What’s Wrong With This Picture

Jonah Goldberg posted an article at the New York Post yesterday about the riots on the Penn State campus when the firing of football coach Joe Paterno was announced.

Mr. Goldberg observes:

You have to wonder what’s wrong with our society when someone can say, “Of course we’re going to riot,” but not over the coverup of pedophiliac rape. Rather, students feel it is their obvious right, perhaps even duty, to throw violent temper tantrums when a multimillionaire football coach is fired, simply because the coach is part of their “college experience.”

If the students actually knew why Coach Paterno was fired, where in the world was their compassion for the victims of Coach Sandusky? What in the world are our children learning in college?

Mr. Goldberg concludes:

Most of the time, I find campus protest culture to be shallow and predictable. But I would have cheered it this time around, if only someone rioted for the alleged victims of Jerry Sandusky.

I linked to the Grand Jury testimony in a previous article (rightwinggranny). It is difficult to read the testimony. Coach Sandusky was caught in the act of raping a child and everyone in charge looked the other way–oh, wait, they didn’t look the other way–they told him he could no longer bring children into the athletic facility. Coach Sandusky’s activities continued for another ten years. There are some serious legal issues here–authorities of the school were required to report the incident to the police when it occurred–no one seems to have done that. Because the school was aware of the incident, I would think that children (now young adults) who were molested after the incident that was discovered could very easily sue to school. I hope they do. I won’t bring healing, but it might teach people in charge to fulfill their legal reporting obligations.

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