Protecting The Deep State

President Trump is not the only person running for President who is a threat to the deep state. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has made inroads in the Democrat primary and would not be a President who would be easily controlled. It is interesting that the Biden administration has so far denied Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Secret Service protections (article here).

On Saturday, Newsweek reported:

Police arrested an armed man falsely claiming to be part of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.‘s security team in Los Angeles on Friday night. It happened outside a venue where the Democratic 2024 presidential candidate was giving a speech and just two miles away from where his father, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, was assassinated in 1968.

The incident took place by the Wilshire Ebell Theatre where Kennedy was delivering an address to mark Hispanic Heritage Month. Kennedy posted a photograph of the man who was detained while wearing an Emergency Medical Service top and dark sunglasses, on X, formerly known as Twitter. Kennedy said the man was “carrying a U.S. Marshal badge” and had stated he was part of his security.

While Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has struggled to challenge President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination, he has picked up considerable conservative support, thanks to his promotion of discredited conspiracy theories about coronavirus vaccines.

Keep in mind when reading this article that it was posted in Newsweek. The comment about discredited conspiracy theories is unnecessary and inaccurate.

Considering the Kennedy family history, Robert F. Kennedy should have been provided Secret Service protection immediately when he announced that he was running for President.