Stopping The Antibiotics Before The Infection Is Gone posted an article today about President Obama’s plan for troop withdrawals from Afghanistan. 

The Heritage Foundations’ Lisa Curtis stated:

“It is short-sighted to use bin Laden’s death as justification for hastening the U.S. troop draw down in Afghanistan.  Announcing rapid withdrawal of U.S. forces will likely bolster the morale of the Taliban and encourage them to stick with the fight.  Since al-Qaeda has not yet dissolved as an organization and its relationship with the Taliban remains strong, reducing military pressure on the Taliban in Afghanistan could benefit al-Qaeda and provide it a lifeline at a critical juncture in the fight against terrorism.

“The withdrawal plan will signal to both our Afghan allies and enemy forces that the U.S. is more committed to withdrawing its forces than the long-term goal of stabilizing the country. The U.S. made a grave error in turning its back on Afghanistan after the Soviets departed in 1989. President Obama’s speech will stoke fears that the U.S. is getting ready to repeat a similar mistake.”

The Daily Caller also posted its analysis of the President’s plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Obama’s retreat from Afghanistan before the Islamic Taliban is defeated is militarily risky, because it may embolden Taliban attackers and fracture the central’s government shaky coalition. If additional U.S. troops are killed, or the country is split by war in the fall before the 2012 election, Republicans will likely pin the blame on the president.

“Already, many Afghans have begun maneuvering for advantage in a post-American Afghanistan. An alliance of groups from Northern Afghanistan — “the Coalition for Change and Hope” — has openly split with Karzai’s government and begun to seek alliances with Southern anti-Taliban tribal leaders.

“”This spits and realignments are unsurprising, said Ahmad Majidyar, a senior research at the American Enterprise Institute, “Because many leaders and communities were killed or wrecked in the civil-war that followed the retreat of the Soviet Union from Afghanistan. A civil-war can be avoided only if the U.S acts as a honest broker and strong backer in the politically diverse country.””

After the Americans abandoned Afghanistan in the late 1980’s, it took the Taliban three years to establish control.  The challenge in Afghanistan as American troops leave in the next two years is that history will repeat itself. 

Like many Americans, I am tired of being at war.  However, my being tired does not change the fact that there are evil people in the world who do not support freedom and see America as a target.  We can choose to deal with that fact or we can choose to ignore it.  I fear that President Obama’s plan for Afghanistan is based on politics–not military strategy.  I truly feel that we are planning to stop taking our medicine before the infection is cleared up.