Massachusetts Schedules Special Election For January 19th

The Hill is reporting today that Massachusetts has scheduled a special election for January 19th to fill Edward Kennedy’s vacant Senate seat.  The question of whether there will be an interim appointment is still up in the air.  According to the article:

“Despite his endorsement, the governor acknowledged the fate of Kennedy’s request ultimately rests with the state legislature, which is currently away on recess. Although House and Senate lawmakers agreed today to expedite hearings on the proposal, Patrick emphasized during the press conference that the bill’s passage was all but certain.

“On the merits, the proposal seems to me reasonable and wise,” Patrick said. “I hope the members of the legislature, regardless of party affiliation, will see that too, and consider utmost the needs of our citizens to be represented in Washington over the next five months.””

According to the facebook page of Michele McPhee, a local radio talkshow host:

“…Jeremy Gillis (is) the Town Clerk in Easton,and a member of the Executive Board of the Mass Town Clerks Association. He writes: Over the past week, clerks have been reaching out to the governor asking that the date of January 19th not be chosen, as it fell the day after a federal holiday, the financial implications of having 2 elections is bad enough…it goes on to say the Dems “made this mess.” Idiots.”

By having the election on the day after a federal holiday, the people who set up the polls have to be paid holiday wages.  This greatly increases the cost of the election.  It will be interesting to see how this all works out.  It is my belief that there will be an appointment by the governor to fill the seat, but all bets are off as to who will be appointed.