A New Problem With Obamacare

As Obamacare moves through the courts, as exemptions from Obamacare come under scrutiny, and the implementation of Obamacare approaches, there seem to be more problems with the legislature.  On Tuesday, Jennifer Rubin posted an article at the Washington Post about the latest problem with Obamacare.

Ms. Rubin cites an Associated Press report:

“President Barack Obama’s health care law would let several million middle-class people get nearly free insurance meant for the poor, a twist government number crunchers say they discovered only after the complex bill was signed.

“The change would affect early retirees: A married couple could have an annual income of about $64,000 and still get Medicaid, said officials who make long-range cost estimates for the Health and Human Services department.

“Up to 3 million people could qualify for Medicaid in 2014 as a result of the anomaly. That’s because, in a major change from today, most of their Social Security benefits would no longer be counted as income for determining eligibility.”

Needless to say, this would bankrupt the states and Medicaid.  Obviously this is another reason for “repeal and replace.”  Ms. Rubin asks how such a flawed piece of legislature ever got through Congress.  She states that it was the result of the rush to do something about healthcare–anything. 

It’s time for lawmakers in Washington to admit that they made a serious error in judgment when they passed Obamacare.  If the current Congress will not repeal and replace, it’s time to elect a Congress than will.