Follow The Money On Cap And Trade (College Edition)

According to today’s American Thinker, Ivy League endowments are investing in forest land.  They are preparing for the Cap and Trade economy that will pay them not to cut down trees.  One example of earning money by not cutting down trees is given in the article:

“The Nature Conservancy did just that last year with the Conservation Fund, a nonprofit agency that owns about 24,000 acres of redwood and douglas fir forest northwest of San Francisco. The groups changed the logging schedule on the property, and the fund expects to receive about $2 million from Pacific Gas and Electric, which participates in a regional climate initiative similar to the one that the Waxman-Markey bill would create around the country.”

Cap and Trade is about the transfer of wealth.  It will transfer money out of the hands of the American taxpayer into government hands and then into the hands of a few people who have set up carbon credit companies.  Al Gore will make serious money from Cap and Trade as will certain other well positioned friends of the Democrat Party.