A Letter From Someone Who Knows The Score In Honduras

The Corner at National Review posted a letter received by Jonah Goldberg from a man who is from Honduras and still has relatives there. 

Please read the entire letter, but this is the paragraph that I thought was very telling:

“The country is bewildered that the world, especially the United States, is not on their side.  Zelaya was confident of his plans to convert Honduras into a Venezuelan satellite. The Honduran people are proud of their constitution and are proud to have a functioning democratic system. Zelaya was replaced by a member of his own party who vows to see that this November’s presidential election takes place. What happened was not a “coup” but a bipartisan effort to save the nation.”

This was not a coup.  It was an attempt to preserve a democracy.  It is my hope that Hugo Chavez will not be plotting undercover moves to destablize the country.  We need to support democracy–not tyranny.