Agenda 21 Is Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

The website Democrats Against U. N. Agenda 21 does a wonderful job of explaining what is currently happening with Agenda 21 in America. The website explains exactly how the sovereignty of the United States and the freedom we are accustomed to are being threatened by Agenda 21.

The website reports:

But then you have UN Agenda 21.  What is it?  See our videos and radio shows at the bottom of this page (or search YouTube for Rosa Koire) or buy BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: U.N. Agenda 21 by Rosa Koire click here

Considering its policies are woven into all the General Plans of the cities and counties,  it’s important for people to know where these policies are coming from.  While many people support the United Nations for its peacemaking efforts, hardly anyone knows that they have very specific land use policies that they would like to see implemented in every city, county, state and nation.  The specific plan is called United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development, which has its basis in Communitarianism.  By now, most Americans have heard of sustainable development but are largely unaware of Agenda 21.

Please follow the link to the website to education yourself as to what Agenda 21 is and what is happening to the freedom of those who speak out against it. This is a bi-partisan issue–all of us need to pay attention and get involved.

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