education system, but do not control it.

Federal bureaucrats, not elected by the people, are increasingly controlling our lives. New regulations are constantly being announced that restrict the freedom of the people. The so-called “green movement” is a prime example–with restrictions on appliances, electric vehicles, energy usage, etc. most of which financially benefits big corporations, politicians, and China and harms the common people through higher prices and a lower standard of living. Look at how the federal bureaucrats handled the COVID-19 pandemic. They shutdown schools and businesses, forced people to wear masks and take unproven vaccines, restricted assembly, and as a result produced the greatest restriction on the people’s freedom in our country’s history.

Perhaps the worst example of the loss of the people’s power over the government is the open border policy of the Biden regime. Allowing a flood of illegal aliens into this country is not only something that the vast majority of the people oppose, but is a threat to their safety and financial well-being.

Populism refers to movements that reassert the power of the people over government abuses. We are seeing an emerging of populism in the growing support for Donald Trump. The Trump rally the other day, with an estimated one hundred thousand people in the red state of New Jersey, was unprecedented. The Biden regime’s efforts to interfere with the election by using bogus indictments of their opponent appears to be back-firing as Trump’s lead in the polls increases. President Jefferson once said that a little bit of revolution periodically is not a bad thing. Perhaps, a revolution at the ballot box this election will result in the power being returned to the people where it belongs.