What Is Our Honduras Policy?

According to Reuters yesterday, Senator Richard Lugar has written a letter to Secreatry of State Hillary Clinton asking her to explain this adminitration’s policy toward the ongoing political crisis in Honduras.  The article reminds us:

“The United States has refused to recognize. the Honduran government led by Roberto Micheletti, which took over the Central American nation after President Manuel Zelaya was ousted by the Honduran military on June 28.”

We need to remember that the reason Manuel Zelaya was ousted was that he tried to go around the country’s constitution and seek another term as president of the country.  The courts and the legislature asked the military to remove him from office.  I wonder why we, as a democracy, are refusing to recognize the government of the country that is attempting to uphold its constitution.

According to the article:

“Washington has cut $16.5 million in aid to Honduras and this week revoked diplomatic visas for four members of Micheletti’s administration to pressure it to reverse the coup.

“Micheletti on Wednesday night released a statement calling for new efforts to resolve the country’s political crisis.

“But Zelaya’s representative in Washington, Eduardo Enrique Reina, told Reuters he thought Micheletti was simply trying to gain time with the statement, noting that Micheletti’s aides in Honduras are still vowing not to let Zelaya return.

“”We will ask the U.S. government to step up the pressure on Micheletti,” Zelaya’s ambassador told Reuters.”

Currently we are on the wrong side of this conflict.  Hopefully, as the state department tries to explain its position, the policy will change.