The Scott Heard ‘Round The World

TScottBrown5.jpghis is a picture taken at Christina’s in Walpole, Massachusetts, the last stop on Scott Brown’s victory tour.  There were a few thousand people there.  Senator Brown made a few short remarks and spent the rest of the time shaking hands and talking to the people who had come to see him.  

There were people of all ages in the crowd.  There were parents with young children and older children.  One of the people standing near me was a World War II veteran.  There was someone there I talked to who was a Union member who generally voted Democrat, but had voted for Scott Brown.  There was another young man there who was involved in starting an alternative biofuel company and was interested in passing information along to the Senator.  There was a young man who was involved in construction who had worked on Scott Brown’s campaign because he was out of work.  It was impressive to see that many people come out on a cold Sunday night to see our new Senator and to wish him well. 

Best wishes, Senator Brown, may you bring to Washington to same honesty and integrity you have shown in Massachusetts.