An Interesting Anomaly

Yesterday The Epoch Times posted an article about an interesting phenomena in American presidential elections.

The article reports:

Over the past nearly 40 years, presidential elections have observed an intriguing phenomenon: 19 counties in the nation have always voted for the winner, be it Republican or Democrat. They’ve been dubbed “bellwether counties” and until this year, no president since at least Ronald Reagan has missed even one.

In 2020, all but one of the bellwethers picked President Donald Trump by a margin of some 16 points on average. Only one, Clallam County in Washington, went for former Vice President Joe Biden and only by about a 3 point margin.

Yet unofficial vote counts now show Biden in the lead and with enough electoral votes to claim the presidency. Trump is challenging the results in several states, alleging fraud, voter suppression, and illegal restrictions on Republican poll watchers. Two states have announced recounts.

…There is another bellwether list of 58 counties that has correctly picked each president since 2000. Trump swiped 51 of them by an average margin of nearly 15 points. The ones he lost went to Biden by a margin of about 4 points on average.

And then there’s Vigo County in Indiana—the quintessential bellwether that has correctly picked the winner in all but two elections since 1888. In both of the missteps, the residents wrongly picked the losing Democrat: Williams Jennings Bryan over President William Taft in 1908 and Adlai Stevenson over President Dwight Eisenhower in 1952.

In 2020, Vigo went for Trump by nearly 15 points, roughly the same as in 2016. An Emerson poll conducted shortly before Election Day was completely off, showing Trump and Biden neck-to-neck.

It is remotely possible that these bellwether counties suddenly fell in love with the idea of Joe Biden as President. Remotely possible, but highly unlikely. As more is known about the actual numbers from the 2020 election, it seems that some of the margins in areas where the vote suddenly flipped from Trump to Biden are identical to other areas where the same thing happened. I don’t know what the correct solution to the problem of election fraud is. Frankly, I want a do-over with purple fingers, but I doubt that will happen. I firmly believe that in the coming days we will see definite evidence of election fraud. That is sad. The only solution is to send those responsible to jail for a very long time.