Blessing The Terrorist

The U.K. Telegraph posted an article today about one aspect of the nuclear deal with Iran that allows a known terrorist to be granted an amnesty and taken off the list of proscribed Iranians. The list of those Iranians granted amnesty includes a number of senior members of the Revolutionary Guards.

Qassem Suleimani has been granted amnesty. He is the head of the Revolutionary Guard’s elite Quds force. He trained and equipped Shia militias in southern Iraq to fight American and British soldiers. He is also said to have trained the Taliban in the building and setting of roadside bombs in Afghanistan.

The article further reports:

Another example of the craven concessions the White House had made to Tehran is the way future inspections will handled. Iran’s disinclination to make full and transparent disclosures on its nuclear programme is well-documented. Given the opportunity to cheat, they will do so. Which is why inspections by qualified teams of nuclear inspectors is so important.

Only from now on the onus will be on the West to make the case that Iran is not playing by the rules by handing over its intelligence to prove so. For under the terms of the accord, we must “justify” the need for inspections, which in effect means handing over all the intelligence we have on Iran’s illicit activities. Of course Iran has been desperate to find out how Western intelligence learned about the existence of nuclear enrichment sites like Natanz and Fordow and, if we comply with the requirements set out in the accord to the letter, this is what will happen, with all the implications that will have for all our sources who risk their lives to tell us the truth about what the regime is up to.

The actual agreement is posted in the U.K. Telegraph article. Please follow the link above to read the details. There really is nothing good I can say about this deal. Americans are still held prisoner in Iran, and Iran still has a nuclear program. It doesn’t seem as if the current agreement will accomplish anything good.