The Firing Of Inspector General Walpin

Today’s Washington Examiner posted a story about the ongoing investigation of the firing of Inspector General Gerald Walpin.  According to the article:

“According to a senior Republican aide, Sessions’ interest was piqued by a statement made in a late March television interview by Rep. Doris Matsui, the Democratic congresswoman who represents Sacramento. Asked whether Johnson’s problems could prevent the city from receiving stimulus funds, Matsui said that, at Johnson’s request, she had “been in conversation with officials at the White House and OMB [Office of Management and Budget] and others to ensure that we don’t lose any money at all.”

Within days of Matsui’s statement, a settlement was reached. Johnson was unsuspended, and in a particularly unusual move, acting U.S. Attorney Brown issued a press release hailing the arrival of stimulus funds. “The lifting of the suspension against all parties, including Mayor Johnson, removes any cloud whether the City of Sacramento will be prevented form receiving much-needed federal stimulus funds,” Brown wrote.”

Senator Sessions has asked the committee chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee for an investegation into this matter.  The fact that the firing relates to a person who donated a lot of money to the Obama Presidential Campaign and the fact that the incident was so quickly cleared up so that stimulus money could be released are worthy of investigation.