Doing The Right Thing In International Affairs

The Obama Administration has done something right.  Now don’t panic.  But they did. (and Bettina H. Chavanne and Michael Bruno at Aviation Week) are reporting on the sale of more than $6 billion in military equipment to Taiwan.  Needless to say, China is protesting the sale. 

Breitbart states:

“”The latest US move to sell weapons to Taiwan, which is part of China, constitutes a gross intervention into China’s internal affairs, seriously endangers China’s national security and harms China’s peaceful reunification efforts,” Wang quoted the protest as saying.”

I’m not really sure Taiwan considers itself a part of China. 

Aviation Week points out:

“Washington has adhered to a “one China” policy for decades, yet under the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act, the United States also allowed itself the right to provide Taiwan with weapons and services for its self-defense (Aerospace DAILY, May 28, 2009).”

Unfortunately, the only way to deal with a bully is to stand up to him.  China is not a free country and cannot be depended upon to allow Taiwan to exist in peace.  The only way to keep Taiwan free is to make sure it has the weapons it needs to defend itself.  I am impressed that the Obama Administration is upholding the freedom of Taiwan.

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