Whoops! Another Healthcare Promise That Doesn’t Work

Ed Lasky at American Thinker posted an article today about another promise made in Obamacare that is simply not working the way it was supposed to.  In the Obamacare plan was a tax credit that was to be given to small businesses to help them with their increased healthcare costs under Obamacare.  Now let’s stop right here for a minute.  The people who were selling us Obamacare knew all along that it was going to increase the cost of health insurance for everyone and increase the cost of health insurance for small businesses.  Somehow I don’t remember hearing the supporters of Obamacare bring that up in the discussions.   For the true picture of the future of Obamacare if it is enacted as written, google “Massachusetts healthcare reform” and see what government healthcare has done to Massachusetts.

Anyway.  This spring the government mailed out postcards to four million businesses explaining the tax credit program and how it would work.  There has not been a great response.  Why?  The tax credit phases out for companies that pay an average of $25,000 a year to their employees or that employ more than 25 people.  In states where the cost of living is high and workers’ wages are high, businesses get no tax break.  In other parts of the country, the tax credit is so low it is insignificant.

The article points out:

“The legislation “is just not doing what we had hoped,” says Steven Selinsky, the incoming president of the National Association of Health Underwriters.” 

Why is that a surprise to anyone?  Another reason to vote Republican in November!

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